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Aug 6

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you for your awesome lovingkindness and constant help and support! Thank you for helping my children, and keeping us all safe and healthy. Please be with my husband today, let him feel your closeness, your protection, your companionship, Lord. Protect his truck from further injury and keep his body and mind strong. Bring him home safely, and draw him near to yourself this evening. Thank you, Father, for choosing us. Thank you for loving and protecting us. Thank you for the hope and joy that are in my heart each day, Mighty Shepherd!

Job 22:23-30 ERV

If you return to God All-Powerful, you will be restored. But remove the evil from your house.
Think of your gold as nothing but dirt. Think of your finest gold as rocks from a stream.
And let God All-Powerful be your gold. Let him be your pile of silver.
Then you will enjoy God All-Powerful, and you will look up to him.
When you pray, he will hear you. And you will be able to do all that you promised him.
If you decide to do something, it will be successful. And your future will be very bright!
When people are brought down and you ask God to help them, he will rescue those who have been humbled.

Even those who are guilty will be forgiven. They will be saved because you did what was right.”

Lord, I thank you that both my husband and myself have little care for this world’s “gold”. I pray that you help us remove all evil from our house, so that your prosperity can be set upon us, and we can have an abundance to give to others. Please set my daughter up in a place of her own, so she can be independent, and then show us what to do, where to move, how to live for you. Thank you for healing the hole in my heart after my Tiny Friend died, Lord. Thank you for my art and my work. Please help me to rest in you on this Sabbath day, and teach me how to keep myself holy for you. Amen!


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