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Jan 13

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for giving my hubby and I some time to “hang out” this morning, and thank you for blessing his socks off yesterday! Thank you for giving him patience in his work, and blessing our family with a new go cart — how fun! 😀

Philippians 3:7-9 ERV

At one time all these things were important to me. But because of Christ, I decided that they are worth nothing.
Not only these things, but now I think that all things are worth nothing compared with the greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. Because of Christ, I lost all these things, and now I know that they are all worthless trash. All I want now is Christ.
I want to belong to him. In Christ I am right with God, but my being right does not come from following the law. It comes from God through faith. God uses my faith in Christ to make me right with him.

Thank you, God, for using my faith in Jesus to make me right with you! I want to belong to you as Paul did, serving you with one mind, a single focus. Father, you know what I need. At the moment, I am distracted by my husband’s needs, all of a sudden asking me to spend the day with him, helping him in his work, when I’ve already given him my last 2-3 hours of sleep AND the first 2 hours of my work day — AND I’ve planned the whole week around getting a lot done on my own work today. I am behind in several areas. If I had known I might need to go help my husband, I would have planned accordingly. I do NOT like doing things at the last moment. If I go help him, I will pay for it for the next several days, fighting to catch back up. Yet I don’t want to leave him alone, stranded, needing help. Please let your will be done, Lord. Give us both what we need, including the patience and courage to do our work for YOU!


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