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Dec 3

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you so much for your awesomely patient and enduring care! Thank you for helping me past bad dreams last night, without any ill effect this morning. Thank you for helping me be patient and longsuffering and upbeat. Thank you for all the massive progress yesterday, finally being caught up on my artwork, having all the best of what I’ve made so far — up to what was completed this very week — up on Etsy and No Wrong Art (and Patreon and DeviantArt and FoundMyself)… WOOT! It feels nice to be current, up to date, ready to make NEW art and able to post it any time without feeling bad for not having other, older stuff posted. Yay! Freedom! Ready to EXPAND and GROW!! 😀

2 Timothy 1:6-7 ERV

That is why I want you to remember the gift God gave you. God gave you that gift when I laid my hands on you. Now I want you to use that gift and let it grow more and more, like a small flame grows into a fire.
The Spirit God gave us does not make us afraid. His Spirit is a source of power and love and self-control.

Lord, I can feel my hormones starting to whack out a bit again. It is getting harder to think, to concentrate, to focus. I thank you for what I accomplished this week — all the work on Spanish and art and other things. All the walking, good exercise, making use of the last truly warm days, perhaps, of this year. Please help me to remember that even when my hormones go crazy, when my 2 or 3 month pre-menopause cycle is at its craziest, that YOU are still the same, still stabilizing me, covering my weakness, guiding and protecting me. I may FEEL crazy, but I am not. You gave me a sound mind, able to remain in control. Just like the second verse above declares. Thank you for being so faithful and able to be counted upon, Lord!

Father, I want to use the gifts that you gave me. I do not know what you have in my near and distant future, but I want to be faithful to YOUR plan for me. Please continue to nurture the seeds you have planted in me, Lord, pruning away all the garbage inside me that are like weeds, threatening to choke the fruitful plants you have growing in the garden that is my life. Thank you for your abundant water and sunshine, Shepherd! Show me how to be more pleasing to you. Amen!


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