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Aug 11

Good morning, Father.
I really don’t know how I am going to make it through this day — or even the next few months — but I know that the ONLY way to do it is to hang on tight to YOU! I’m tired, Lord. I want to go back to being oblivious, NOT knowing or being aware. Is it you or the enemy who has awoken these things in me? Father, I pray that you protect my heart and mind. Please do not let the enemy use these issues any more than he already has. Put your strength in me, cover my weakness, make me strong again. Thank you, Lord.

Lord, I thank you for the several months’ break I’ve had from dealing with these things. For the last couple months my Tiny Friend was alive, and up until this week, almost two months since he died, I have had a nice break from carrying this burden. Father, I do not wish to be aware. If I cannot change it, can’t do anything at all except show mercy and pray, then I really do not see any point in me even being aware. I have lost hope, and my heart is sick. Please remove the thorn so that I do not bleed to death.

James 1:3-4 ERV

You know that when your faith is tested, you learn to be patient in suffering.
If you let that patience work in you, the end result will be good. You will be mature and complete. You will be all that God wants you to be.

Matthew 24:12-13 ERV

There will so much more evil in the world that the love of most believers will grow cold.
But the one who remains faithful to the end will be saved.


Jesus, I really need you. Thank you for using these circumstances to remind he how very much I need you! Lord, I do not want my heart to grow cold. I desire to be patient in this suffering and to be found faithful to the end. Please help my heart stay warm, full of your love. Do not let the enemy rob me of the fruit you have been growing in me, Lord! Please protect our garden from destruction. Let me return to just doing what you have given me to do, and not be sidetracked by things I cannot change. Help me to continue to show mercy and love, and help me to remain patient and faithful. Thank you, Mighty Shepherd!


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