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Dec 6

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for the joy in my heart this morning! Thank you for HOPE! Thank you for helping me feel less pressured, more caught up, more FREE! Father, I give you this day, my time, my hands, my mind. Please show me how to use my resources to serve you and to accomplish your will for me. Guide me in the next step of my art and my digital work, and whatever else you would have me to do. Help me to serve my family and your people wisely and kindly, and be a good example and a comfort and encouragement to everyone I meet. Amen!

2 Corinthians 2:5-11 ERV

Someone in your group has caused sadness–not to me, but to all of you. I mean he has caused sadness to all in some way. (I don’t want to make it sound worse than it really is.)
The punishment that most of your group gave him is enough for him.
But now you should forgive him and encourage him. This will keep him from having too much sadness and giving up completely.
So I beg you to show him that you love him.
This is why I wrote to you. I wanted to test you and see if you obey in everything.
If you forgive someone, then I also forgive them. And what I have forgiven–if I had anything to forgive–I forgave it for you, and Christ was with me.
I did this so that Satan would not win anything from us. We know very well what his plans are.

Proverbs 6:16-19 ERV

The LORD hates these seven things:
eyes that show pride, tongues that tell lies, hands that kill innocent people,
hearts that plan evil things to do, feet that run to do evil,
witnesses in court who tell lies, and anyone who causes family members to fight.

Father, I ask you to help your people to more easily forgive and let things GO. Help us all to give our sorrows to you, and allow you to heal our wounds. Show us that we do not need to hold onto ANY wrongs that are done against us, but can let them all go and make room for YOUR righteous anger. You will protect us, and you will avenge us in your own good timing. Help us all to move forward, trusting you and letting go of anything that threatens to hold us back, chained to the past by our own refusal to submit to you and your Word. Shine the healing light of your Truth upon our broken hearts, and give us peace and HOPE. Amen! 😀


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