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Aug 28

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for the peaceful day of learning and relaxing yesterday, and thank you for motivating me for a nice 3+ mile walk after the sun went down! Thank you for all the awesome exercise I’ve been getting lately, and the motivation of recording my home exercises on my phone app. I already feel the difference!

Father, I also thank you for your provision with my contact lenses, finding all those old leftover ones I had stashed two, three, and four years ago. I definitely need a new prescription, but until I can afford the $250 for the exam — PLUS new contacts — at least I have a supply of old, outdated daily lenses that I can keep wearing for a week at a time to make them stretch. AND I have my cheap little reading glasses to help make up for the blurriness, too. It is better than I expected, seeing as I thought I was pretty much completely out of contact lenses altogether! 😀

Psalm 127 ERV

A song from Solomon for going up to the Temple. If it is not the LORD who builds a house, the builders are wasting their time. If it is not the LORD who watches over the city, the guards are wasting their time.
It is a waste of time to get up early and stay up late, trying to make a living. The Lord provides for those he loves, even while they are sleeping.
Children are a gift from the LORD, a reward from a mother’s womb.
A young man’s sons are like the arrows in a soldier’s hand.
The man who fills his quiver with sons will be very blessed. He will never be defeated when he opposes his enemy at the city gates.

Lord, I thank you for the communication I’ve had with all three of my sons lately, and I thank you for the opportunity to visit the nearest one today, before he starts classes for the semester. Please bless our time together and give me words to say to comfort and encourage him. And please help me in driving my husband’s truck, chasing my fears away one at a time. Thank you, Father!


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