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Nov 21

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you so much for the awesome peace and joy in my heart this morning! Thank you for hope and motivation and enthusiasm! Father, please be with my husband and daughter today, already broken down on their way to help my husband’s father. Now he is on his way to help them! Lord, I lift this situation up to you and ask you to intervene. Make things turn out even better than expected. Help my husband to have peace and keep trusting you. Please protect my father-in-law, my husband, and my daughter as they wait to get the truck repaired. Give them all strength inside and out, and let there be a peaceful fellowship among them. Open and close all the right doors so that your will be done. Amen!

3 John 1:2-8 ERV

My dear friend, I know that you are doing well spiritually. So I pray that everything else is going well with you and that you are enjoying good health.
Some believers came and told me about the truth in your life. They told me that you continue to follow the way of truth. This made me very happy.
It always gives me the greatest joy when I hear that my children are following the way of truth.
My dear friend, it is good that you continue to help the believers. They are people you don’t even know.
They told the church about the love you have. Please help them to continue their trip. Help them in a way that will please God.
They went on their trip to serve Christ. They did not accept any help from people who are not believers.
So we should help them. When we help them, we share with their work for the truth.

Lord, my husband left on a trip this morning to help his father, and they are both your beloved children. I pray that you send them help from within your church, in whatever format they need. Take care of them like the awesome Shepherd you are, and please make it so that my husband can still give the help that he set out to give. Bless us all with your peace and the awesome enduring comfort of your Spirit, Lord. Amen.

Father, again I lift my friend in New York up to you and I ask you to give her whatever measure of peace and joy that she will accept and allow to help her. Touch her sorrow with your healing balm and lift her spirits with the joy of your presence. Rescue her, Lord. Be her eternal husband, comforting her with your faithful promise, never leaving nor forsaking her, and always ready to help her when she calls out to you. Amen. Thank you, Shepherd! 😀


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