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Oct 18

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you for this most awesome start to my day – time with the hubby, warmup exercise at home, then a 50-minute walk to the post office and back, passing up a few hundred cars stuck in the local traffic jam (and thus having ample opportunity for gratitude!!!). Thank you for my health and mobility and positive attitude, Lord! Please be with my husband today in his work, encourage his boss to pay him the money owed, and encourage my husband to be aware of your presence, helping him and protecting him. Please be with me in my work today, Lord, and guide me in what YOU would have me to accomplish this day. Thank you for the awesome encouragement in my art, making me able to somehow just “know” or “feel” what each piece “needs” — and having the courage to commit to it, sealing things down in place and just accepting it however it turns out. Thank you for my contentment, Lord. Amen!

Colossians 4:2 ERV

Never stop praying. Be ready for anything by praying and being thankful.

I love that! How cool is this: The way to be prepared for anything is to always be praying and maintaining an attitude of gratitude!! Our awesome God sure makes it EASY (i.e. doable, accessible) for us to be STRONG in Him!! I mean, even if our entire body is broken — like after a massive car accident or radical surgery — we can still PRAY, and there are ALWAYS things to be grateful for!! God does not tell us we have to be physically strong or even mentally competent. He does not even require us to have to FEEL like praying or being thankful! All we have to do is make a CHOICE to just start praying, and start thanking Him for whatever is not horrible in our lives, and that’s IT!! He does all the rest — provides for our needs, including our peace and joy, if we will accept them. And I can vouch for it from experience, it is hard to thank God for every small little detail in your life WITHOUT feeling more peaceful and lighter! It’s like God’s promise on temptation — He always provides a way OUT — all we have to do is trust Him and use the path He provided. Thank you, Merciful Shepherd!!


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