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Nov 6

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for the very personal encouragements last night and this morning! Thank you for giving me just what I needed, including 2 walks in one day! Please encourage my husband in a special way too, Lord. We both are feeling pretty frustrated with our financial situation and it really seems like this place we’ve lived in for 7 years now is draining the life right out of us. I know for me it seems increasingly difficult to create new and wonderful things in these despairing surroundings. Father, please help us to escape poverty or at least to have an opportunity to move to some place less discouraging, more hopeful and ALIVE! Lord, please have mercy and show us the way OUT, and give us the courage to recognize and to obey your leading. Amen!

Proverbs 4:20-27 ERV

My son, pay attention to what I say. Listen closely to my words.
Don’t let them out of your sight. Never stop thinking about them.
These words are the secret of life and health to all who discover them.
Above all, be careful what you think because your thoughts control your life.

Don’t bend the truth or say things that you know are not right.
Keep your eyes on the path, and look straight ahead.
Make sure you are going the right way, and nothing will make you fall.
Don’t go to the right or to the left, and you will stay away from evil.

Lord, my husband and I both desire to follow you. But you know how blind us humans can be at times. Please have mercy on us and give us a CHANCE to go the right way, to follow you and your direction, by making your will CLEAR to us, Lord. Give us the wisdom and courage we need to follow you, and to keep our thoughts pure and our hearts set on you. It is so cool how scientists are now learning about epigenetics, scientifically verifying how our own patterns of thought are capable of turning on and off genes, very literally controlling our lives. And here, in these verses, you told us about this so many hundreds of years ago! If we are careful to keep thinking about YOUR words, we have life and health no matter what genes we started with. Thank you for making all things possible, Father!


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