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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Jul 9

Good morning, Lord!
I am so grateful for this new system, and for having more energy to devote to art. Father, you know that much of my bigger pieces require overnight drying near the beginning, and you see how I have trouble trusting myself to continue, the next day. I feel like I will mess it up, waste my materials, ruin a good thing. So Lord I lay my art in your big creative hands, and ask you to please hold it for me. Remind me that it is something that you and I do together, and I am not alone in it. Although sometimes it seems like I must make somewhat difficult decisions — colors, materials, placement — it is really your creative spirit within me that is at play, ready to move forward and make things happen. Help me to trust you to BE there, Lord. And help me to lose the fear of being WRONG, and just be FREE. 😀

Ecclesiastes 11:1-6 ERV

Do good wherever you go. After a while, the good you do will come back to you.
Invest what you have in several different things. You don’t know what bad things might happen on earth.
There are some things you can be sure of. If clouds are full of rain, they will pour water on the earth. If a tree falls–to the south or to the north–then it will stay where it falls.
But there are some things that you cannot be sure of. You must take a chance. If you wait for perfect weather, you will never plant your seeds. If you are afraid that every cloud will bring rain, you will never harvest your crops.
You don’t know where the wind blows. And you don’t know how a baby grows in its mother’s womb. In the same way, you don’t know what God will do–and he makes everything happen.
So begin planting early in the morning, and don’t stop working until evening. You don’t know what might make you rich. Maybe everything you do will be successful.

I love these verses — so encouraging! Even the King James (which here is very clunky) reflects this idea of “putting your eggs in many baskets” and being bold enough to do your work without being guaranteed a successful result in that ONE thing. Instead, we “prosper” or “succeed” — kasher, the last part of the last verse — by beginning the work we were given to do at the break of dawn and not “settling down” — nuach — into slothful leisure in the evening, but rather continuing on with (perhaps a different part of) our work. This of course paints a picture of steady progress, all day every day… great news for crazy people like me whose “play” is still some type of progress (reading, learning, doing art, making the more “fun” parts of my websites)! And the BEST part to me is — I can trust God for success, because HE is in control of that part, not me. All I have to do is keep doing the work that He’s given me — from dawn to bedtime — and keep loving and trusting Him. Thank you, Shepherd, for giving this little sheep so MANY different things to work on throughout each day! Thank you for choosing me!


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