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Nov 18

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you so much for encouraging my art again last night, and thank you for my excitement and enthusiasm and bravery, heehee! Thank you for helping me to make things I actually LIKE quite a bit, not just humm-drumm stuff that I am essentially re-creating from memory, from seeing other people’s art. It is FUN to create fresh new things with you, Creator!! 😀

Exodus 30:34-37 ERV

Then the LORD said to Moses, “Get these sweet-smelling spices: resin, onycha, galbanum, and pure frankincense. Be sure that you have equal amounts of these spices.
Mix the spices together to make a sweet-smelling incense. Do this the same as a perfume maker would do it. Also mix salt with this incense. This will make it pure and special.
Grind some of the incense until it becomes a fine powder. Put the powder in front of the Holy Box that holds the Agreement in the Meeting Tent. This is the place where I meet with you. You must use this incense powder only for its very special purpose.
You must use it only in this special way for the LORD. You must also make it in a special way. Don’t make any other incense in this way.

God taught Moses how to make a special incense to please Him. I think that is so cool! Moses became an artist, creating with the Creator! And this pleased God. I feel like my Maker also instructs me how to make my own art. It is a collaborative effort! It brings me joy and delight — AND it delights my senses, because I incorporate tactile and olfactory sensations (touch and smell) into the visual art. Thank you, Lord! Please grow me and keep me humble and brave and always, always looking to you, my Shepherd!

Lord, I lift my friend in New York up to you. Please help her, Father. Shower your mercy upon her and meet her needs. Lift her out of the pit of despair and bring her into a new day of comfort and growth in you. Encourage her, Lord, as only you can.

I also lift my husband up to you, Father. He seems to be searching for a new way to work, looking for your guidance, and willing to follow you. Please reward his willingness, Lord. Show him your path, and encourage him to walk it, whatever it may be. Give him courage and strength of heart. Help him to be humble and full of gratitude for the things you have already provided. Reveal yourself to him, Shepherd. Amen!


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