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Oct 30

Lord, I thank you for this craziness called life, how it always keeps us guessing, keeps us on our toes, keeps hurling learning opportunities in our faces, lol. I thank you for the big picture perspective I have at this moment, and please help me to keep appreciating it while it lasts. Please keep growing me, teaching me, and pruning things out of my life and my heart that just get in the way of your work in me, Lord. I ask you to bless each of my children and my friend in New York with new people in their lives, and help each one with their own personal levels of loneliness and despair. Help us all to bring our heavy hearts to you in an attitude of faith and thanksgiving, knowing you are the cure for the broken heart. Amen.

Proverbs 15:5-17 ERV

Fools refuse to listen to their father’s advice, but those who accept discipline are smart.
Good people are rich in many ways, but those who are evil get nothing but trouble.
Wise people say things that give you new knowledge, but fools say nothing worth hearing.
The LORD hates the offerings of the wicked, but he is happy to hear the prayers of those who live right.
The LORD hates the way evil people live, but he loves those who try to do good.
Whoever stops living right will be punished. Whoever hates to be corrected will be destroyed.
The LORD knows everything, even what happens in the place of death. So surely he knows what people are thinking.
Fools hate to be told they are wrong, so they refuse to ask wise people for advice.
If you are happy, your face shows it. If you are sad, your spirit feels defeated.
Intelligent people want more knowledge, but fools only want more nonsense.
Life is always hard for the poor, but the right attitude can turn it into a party.
It is better to be poor and respect the LORD than to be rich and have many troubles.
It is better to eat a little where there is love than to eat a lot where there is hate.

There is so much in these verses that I could not even isolate any parts to highlight. I ended them on a high note, I think, and one I can relate to — being poor but trying to maintain a positive and appreciative attitude of gratitude. Yes, poverty can be extremely difficult sometimes, but I think life is hard no matter how much money you have. The struggle may be over different things, but they are still struggles. I really believe in the wisdom that says we ALL have discomfort, but it is our own resistance to discomfort that creates our own suffering. If I am focused on what I do not have and how unfair that is, all that may be TRUE, but focusing on things I cannot change just serves to turn my disappointment into suffering. I would not suffer so much if I instead focused on all the little things I DO have, and get myself back into the mode of appreciation — OUT of the rutt of negativity! Still, I do not actually think I can ever get so good at this that I will not spend at least some time wallowing in self-pity and negative attitude. It always seems that when I get really good at it in one area, something new and unexpected pops up to test me. But that’s okay, because everywhere that God touches, training me, strengthening me, I just have that many more strong places…! I just pray that God make me wise enough and humble enough to learn my lessons the FIRST time around, and not have to repeat them! 😀


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