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Nov 8

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you so much for the awesome fellowship with my husband this morning, and thank you for lifting his spirits and giving him joy today! Please be near to my oldest son, who is really struggling with himself and the unknowns of his life at the moment. Please give him an assurance that you are with him, protecting him and able to carry him through it all, Lord. Please also strengthen my dear friend in New York. Please help her to find some small joy and something encouraging, even within the loneliness of her surroundings. Help her to remember that she is never truly alone, and you never let the bad times last forever. Amen!

Isaiah 28:22-29 ERV

Now don’t complain about these things. If you fight against them, you will only tighten the ropes around you. The words I heard will not change. They came from the Lord GOD All-Powerful, the ruler of all the earth, and these things will be done.
Listen closely to the message I am telling you.
Does a farmer plow his field all the time? No, he doesn’t work the soil all the time.
A farmer prepares the ground, and then he plants the seed. He plants different kinds of seeds different ways. He scatters dill seeds, he throws cumin seeds on the ground, and he plants wheat in rows. A farmer plants barley in its special place, and he plants spelt seeds at the edge of his field.
Our God is using this to teach you a lesson. This example shows us that God is fair when he punishes his people.
Does a farmer use large boards with sharp teeth to crush dill seeds? No, and he doesn’t use a wagon to crush cumin seeds. A farmer uses a small stick to break the hulls from these seeds of grain.
People grind grain to make flour, but they don’t grind it forever. As God does in punishing people, a worker might drive his wagon over the grain to remove the hulls, but he does not allow the horses to crush it.
This lesson comes from the LORD All-Powerful, who gives wonderful advice. He is very wise.

Lord, I thank you that you do not “grind” us forever, and that you take no delight in our suffering. Please help us to not struggle against your will, to not fight against you, Lord. Help us to yield and be your little servants whom you call Acceptance-With-Joy. Help our hearts to be strong and our eyes to be stayed on you, our Hope and our Salvation. Help us to be ready for anything through prayer and thanksgiving. Amen! šŸ˜€


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