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Jul 4

Good morning, Father.
I lift myself up to you right now and ask you to heal my body. It seems there is some type of invader in my gutt — something I did not invite, but may have fed by snitching some of THEIR food yesterday — a sample of the breakfast burrito I made specially for my hubby. Thank you for teaching me, Lord, and thank you for encouraging me in the way that I should go, and the foods that I should NOT eat. Please heal me up, and continue to guide me. Amen!

Psalm 6:2-4 ERV

LORD, be kind to me. I am sick and weak. Heal me, LORD! My bones are shaking.
I am trembling all over. LORD, how long until you heal me?
LORD, come back and make me strong again. Save me because you are so loyal and kind.

Lord, please make me strong again. Beneath the haze of bacterial (or viral) infection, I have a burning desire — even an excitement — to do your will, to walk forward on the path you are laying out for me, and to see where it leads. Even as my body feels weak, my heart feels strong, on fire for you! Help me to just relax and give you this time while I heal, Lord. Show me when I should finally eat again, and help it to stay down and nourish me. When it is time, help me move forward on your path for me. And Father, please bless my husband and each one of my children with a happy Fourth of July. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your blessings, Oh Lord! Even me. 🙂


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