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Oct 22

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for this nice peaceful day and thank you for being near me, growing me, and pruning things out of my life that get in the way! Please be with my husband and daughter in Oklahoma today, keep them safe and bring them home safely. Let their work go well and give them favor with the boss and owners. Please be with my oldest son today as he moves all his belongings back into his best friend’s parents’ house. Please strengthen his heart and lead him in the direction you want him to go, Lord. Give him courage and hope and show him what he needs to do next. Please also be with my middle son this weekend as he entertains visitors from the west coast in his apartment. Help him to find some quiet time alone, to recharge. I know all too well, being an introvert myself, how worn out one can get from socializing, no matter how enjoyable it might be at the time. Please provide some quiet for him, Lord. Also Father, I lift my youngest son up to you as well, and ask you to bring good people into his life, and help him open up and make friends — even mentors! Thank you for caring so faithfully for all of us, Shepherd. Amen!

Psalm 26 ERV

A song of David. LORD, you be the judge and prove that I have lived a pure life. I have depended on you, LORD, to keep me from falling.
Look closely at me, LORD, and test me. Judge my deepest thoughts and emotions.
I always remember your faithful love. I depend on your faithfulness.
I don’t run around with troublemakers. I have nothing to do with hypocrites.
I hate being around evil people. I refuse to join those gangs of crooks.
LORD, I wash my hands to make myself pure, so that I can come to your altar.
I sing a song to give you thanks, and I tell about all the wonderful things you have done.
LORD, I love the house where you live, the place where your glory is.
Lord, don’t treat me like one of those sinners. Don’t kill me with those murderers.
They are guilty of cheating people. They take bribes to do wrong.
But I am innocent, so be kind to me and save me.
I am safe from all danger as I stand here praising you, LORD, in the assembly of your people.

Thank you, Shepherd, for keeping me safe all these years. Even when I was a child and suffered greatly, you still kept my heart in your hands so it would not grow cold and hard. You kept me from hate, and gave me gratitude for your creation instead. As an adult, betrayed by the first two heads I was under, you held my mind and planted seeds there so that I could find joy in learning, and have a way out of my own distress. You kept me from revenge, and gave me a thirst for your Word instead. And now, even as I feel betrayed by my own business and all the effort I’ve sunk into it for the last dozen years, you hold my heart in your hand and do not let me lose all hope. You keep me from despair, and give me art instead. Help me to grow in my art, Lord, and show me how much more effort to sink into my business which seems to have failed me. Thank you, Shepherd. Amen.


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