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Oct 5

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for a nice friendly start to my 45th birthday! Thank you for the awesome opportunity to expand my art-making capabilities and become a bit more mobile with it, and please do bless my parents-in-law for their thoughtful gift of Amazon credit that I can use to get what I want most! Please return their kindness to them tenfold, Lord. Amen!

Father, for my birthday I really would like to get some new members for my PrintableSpanish website, as I am very much discouraged on that. I really thought that the Spanish Trading Cards would be a big hit, and yet I am making LESS than I have in other years, and I’ve only gotten ONE tiny bit of feedback on the cards. I am tempted to feel like a failure with a big heart and good intentions — but with a terrible head for business. But I believe in YOU, Lord, and I really feel like you gave me the idea for the cards. Please help me to have faith, finish the cards despite the discouragement, and just do it for YOU, regardless of what comes of it. Give me courage, Father, to stick to what I believe in. Amen.

Lord, I would also like to finally begin two of my personal websites today: Taxoni (for my taxonomy love — relationships in nature!) and BahasaSaya (for my interest in Indonesia & its language!). I really think that these two “pet” websites will do me good, like a way to warm-up in the mornings, if I can ever stick with a routine. Perhaps they can help me establish a routine that is light and enjoyable, interspersing them with less desirable tasks (like the Spanish!).

Father, I give myself and my work to you. I thank you for keeping me alive through these 45 years on this planet. Thank you for keeping my heart warm and supple, not letting me ever grow cold and hard and harsh and hateful. Thank you for removing all desire for vengeance, for cruelty, and for manipulation and control. I am so much more joyous than I otherwise would be, if I had those bad fruits growing inside me. Thank you for planting the seeds of YOUR fruit inside me, Lord. Thank you for growing me in love, in patience, in joy… and please keep growing my self-control! Thank you, Faithful Shepherd, for your awesome, loving care. Truly I am blessed! šŸ˜€

Psalm 4:3-8 ERV

You can be sure that anyone who serves the LORD faithfully is special to him. The LORD listens when I pray to him.
Tremble with fear, and stop sinning. Think about this when you go to bed, and calm down. Selah
Give the right sacrifices to the LORD, and put your trust in him!
Many people say, “I wish I could enjoy the good life. LORD, give us some of those blessings.”
But you have made me happier than they will ever be with all their wine and grain.
When I go to bed, I sleep in peace, because, LORD, you keep me safe.


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