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Dec 10

Hello, Father.
Thank you for this nice hot soup on my sore throat. Thank you for the warmth in the house today, and for the increasing temperature outside — up to 70+ degrees again tomorrow, they say! Yay! I only wish I could feel better that quick, so I could go for a long walk in the sunshine. But if I don’t feel up to walking, I shall at least sit on the porch and watch the birds. Thank you, Creator!

Psalm 121 ERV

A song for going up to the Temple. I look up to the hills, but where will my help really come from?
My help will come from the LORD, the Creator of heaven and earth.
He will not let you fall. Your Protector will not fall asleep.
Israel’s Protector does not get tired. He never sleeps.
The LORD is your Protector. The LORD stands by your side, shading and protecting you.
The sun cannot harm you during the day, and the moon cannot harm you at night.
The LORD will protect you from every danger. He will protect your soul.
The LORD will protect you as you come and go, both now and forever!

Father, I thank you for your awesome protection and endless nurturing care. Thank you for giving me peace and joy and contentment. Thank you for taking care of my husband, my children, my friend in New York who loves you, and all your people who truly seek you and desire to serve you. Please show me how I can serve you today, Lord, even while I am a bit under the weather. I can still reach out, encourage others online. Perhaps I can still make some art or work on other things you have given me to do. And at the very least, I can always watch videos and learn about your creation. Thank you for my love of learning, Father! That is one of my favorite gifts. :O>


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