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Aug 16

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for total peace, and even a cozy feeling that I have absolutely everything that I could possibly need — or even want!! Even the weather is awesome today, with a light rain and a perfect 70-ish temperature. 🙂 Thank you for giving me a wide variety of projects to work on — even though the outdoor ones are put on hold until it dries up, lol. Thank you for my awesome Mate and children and friends and family. And thank you for helping me start writing my new BOOK yesterday… WOW! I know it will probably be more like a booklet, but I don’t mind that one bit. You made me to create things in short bits, fun little to-the-point tidbits that are quick and easy and friendly for all ages. I like that! I may never write a single chapter of a book that is a dozen pages long or something… but I can write many dozen-page long books or interactives, heehee! Thank you, Father, for making me just how I am, and helping me to be content with exactly what I have right NOW. Please teach me how to help other people more, and cleanse away all the stuffs that I hold onto that gets in the way. Amen.

1 Peter 3:3-12 ERV

It is not fancy hair, gold jewelry, or fine clothes that should make you beautiful. 
No, your beauty should come from inside you—the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. That beauty will never disappear. It is worth very much to God. 
It was the same with the holy women who lived long ago and followed God. They made themselves beautiful in that same way. They were willing to serve their husbands. 
I am talking about women like Sarah. She obeyed Abraham, her husband, and called him her master. And you women are true children of Sarah if you always do what is right and are not afraid. 
In the same way, you husbands should live with your wives in an understanding way, since they are weaker than you. You should show them respect, because God gives them the same blessing he gives you—the grace of true life. Do this so that nothing will stop your prayers from being heard. 
So all of you should live together in peace. Try to understand each other. Love each other like brothers and sisters. Be kind and humble. 
Don’t do wrong to anyone to pay them back for doing wrong to you. Or don’t insult anyone to pay them back for insulting you. But ask God to bless them. Do this because you yourselves were chosen to receive a blessing. 
The Scriptures say, “If you want to enjoy true life and have only good days, then avoid saying anything hurtful, and never let a lie come out of your mouth. 
Stop doing what is wrong, and do good. Look for peace, and do all you can to help people live peacefully. 

The Lord watches over those who do what is right, and he listens to their prayers. But he is against those who do evil.” 


Aug 15

Lord, this morning I am really feeling for my youngest son. I miss him, and try as I might, I still worry about him some times. Father, I know that YOU must have hurt to see your Son feeling alone, misunderstood, and struggling with his life. I ask you to reach out and comfort my son, as I know that you love him even more than I do myself. Please strengthen and heal him, Lord. Lead him faithfully all the way through his struggle, and let him find your awesome freedom and joy that can sustain him for the rest of his life. Amen. 🙂

1 John 5:14-15 ERV

We can come to God with no doubts. This means that when we ask God for things (and those things agree with what God wants for us), God cares about what we say. 
He listens to us every time we ask him.
So we know that he gives us whatever we ask from him. 

James 5:15-16 KJV

And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. 
Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. 


Aug 14

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for all the energetic outdoor work yesterday, pruning out and hauling off about half of a cedar tree and a couple dozen sumac trees! Thank you for giving me strength and energy, and the ability to work hard with either my body or mind or both! Please be with my Mate today, if and when he makes the drive to his mother’s house for a nice visit. Please be with me while I drive about the area this morning, getting several errands done and establishing a little bit more of my “roots” in this little town that I much enjoy. Give me wisdom and patience, and protect me from all the drivers on the road — including myself, lol.

Jude 24-25 ERV

God is strong and can keep you from falling. He can bring you before his glory without any wrong in you and give you great joy. 
He is the only God, the one who saves us. To him be glory, greatness, power, and authority through Jesus Christ our Lord for all time past, now, and forever. Amen. 

1 Thessalonians 5:8-11 ERV

But we belong to the day, so we should control ourselves. We should wear faith and love to protect us. And the hope of salvation should be our helmet. 
God did not choose us to suffer his anger. God chose us to have salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Jesus died for us so that we can live together with him. It is not important if we are alive or dead when Jesus comes. 
So encourage each other and help each other grow stronger in faith, just as you are already doing. 


