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Oct 24

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for the nice peaceful quiet I have been able to enjoy for the past few days — like a little vacation! Thank you for keeping my family safe and protecting them and giving them favor with others. Thank you for teaching me, through your Word, through your Spirit, and even through secular means, with so many things being verified and solidified through repetition. Thank you for your patient training of me, Lord. I am starting to feel just a bit more mature and a LOT more hopeful! Thank you for my nice evening walk last night, the most awesome weather lately, and my three things I am supposed to focus on, without concern for those other things that only serve to make me worry. I give all that to you, Father, and I thank you for caring so diligently for me!

Matthew 6:25-34 ERV

“So I tell you, don’t worry about the things you need to live–what you will eat, drink, or wear. Life is more important than food, and the body is more important than what you put on it.
Look at the birds. They don’t plant, harvest, or save food in barns, but your heavenly Father feeds them. Don’t you know you are worth much more than they are?
You cannot add any time to your life by worrying about it.
“And why do you worry about clothes? Look at the wildflowers in the field. See how they grow. They don’t work or make clothes for themselves.
But I tell you that even Solomon, the great and rich king, was not dressed as beautifully as one of these flowers.
If God makes what grows in the field so beautiful, what do you think he will do for you? It’s just grass–one day it’s alive, and the next day someone throws it into a fire. But God cares enough to make it beautiful. Surely he will do much more for you. Your faith is so small!
“Don’t worry and say, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear?’
That’s what those people who don’t know God are always thinking about. Don’t worry, because your Father in heaven knows that you need all these things.
What you should want most is God’s kingdom and doing what he wants you to do. Then he will give you all these other things you need.
So don’t worry about tomorrow. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Tomorrow will have its own worries.

Psalm 139:23-24 ERV

God, examine me and know my mind. Test me and know all my worries.
Make sure that I am not going the wrong way. Lead me on the path that has always been right.

Lord, help me to build something beautiful for you today. Help me to encourage others. Amen.


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