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Aug 21

Hello, Father.
I feel so “off” today, and I am getting a bit frustrated with myself now. I write, erase, write, erase. My head feels funny. I know that my head has been stuffy, and it was even bad enough to take a sinus pill last night. So perhaps that’s the problem — I just have a little head cold, probably from all this rain and sudden change of weather lately. No biggie. I have my good SOUP! Still, I feel vulnerable and uneasy. Help me to rest in you, Lord. I trust you to take care of me, protect me, and show me how to use this day for your glory. Thank you, Shepherd!

Proverbs 18:10-17 ERV

The name of the LORD is like a strong tower. Those who do what is right can run to him for protection.
The rich think their wealth will protect them. They think it is a strong fortress.
A proud person will soon be ruined, but a humble person will be honored.
Let people finish speaking before you try to answer them. That way you will not embarrass yourself and look foolish.
A good attitude will support you when you are sick, but if you give up, nothing can help.
Wise people want to learn more, so they listen closely to gain knowledge.
Gifts can open many doors and help you meet important people.
The first person to speak always seems right until someone comes and asks the right questions.

I adore the first, last, and highlighted verses above! That last one always makes me chuckle, lol. The first one makes me feel safe, protected, provided for. And the highlighted one, of course, applies to me today. I feel a bit sick in body, but quite sick in heart, as things seem quite unstable at the moment. Lord, help me to remember that you are an immovable high tower that I can run to. Help me feel the stability of your care and protection. Help me to believe more in you than in the signs around me that life is unstable and the direction of change is unknown. All that I see is irrelevant in a way, because YOU are known, stable, reliable — and Faithful! 😀


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