Aug 13

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for a fresh new day, and some good sleep at last! Thank you for my awesome Mate and our closeness… AND our new little home that he is cleaning and fixing up for us to come back to Texas to live in together in a couple months! Please watch over it while we are away, protect it while we spend a little time together in Iowa — our last days in the popup camper. Please protect my Mate as he drives back and forth to his mother’s, and please give them an awesome, blessed visit together. Lord, I ask that you guide me in the next ten days or so before my Mate arrives here — help me to order my time wisely and accomplish all that I need to get done before he gets here and my schedule and lifestyle changes a bit to accommodate having my best friend back in my physical presence. It has been nice talking to him on the phone several times every single day lately (LOL), but since we haven’t been physically together in over 3 months now, I am super-glad that we both have the ability to just pick up where we left off, like we had never been apart at all. THANK YOU, Lord, for the blessing of a soul mate, my awesome husband!! 😀

James 1:2-12 ERV

My brothers and sisters, you will have many kinds of trouble. But this gives you a reason to be very happy. 
You know that when your faith is tested, you learn to be patient in suffering. 
If you let that patience work in you, the end result will be good. You will be mature and complete. You will be all that God wants you to be. 

Do any of you need wisdom? Ask God for it. He is generous and enjoys giving to everyone. So he will give you wisdom. 
But when you ask God, you must believe. Don’t doubt him. Whoever doubts is like a wave in the sea that is blown up and down by the wind. 
People like that are thinking two different things at the same time. They can never decide what to do. So they should not think they will receive anything from the Lord. 
Believers who are poor should be glad that God considers them so important. 
Believers who are rich should be glad when bad things happen that humble them. Their riches won’t keep them from disappearing as quickly as wildflowers. 
As the sun rises and gets hotter, its heat dries up the plants, and the flowers fall off. The flowers that were so beautiful are now dead. That’s how it is with the rich. While they are still making plans for their business, they will die. 
Great blessings belong to those who are tempted and remain faithful! After they have proved their faith, God will give them the reward of eternal life. God promised this to all people who love him. 


Aug 12

Lord, you see everything that is in me, and you know my little heart and crazy mind better than I do. I went to my sister’s church; one song was pretty good; I felt your Spirit on several people — and there in our midst, and we even had lunch with four of the church peeps. But now I am laying here in bed crying, exhausted. It is difficult to be such an outgoing introvert, and I really wish people knew what a miracle it is that I am even alive, let alone able to pass myself off as “normal”. I cry for them, because it seems like people really do struggle with faith and with knowing you, Lord. And I cry for me, because often that seems the ONLY things I am good at — and that is YOUR goodness, not mine. Father, I feel like a misfit around most people, and in most situations that involve people. But I trust you completely. You know how you’ve made me and why. All I can see right now is that it makes me more suited to being a “homeless nomad” than a soccer mom — and that it sure is uncomfortable at times. 😥

1 Corinthians 1:18-29 ERV

The teaching about the cross seems foolish to those who are lost. But to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 
As the Scriptures say, “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise. I will confuse the understanding of the intelligent.” 
So what does this say about the philosopher, the law expert, or anyone in this world who is skilled in making clever arguments? God has made the wisdom of the world look foolish. 
This is what God in his wisdom decided: Since the world did not find him through its own wisdom, he used the message that sounds foolish to save those who believe it. 
The Jews ask for miraculous signs, and the Greeks want wisdom. 
But this is the message we tell everyone: Christ was killed on a cross. This message is a problem for Jews, and to other people it is nonsense. 
But Christ is God’s power and wisdom to the people God has chosen, both Jews and Greeks. 
Even the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom. Even the weakness of God is stronger than human strength. 
Brothers and sisters, God chose you to be his. Think about that! Not many of you were wise in the way the world judges wisdom. Not many of you had great influence, and not many of you came from important families. 
But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. He chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 
And God chose what the world thinks is not important—what the world hates and thinks is nothing. He chose these to destroy what the world thinks is important. 
God did this so that no one can stand before him and boast about anything. 

