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Jul 15

Good morning, Father.
It’s hard to believe it’s already the middle of the month — and the middle of the 3 summer months…! It seems especially strange at the moment, with it being so dark and cool after the storm that just passed through. Normally it is in the 90’s already, but right now it is still mid-70’s — like the coolest part of the day…! Thank you for this delightfully cooler, refreshing weather, Father! 😀

Job 28:23-28 ERV

“Only God knows the way to wisdom. Only he knows where wisdom is.
He can see to the very ends of the earth. He sees everything under the sky.
God gave the wind its power. He decided how big to make the oceans.
He decided where to send the rain and where the thunderstorms should go.
He looked at wisdom and discussed it. He examined it and saw how much it is worth.
Then he said to humans, ‘To fear and respect the Lord is wisdom. To turn away from evil is understanding.'”

Thank you, Father, for deciding to send the rain here. Thank you for sending ME here, although I am so homesick at times that I have to curl up inside you just to protect my heart. I know you are wise — the source of all wisdom — and that you see reasons for my being in this dry prairieland for as long as I have been. I don’t even need to know your reasons, for I trust you, Lord. Lead me on, lead me out, lead me up and bring me ever closer to you. Amen!


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