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Sep 30

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for getting me up and going this morning, with some brisk exercise to wake me and warm me! Thank you for the cooler weather, and the nice walk I had in it last night. Thank you for my enthusiasm and determination this morning, and thank you for giving my husband a job to do today, helping him get back into the groove after all the craziness lately. Please be with him today and protect him while he is on the steep roof and the huge ladder. Let your angels keep watch over him and please show him your mercy and lovingkindness, Oh Lord. Thank you for your awesome care of us, Lord! 😀

Job 11:13-18 ERV

Prepare your heart to serve only God. Lift your arms and pray to him.
Put away the sin that you still hold on to. Don’t keep evil in your tent.
If you will do that, you could look to God without shame. You can stand strong and not be afraid.
Then you can forget your troubles, like water that has already passed by.
Your life will be brighter than the sunshine at noon. Life’s darkest hours will shine like the morning sun.
You will feel safe because there is hope. God will protect you and give you rest.

What comforting, encouraging verses! 😀
Thank you, Father, for giving us such an heritage of freedom and blessing! Thank you for your Son, and for making a way for us to stand before you, in reverent awe, knowing that the blood of your Son is upon us and THAT is what you see when you look upon us. Thank you for knowing each one of us intimately, and putting just the right things in our lives to make us stronger and able to grow to be more and more pleasing to you, and more fruitful! Please bless our hearts with humility and acceptance, and help us to focus on what you have already given us, rather than upon anything we feel we lack. For we KNOW that if we really needed any particular person or thing or event, you would provide that, Lord, because you are Faithful. So help us to rest and be at peace, feeling assured that we truly do have everything we need. Amen!


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