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Nov 14

Hello, Lord!
How strange it is to have already gone for TWO walks today, and it is just barely past noon! Haha, I am very grateful to live within a mile of Walmart and the post office — even if they are in different directions! So even if I do not have a car to go drive to visit my sons, I can still send them packages, lol. Thank you, Lord, for all your awesome blessings, and especially for helping my youngest son book his flight for a Thanksgiving visit. WOOT! 😀

Psalm 40:5-11 ERV

LORD my God, you have done many amazing things! You have made great plans for us–too many to list. I could talk on and on about them, because there are too many to count.
Lord, you made me understand this: You don’t really want sacrifices and grain offerings. You don’t want burnt offerings and sin offerings.
So I said, “Here I am, ready to do what was written about me in the book.
My God, I am happy to do whatever you want. I never stop thinking about your teachings.”
I told the good news of victory to the people in the great assembly. And, LORD, you know that I will never stop telling that good news.
I told about the good things you did. I did not hide these things in my heart. I spoke of how you can be trusted to save us. I did not hide your love and loyalty from those in the great assembly.
LORD, do not hide your mercy from me. Let your love and loyalty always protect me.

Thank you, kind Shepherd, for caring for me and my family. Please be near to my friend in New York and help her through these lonely days. Please bring people into her life whom she can have fellowship with, so she does not feel so alone. Please touch her heart with your love and show her that you are still near, still caring diligently for her. Amen!


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