Lord, I thank you that we have obtained TWO trailers in three or four days! I thank you for the awesome encouragement, both for my Mate and myself. In looking at the two campers, the first that we purchased seems friendly, and I look forward to living in it with my Mate. Yay!! It feels like HOME for us for a time. The second, the FREE one, seems foreign and less friendly. It does not seem to be FOR us — but who am I to judge these things? I am just a “dumb sheep”. I give my preferences and my silly little heart to you, faithful Shepherd. Let your will be done, and please let NO ONE change that — not even little me. 😉


Aug 11

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for bringing me back to “normal”, more energetic and upbeat once again. I don’t know what all was involved in that little “down” stage, but I do know that I had stopped exercising before going to bed, and that as soon as I worked out a bit last night, I started feeling “myself” once again. I guess that extra little bit makes a difference! Father, please help me to stay active and fit, and help me to choose good foods to put into my body, and good exercises to stretch and tone it. Please also give me interesting projects to work on, to exercise my mind and keep it healthy and in good working order as well. Thank you for my health and that of my Mate and all my loved ones. Please help us each to be prepared for anything through prayer and thanksgiving. Amen.

Colossians 4:2 ERV

Never stop praying. Be ready for anything by praying and being thankful. 

Romans 15:4-7 ERV

Everything that was written in the past was written to teach us. Those things were written so that we could have hope. That hope comes from the patience and encouragement that the Scriptures give us. 
All patience and encouragement come from God. And I pray that God will help you all agree with each other, as Christ Jesus wants. 
Then you will all be joined together. And all together you will give glory to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Christ accepted you, so you should accept each other. This will bring honor to God. 

Lord, I thank you for encouraging me, and I thank you for also encouraging my Mate, not only through several people who appreciate and help him, but also through the new camper that is officially OURS now! We have our own “home” once again, lol. Lord, I thank you for making me so easily accepting and positive and optimistic. I thank you for giving me such patience and Love for my Mate and for others — even a bit for myself! Thank you for giving me such awesome people in my life, and please bless each of my children with your peace this weekend. Encourage them as you encourage me. Thank you, Lord. I trust you completely, even with the greatest treasures of my heart. Lead on, faithful Shepherd! 🙂


Aug 9

Good morning, Father.
Lord, you know that I have been feeling quite discouraged in my work lately. It seems like trash, worthless, useless. Not one person has bought an extended membership at, and I am starting to think that people don’t even want printables any longer. My H.E.R. website is dead in the water, can’t really even DO anything with it because of the residual code left somewhere completely hidden within the domain folder by the stupid theme I purchased six years ago thinking I NEEDED something professional — and it ended up biting me HARD in the butt, ruining the site for me (and hence for everyone!!). Now I am thinking about junking the site altogether, restarting it from scratch for the third time. It is frustrating. Ugly. I don’t even want to look at it. It pains me. Lord, I thank you for giving me a clear, simple goal of something to do next for the REST of my sites. At least it is a starting point. Father, I give my rumpled heart to you, with all its silliness and backwardsness and despair. Only you know what I am capable of, and what my limitations are. You see what I need to do, and how I need to do it. I trust you completely, faithful Shepherd. Lead on, and give me courage to follow. Amen.

Psalm 42:5-11 ERV

Why am I so sad? Why am I so upset? I tell myself, “Wait for God’s help! You will again be able to praise him, your God, the one who will save you.” In my sadness I say, “I will remember you from here on this small hill, where Mount Hermon and the Jordan River meet.” 
I hear the roar of the water coming from deep within the earth. It shouts to the water below as it tumbles down the waterfall. God, your waves come one after another, crashing all around and over me. 
By day the LORD shows his faithful love, and at night I have a song for him—a prayer for the God of my life. 
I say to God, my Rock, “Why have you forgotten me? Why must I suffer this sadness that my enemies have brought me?” 
Their constant insults are killing me. They never stop asking, “Where is your God?” 
Why am I so sad? Why am I so upset? I tell myself, “Wait for God’s help! You will again be able to praise him, your God, the one who will save you.” 


Aug 8

Hello, Lord.
Thank you for providing a nice new camper for my Mate and I to move into once we get everything changed around — probably in a month or two. Thank you for taking that weight off my Mate, lol. 😀 Thank you for blessing us with awesome people who love us and believe in us and help us in various ways. Please help us grow in wisdom and peacefulness and perhaps even financial security, so that we can more easily help other people as well. Help me to devote enough time and energy to the projects that YOU want me to work on, and to let GO of the foolish distractions that have a potential of making me wander off your chosen path. Lord, I desire to be faithful in all things, but I am only human and capable of being quite shortsighted and foolish. I ask you to cover me and guide me and prune away ALL the harmful distractions — even the ones that I might wish to keep. 😉

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 ERV

Do all you can to live a peaceful life. Mind your own business, and earn your own living, as we told you before. 
If you do these things, then those who are not believers will respect the way you live. And you will not have to depend on others for what you need. 

