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Dec 8

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for giving me my marching orders this morning — “commissioning” my next art works, as well as my next digital Spanish product. You are so good to me, giving me work to do, and a direction to pursue! Truly you are faithful and kind. Thank you, Shepherd! Please help me to be faithful to YOU, and not let you down. Make my heart full of courage and faith, and do not let me be distracted by my human reasoning — or anyone else’s criticisms or opinions. Help me to be humble enough to learn from others, but to only be truly guided by YOU, my trustworthy Master. Amen!

Psalm 119:18-20, 29-37 ERV

Open my eyes so that I can see all the wonderful things in your teachings.
I feel like a stranger visiting here on earth. I need to know your commands. Don’t keep them hidden from me.
I constantly feel a hunger to understand your laws.
Don’t let me live a lie. Guide me with your teachings.
I have chosen to be loyal to you. I respect your laws.
I follow your rules closely, LORD. Don’t let me be put to shame.
I do my best to follow your commands, because you are the one who gives me the desire.
LORD, teach me your laws, and I will always follow them.
Help me understand your teachings, and I will follow them. Obeying them will be my greatest desire.
Help me follow your commands, because that makes me happy.
Give me the desire to follow your rules, not the desire to get rich.
Don’t let me look at worthless things. Help me live your way.

Father, I thank you for your abundance of blessing, especially the joy and hope in my heart. Thank you for working with my husband, and for protecting my children. Thank you for restoring a measure of joy and hope to my friend in New York. That is so awesome, thank you!! Please bless those who read this blog, hear their prayers and heal their hearts. Amen! šŸ˜€


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