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Nov 2

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for this most awesome weather — warm but not hot, humid but not raining, overcast but not dreary. Perfect! Thank you also for all the fun I’ve had in the last 24 hours exploring nature books on Amazon! I really have had a difficult time keeping my head up these last few days — even the last couple weeks — crying a lot and feeling soooooo discouraged. I am definitely feeling better this morning, and I thank you for the combination of the perfect weather, the excitement over learning about nature and all the awesome nature books that are out there (even more than I knew!), and the progress I’ve made on Spanish stuff already this week. Thank you for encouraging, me, Lord! 😀

Lamentations 3:31-41 ERV

He should remember that the Lord does not reject people forever.
When he punishes, he also has mercy. He has mercy because of his great love and kindness.
He does not enjoy causing people pain. He does not like to make anyone unhappy.

He does not like any prisoner on earth to be trampled down.
He does not like anyone to be unfair to another person. Some people will do such things right in front of God Most High.
He does not like anyone to cheat another person. He does not like any of these things.
No one can say something and make it happen, unless the Lord orders it.
God Most High commands both good and bad things to happen.
No one alive can complain when he punishes them for their sins.
Let us check and see what we have done. Then let us turn back to the LORD.
Let us lift up our hearts and our hands to the God of heaven.

Lord, I thank you for your enduring mercy. I thank you for your great love and kindness, and for your awesome patience! I lift my heart up to you and give you thanks for leading me, protecting me, keeping me like a sheep in your flock. Thank you for your awesome care, Lord! Please guide me in my work and in my learning. Let me do all things for you, and please rebuke me when I try to do something that goes against your plan for me. Thank you Shepherd!


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