Philippians 3:12-14 ERV

I don’t mean that I am exactly what God wants me to be. I have not yet reached that goal. But I continue trying to reach it and make it mine. That’s what Christ Jesus wants me to do. It is the reason he made me his. 
Brothers and sisters, I know that I still have a long way to go. But there is one thing I do: I forget what is in the past and try as hard as I can to reach the goal before me. 
I keep running hard toward the finish line to get the prize that is mine because God has called me through Christ Jesus to life up there in heaven. 


Aug 7

Good morning, Father.
This morning I am more excited about being yours, being under your wing, being nurtured and protected by you, than I am about anything else in life. Physically, I am irritated with too many mosquito bites in too many clothing-covered places — even though I have NOT been aware of a single mosquito in more than 2 weeks! Work-wise I am a bit frustrated, having too many directions to go and just beginning down one new path that has a learning curve and too many options and decisions to make. I miss making videos, and I hope to have time and mental energy to devote to that again SOON. Or at least to FINISH SOMETHING so that I do not linger too long in this disappointed, failure-ish feeling. And of course there is the BIG NEWS of my Mate having found a very decent, better than ever expected camper for only $1500 — and his mother being willing and able to buy it for us…! Of course, there are details to work out, and I am not holding my breath on that one. I am just giving ALL this stuff to YOU, Lord God, and being content and joyful, knowing that you are our faithful Shepherd, taking care of your flock and providing for ALL our needs. Thank you for being so very consistently reliable, Lord!! 😀

1 John 4:13-18 ERV

We know that we live in God and God lives in us. We know this because he gave us his Spirit. 
We have seen that the Father sent his Son to be the Savior of the world, and this is what we tell people now. 
Anyone who says, “I believe that Jesus is the Son of God,” is a person who lives in God, and God lives in that person. 
So we know the love that God has for us, and we trust that love. God is love. Everyone who lives in love lives in God, and God lives in them. 
If God’s love is made perfect in us, we can be without fear on the day when God judges the world. We will be without fear, because in this world we are like Jesus. 
Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love takes away fear. It is his punishment that makes a person fear. So his love is not made perfect in the one who has fear. 


Aug 6

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for your awesome mercy and grace, Lord. Thank you for the joy in my heart and the peace of my mind and spirit. Father, I give this day and my work and my time and energy to you, and I ask you to help me create with the Creator in a fun and helpful way today. Lead me step by step through my day, guiding me faithfully through each project and task. Please be with my beloved ones today, blessing each of us with your presence and your kind intervention into our lives. Help us to know your Spirit and your Voice more all the time, and help us to grow in wisdom as we learn to trust you more all the time. Amen.

Isaiah 45 — selected verses — ERV

Isa 45:5  I am the LORD, the only God. There is no other God except me. I put your clothes on you, but still you don’t know me. 
Isa 45:6  I am doing this so that everyone will know that I am the only God. From the east to the west, people will know that I am the LORD and that there is no other God. 
Isa 45:7  I made the light and the darkness. I bring peace, and I cause trouble. I, the LORD, do all these things. 
Isa 45:8  “May the clouds in the skies above drop goodness on the earth like rain. May the earth open and let salvation grow. And may victory grow with it! I, the LORD, created him. 
Isa 45:9  “Look at these people! They are arguing with the one who made them. Look at them argue with me. They are like pieces of clay from a broken pot. Clay does not say to the one molding it, ‘Man, what are you doing?’ Things that are made don’t have the power to question the one who makes them. 
Isa 45:10  A father gives life to his children, and they cannot ask, ‘Why are you giving me life?’ They cannot question their mother and ask, ‘Why are you giving birth to me?'” 
Isa 45:11  The LORD God is the Holy One of Israel. He created Israel, and he says, “My children, you asked me to show you a sign. You told me to show you what I have done. 
Isa 45:12  I made the earth, and I created the people on it. I used my own hands to make the skies. And I command all the armies in the sky. 
Isa 45:15  You are the God people cannot see. You are the God who saves Israel. 
Isa 45:16  Many people make false gods, but they will be disappointed. All of them will go away ashamed. 
Isa 45:17  But Israel will be saved by the LORD. That salvation will continue forever. Never again will Israel be shamed. 
Isa 45:18  The LORD is God. He made the skies and the earth. He put the earth in its place. He did not want the earth to be empty when he made it. He created it to be lived on. “I am the LORD. There is no other God. 
Isa 45:22  So all you people in faraway places, turn to me and be saved, because I am God, and there is no other. 
Isa 45:23  “When I make a promise, that promise is true. It will happen. And I swear by my own power that everyone will bow before me and will take an oath to obey me. 
Isa 45:24  They will say, ‘Goodness and strength come only from the LORD.'” And all who show their anger against him will be humiliated. 
Isa 45:25  The LORD will help the people of Israel live right and praise their God. 


