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Aug 8

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for the peace and joy in my heart this morning, despite the fact that there are plenty of things I could be upset and worrying about. It is so awesome to be able to give things to you, and trust you to take care of them. All I have to do is love you, follow you, and keep looking to you for direction and patience. You take care of all the rest. Thank you, Mighty Shepherd!

James 5:7-11 ERV

Brothers and sisters, be patient; the Lord will come. So be patient until that time. Look at the farmers. They have to be patient. They have to wait for their valuable crop to grow and produce a harvest. They wait patiently for the first rain and the last rain.
You must be patient too. Never stop hoping. The Lord is coming soon.
Brothers and sisters, don’t complain against each other. If you don’t stop complaining, you will be judged guilty. And the Judge is ready to come!
Brothers and sisters, follow the example of the prophets who spoke for the Lord. They suffered many bad things, but they were patient.
And we say that those who accepted their troubles with patience now have God’s blessing. You have heard about Job’s patience. You know that after all his troubles, the Lord helped him. This shows that the Lord is full of mercy and is kind.

Lord, I thank you for all the awesome people in my life. Thank you in advance for those whom I will eventually meet, as well! Father, I pray that you help us all to have enduring patience whenever we are suffering, help us to just look to you and hang on for dear life! Send your Holy Spirit to comfort and encourage our hearts during the hard times, Lord. Turn our sorrows into joy and our weaknesses into strengths, for your glory, Lord God. Amen!


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