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Nov 23

Hello, Father!
Thank you so much for how smoothly all the Thanksgiving preparations have gone so far, Lord. Thank you for getting my husband’s truck home safely, parked in the driveway alongside my own non-working vehicle. Please guide my husband what to do for transportation — open the right doors and close the right doors, so that we can be sure to follow your plan. Father, I ask that you be with my youngest son today as he gets himself to the airport near his base, then from the airport near me to our front door. Please help him find good transportation and not be overly stressed about it. Please let it be an opportunity for growth on his part, navigating through airports on his own. What an adventure! 😀

2 John 1:1-6 ERV

Greetings from the Elder. To the lady chosen by God and to her children. I truly love all of you. And I am not the only one. All those who know the truth love you in the same way.
We love you because of the truth–the truth that lives in us. That truth will be with us forever.
Grace, mercy, and peace will be with us from God the Father and from his Son, Jesus Christ, as we live in truth and love.
I was very happy to learn about some of your children. I am happy that they are following the way of truth, just as the Father commanded us.
And now, dear lady, I tell you: We should all love each other. This is not a new command. It is the same command we had from the beginning.
And loving means living the way he commanded us to live. And God’s command is this: that you live a life of love. You heard this command from the beginning.

Lord, I thank you for my awesome children! I thank you for continuing to teach me how to live in love and truth and obedience to you. Father, I ask that you bless these next few days with my family. Let your peace be here in this house, and don’t let any of us give room to the enemy and his division and corruption. Let your love and joy be here with us, as your Spirit is within us. Let your grace, mercy, and peace be with us, just as in the verses above. Thank you, mightly Lord! Thank you, kind Shepherd. Amen!


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