Aug 5

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for helping me through the difficult time I had after I posted yesterday afternoon. Thank you for carrying me safely into this day, and thank you for giving me HOPE. Please bring some people to purchase the special surprise memberships on — or help me to get some money quickly in some other way, so I can pay my few little bills and have money for food. Please help my Mate to have enough money down there in Texas to fix his tire and travel up here to Iowa, where we can continue on our Homeless Nomad way, probably staying in this area for a time, then moving off into the Unknown once again.

Psalm 91 ERV

You can go to God Most High to hide. You can go to God All-Powerful for protection. 
I say to the LORD, “You are my place of safety, my fortress. My God, I trust in you.”
God will save you from hidden dangers and from deadly diseases. 
You can go to him for protection. He will cover you like a bird spreading its wings over its babies. You can trust him to surround and protect you like a shield. 
You will have nothing to fear at night and no need to be afraid of enemy arrows during the day. 
You will have no fear of diseases that come in the dark or terrible suffering that comes at noon. 
A thousand people may fall dead at your side or ten thousand right beside you, but nothing bad will happen to you! 
All you will have to do is watch, and you will see that the wicked are punished. 
You trust in the LORD for protection. You have made God Most High your place of safety. 
So nothing bad will happen to you. No diseases will come near your home. 
He will command his angels to protect you wherever you go. 
Their hands will catch you so that you will not hit your foot on a rock. 
You will have power to trample on lions and poisonous snakes. 
The Lord says, “If someone trusts me, I will save them. I will protect my followers who call to me for help. 
When my followers call to me, I will answer them. I will be with them when they are in trouble. I will rescue them and honor them. 
I will give my followers a long life and show them my power to save.” 

Lord, this morning I am REALLY dreading going to my sister’s church once again. I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but I am really struggling with memories of abuse that happened inside churches and with church people. It is hard to get these vivid memories out of my mind, and I am feeling like some type of psycho right now. I truly wish my Mate were here to help me feel safer, more “watched over” — at the very least, being a buffer between me and all other men. Father, please help me with this situation. Either make me strong enough to go to my sister’s church — or make it so that she does not even expect me to. I do NOT want her heart or mind to be hurt or upset just because I am having flashbacks. Thank you for taking care of all your sheep, faithful Shepherd. Amen.


Aug 4

Hello, Father!
Thank you for all the awesome projects which are keeping me so very busy that I barely even realize how little sleep I am getting, lol. Thank you for all the learning, practice, and growth in so many different areas. Thank you for my enthusiasm and my silly excitement. Thank you for this comfortable weather in which to work. Please help me to accomplish the things on the list that are priorities to YOU, and help me to let go of all the non-essential tasks and plans. Father, I give you my heart, my mind, my time. Make me your little Acceptance with Joy. Amen.

Hebrews 13:5-9 ERV

Keep your lives free from the love of money. And be satisfied with what you have. God has said, “I will never leave you; I will never run away from you.” 
So we can feel sure and say, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. People can do nothing to me.” 
Remember your leaders. They taught God’s message to you. Remember how they lived and died, and copy their faith. 
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 
Don’t let all kinds of strange teachings lead you into the wrong way. Depend only on God’s grace for spiritual strength, not on rules about foods. Obeying those rules doesn’t help anyone.


