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Oct 7

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you for giving me new motivation and a way to balance my work throughout the day now. Please continue to show me new tricks to do my work more efficiently and effectively. Thank you also for encouraging my art in so many ways as well. I look forward to exploring new media and new projects and making new things with you, my Creator! Thank you for making me creative, and thank you for showing me that new concept this morning that I know you will bring to memory at the right times, so I can learn more. Thank you for your awesome love and care, Father! 😀

Psalm 114 ERV

The people of Israel escaped from Egypt. Yes, Jacob’s descendants left that foreign country.
Then Judah became God’s special people, and Israel became his kingdom.
The Red Sea saw this and ran away. The Jordan River turned and ran.
The mountains danced like rams. The hills danced like lambs.
Red Sea, why did you run away? Jordan River, why did you turn and run away?
Mountains, why did you dance like rams? Hills, why did you dance like lambs?
The earth shook in front of the Lord, the God of Jacob.
He is the one who caused water to flow from a rock. He made a spring of water flow from that hard rock.

Proverbs 12:13-18 ERV

The wicked are trapped by their foolish words, but good people escape from such trouble.
People get good things for the words they say, and they are rewarded for the work they do.
Fools always think their own way is best, but wise people listen to what others tell them.
Fools are easily upset, but wise people avoid insulting others.
Good people speak the truth and can be trusted in court, but liars make bad witnesses.
Speak without thinking, and your words can cut like a knife. Be wise, and your words can heal.

Lord, I thank you for working on my tongue — I am really seeing growth there! It is nice to notice things I COULD say, yet realize that those particular words are unlikely to yield good fruit, so I just hold my tongue. And when I do speak, I am more able to judge the effect of the words I chose, and notice when THEY are unfruitful, for they are not just lost in a whole ocean of words. Of course, I still spout off like a fool at times, and so I ask you, Lord, to continue this work in me. Keep training my tongue to sit still in my mouth, to give my ears more time to HEAR, to listen, to love. Amen!


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