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Jul 26

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you for taking such awesome care of me, encouraging me and helping me feel safe and secure and stronger than I thought I was! Thank you for giving myself and my husband a chance to share our struggles with each other, and pray for each other before he left this morning. Thank you for making it be just a bit cooler this morning, so that I was motivated to go for a walk and bring home some fresh fruits and veggies! Those two blessings together have started out my day in an awesome way. You are truly magnificent, Lord! 😀

Psalm 145:9-14 ISV

The LORD is good to everyone and his mercies extend to everything he does.
LORD, everything you have done will praise you, and your holy ones will bless you.
They will speak about the glory of your kingdom, and they will talk about your might,
in order to make known your mighty acts to mankind as well as the majestic splendor of your kingdom.
Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your authority endures from one generation to another.
God is faithful about everything he says and merciful in everything he does.

I am so grateful for David! He has expressed so much in the Psalms, described God and His goodness, along with life and both its goodness and difficulties. Sometimes I feel goofy-happy, filled with glee, overflowing with joy just because God is sooooo good! I don’t often see that in other people around me — everyone seems so serious MOST of the time — but I certainly see it in David’s psalms! I am glad that David did not try to tone down his enthusiasm and gleeful praise. And I am grateful that the Almighty God has preserved David’s praises for us, all these centuries later. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for my brother David! :O>


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