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Jun 28

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for getting me up and moving before the sun, in order to be a good help meet for my husband as his day began. Thank you for the fellowship, the stamina, the clear headedness. Thank you for the encouragement. It is awesome to have already accomplished so much before 8am! 😀

Job 25:2-5 ERV

“God is the ruler. He makes people fear and respect him. He keeps peace in his kingdom above.
No one can count his stars. His sun rises on all people.
How can anyone claim to be right before God? No human being can really be pure.
In God’s eyes even the moon is not pure and bright; even the stars are not pure.

Lord, I thank you for choosing me and caring so diligently for me, even though I am so not pure! Thank you for creating any pureness, any rightness, that already does exist within me. Thank you for nurturing those good things in me — your garden to bear fruit for your Name. Thank you for continuing to grow me, even to prune things out of my life that were hindrances. Father, I lift up all those I care about — including my husband, all four of my children, and also my friend in New York who loves you dearly. I ask you to touch each one of us in a special way today, for your glory, and in your mercy. Let each of us know you intimately, and be encouraged by your touch. Thank you, Mighty God!


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