Aug 3

Lord, this morning I am feeling pretty frustrated. I believe it may be mostly just lack of sleep, though. My head isn’t working quite right, but I still cannot seem to just relax and sleeeeeeep! There are just too many things I want to DO, to create, to grow, to learn, to try… and I cannot seem to shut off my own DRIVE lately! Father, you see all that is in me, all that I desire, all that I need to be doing, and all that I need to let GO. Please give me discernment and peace, help me rest, and help me to just hand all this energy — and every ounce of TIME that is weighing on me — over to you, and allow YOU to fill me, to guide me, and to provide for me. I trust you completely, Lord Jesus. I choose you.

Philippians 1:9-11 ERV

This is my prayer for you: that your love will grow more and more; that you will have knowledge and understanding with your love; 
that you will see the difference between what is important and what is not and choose what is important; that you will be pure and blameless for the coming of Christ; 
that your life will be full of the many good works that are produced by Jesus Christ to bring glory and praise to God. 

Lord, I offer my little heart up to you and ask you to prune away the distractions in my life and in my mind, and help me to focus on you and what is really important. Help me to accept your peace and be still. Amen.


Aug 2

Good morning, Father!
This morning I feel very grateful to be alive, and I am excited to spend this day creating with the Creator! Lord, I thank you for the joy in my heart, the closeness I feel with you, and the opportunities I have to grow and learn and share the adventure of life with my eternal Husband! I thank you for my earthly husband and our amazing closeness as well. I thank you for my beautiful children, and the awesome people I consider my friends. I thank you for the strength and health of my body and mind and spirit, even as you lead me into greater health and stability all the time. Please encourage me to eat healthy today and get plenty of exercise, and to spend even more time in your Word and sharing my day with you, Lord Jesus. I trust you completely, and I give this day and my self to you. Amen.

Philippians 4:4-13 ERV

Always be filled with joy in the Lord. I will say it again. Be filled with joy. 
Let everyone see that you are gentle and kind. The Lord is coming soon. 
Don’t worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks for what you have. 
And because you belong to Christ Jesus, God’s peace will stand guard over all your thoughts and feelings. His peace can do this far better than our human minds. 

Brothers and sisters, continue to think about what is good and worthy of praise. Think about what is true and honorable and right and pure and beautiful and respected. 
And do what you learned and received from me—what I told you and what you saw me do. And the God who gives peace will be with you. 
I am so happy, and I thank the Lord that you have again shown your care for me. You continued to care about me, but there was no way for you to show it. 
I am telling you this, but not because I need something. I have learned to be satisfied with what I have and with whatever happens. 
I know how to live when I am poor and when I have plenty. I have learned the secret of how to live through any kind of situation—when I have enough to eat or when I am hungry, when I have everything I need or when I have nothing. 
Christ is the one who gives me the strength I need to do whatever I must do.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for being ENOUGH. I thank you for being and doing and providing everything that I ever need. I thank you for touching the hearts and lives of each of your people, and building your living Church in us. Please humble me, Lord. Purify me with your Truth, even when it hurts or takes things away that I might think that I need. I know that all I truly do need is YOU — your mercy and your grace and your provision. THANK YOU for teaching me, leading me, sustaining me, and creating a new creature in me, bit by bit, day by day. Amen.


Aug 1

Lord, I have so much to be grateful for! On a time scale, one year ago today I released my first-ever YouTube video, making full use of Adobe After Effects. Although I typically create my vids in Premiere Pro now, I feel quite encouraged that in the last couple months I have posted over two dozen vids to YouTube and Facebook (some private, not public), and am feeling VERY much more comfortable and confident in video production. On a no-time scale, this morning I am feeling grateful for the way you created me, Lord. I was just learning about HEXACO — the “Big Five” personality traits plus the sixth just recently added, lol. It seems I am quite extreme in each one of these traits, scoring super-high in extroversion (although I operate like an introvert in that I get drained after interacting with people), agreeableness, conscientiousness, humility, and even openness (thanks to my Mate!), and extremely LOW in neuroticism (which is basically negativity, in this application). So overall, these 6 traits make me likeable and generally HAPPY, lol. THANK YOU, Father, for creating me in this way! Of course, as always the thing I am MOST grateful for is my Mate. I confess that I am feeling quite a bit impatient to be physically back with him again, able to see his eyes and his smile and his beautiful backside (LOL), hear his voice, and touch his skin. I almost feel like I could throw a temper-tantrum, frustrated with waiting so long!!! Father, I give my impatience to you and ask you to help me survive these last days without my Mate. Help us BOTH to use the time wisely, accomplishing all that YOU would have us do before we reunite — and hopefully get a few days just to sink into each other and leave the world outside for a bit! 😉

