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Jan 19

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for the nice birds singing on my front porch this morning, bringing the outdoors to my ears as I write and work. Thank you for the cheery wrens, both yesterday and again today already! 😀 Thank you also for letting my computer recover from whatever glitch it just suffered, moments ago. That reminds me to do some maintenance work on it today. Thank you!

Psalm 104 (most of it) ERV

My soul, praise the LORD! LORD my God, you are very great! You are clothed with glory and honor.
You wear light like a robe. You spread out the skies like a curtain.
You built your home above them. You use the thick clouds like a chariot and ride across the sky on the wings of the wind.
You make the winds your messengers and flames of fire your servants…
Lord, you cause water to flow from springs into the streams that flow down between the mountains.
The streams provide water for all the wild animals. Even the wild donkeys come there to drink.
Wild birds come to live by the pools; they sing in the branches of nearby trees.
You send rain down on the mountains. The earth gets everything it needs from what you have made.
You make the grass grow to feed the animals. You provide plants for the crops we grow–the plants that give us food from the earth.
You give us the wine that makes us happy, the oil that makes our skin soft, and the food that makes us strong…
The high mountains are a home for wild goats. The large rocks are hiding places for rock badgers
Lions roar as they attack, as if they are asking God for the food he gives them.
When the sun rises, they leave and go back to their dens to rest.
Then people go out to do their work, and they work until evening.
LORD, you created so many things! With your wisdom you made them all. The earth is full of the living things you made…
Lord, all living things depend on you. You give them food at the right time.
You give it, and they eat it. They are filled with good food from your open hands.
When you turn away from them, they become frightened. When you take away their breath, they die, and their bodies return to the dust.
But when you send out your life-giving breath, things come alive, and the world is like new again!
May the LORD’S glory continue forever! May the LORD enjoy what he made.
He just looks at the earth, and it trembles. He just touches the mountains, and smoke rises from them.
I will sing to the LORD for the rest of my life. I will sing praises to my God as long as I live.
May my words be pleasing to him. The LORD is the one who makes me happy.
I wish sinners would disappear from the earth. I wish the wicked would be gone forever. My soul, praise the LORD! Praise the LORD!

What an awesome Psalm!!! I have emphasized my own favorite parts with bold type. These words give me joy and delight. I think I most especially like the parts about the animals — the little birds by the pools, the lions roaring, the rock badgers, and human song. And I love the picture in my head of God’s open hand, feeding His Creation. Almost every day, I add little tidbits to my site Thank you, Lord, for giving me delight in your creation since I was two or three years old! Thank you for letting me know you personally as Creator, for whispering to me little insights into how your creations give you glory — especially when they are noticed and appreciated by the pinnacle of your Creation, your children! Thank you for making me your own, Lord God! Thank you for feeding me — in mind and body and heart and spirit! Come quickly, Lord Jesus! I look forward to the day when we can live in your light, and never cry again. 😀


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