James 1:2-12 ERV

My brothers and sisters, you will have many kinds of trouble. But this gives you a reason to be very happy. 
You know that when your faith is tested, you learn to be patient in suffering. 
If you let that patience work in you, the end result will be good. You will be mature and complete. You will be all that God wants you to be. 
Do any of you need wisdom? Ask God for it. He is generous and enjoys giving to everyone. So he will give you wisdom. 
But when you ask God, you must believe. Don’t doubt him. Whoever doubts is like a wave in the sea that is blown up and down by the wind. 
People like that are thinking two different things at the same time. They can never decide what to do. So they should not think they will receive anything from the Lord. 
Believers who are poor should be glad that God considers them so important. 
Believers who are rich should be glad when bad things happen that humble them. Their riches won’t keep them from disappearing as quickly as wildflowers. 
As the sun rises and gets hotter, its heat dries up the plants, and the flowers fall off. The flowers that were so beautiful are now dead. That’s how it is with the rich. While they are still making plans for their business, they will die. 
Great blessings belong to those who are tempted and remain faithful! After they have proved their faith, God will give them the reward of eternal life. God promised this to all people who love him. 


Jul 31

Thank you, Lord, for good people in my life. Thank you for freedom — body, mind, and spirit. Thank you that I am not addicted to any substance, but please help me to be patient and kind to everyone who IS addicted to something. Thank you for beautiful people like Vivian who do their best to reach out and encourage others. And thank you, Lord, for my awesome Mate who helps me to Love you and your people even more! Father, I give you my time, my heart, my mind, my hands, my tongue, my work today. Show me how to be more pleasing to you and more helpful to others. Prune away all the things in my life that do not honor you or move me further along the path that YOU choose for me, Lord. I trust you completely. Lead on, faithful Shepherd! 🙂

Titus 2:1-8 ERV

You, however, must tell everyone how to live in a way that agrees with the true teaching. 
Teach the older men to have self-control, to be serious, and to be wise. They must be strong in faith, in love, and in patience. 
Also, teach the older women to live the way those who serve the Lord should live. They should not go around saying bad things about others or be in the habit of drinking too much. They should teach what is good. 
By doing this they will teach the younger women to love their husbands and children. 
They will teach them to be wise and pure, to take care of their homes, to be kind, and to be willing to serve their husbands. Then no one will be able to criticize the teaching God gave us. 
In the same way, tell the young men to be wise. 
You should be an example for them in every way by the good things you do. When you teach, be honest and serious. 
And your teaching should be clearly right so that you cannot be criticized. Then anyone who is against you will be ashamed. There will not be anything bad they can say about us. 


Jul 30

Good morning, Father!
Yay! This morning it feels like there is a bit of a breakthrough, and I am excited for change and the future! It is only 3 1/2 weeks until my awesome Mate’s momentous 50th birthday, and I feel pretty certain that he will be here by then. I am already starting to mentally prepare for returning to living in the camper with him and continuing our life together. It looks like we may end up staying in this area for a time, and perhaps adopting a little part of my sister’s property as our temporary cozy nook. I am not sure how things will turn out, and what the exact timeframes may be, but no matter what, Thor’s Woods will always feel like a piece of Home to me now. 🙂

Luke 15:1-10 ERV

Many tax collectors and sinners came to listen to Jesus. 
Then the Pharisees and the teachers of the law began to complain, “Look, this man welcomes sinners and even eats with them!” 
Then Jesus told them this story: 
“Suppose one of you has 100 sheep, but one of them gets lost. What will you do? You will leave the other 99 sheep there in the field and go out and look for the lost sheep. You will continue to search for it until you find it. 
And when you find it, you will be very happy. You will carry it 
home, go to your friends and neighbors and say to them, ‘Be happy with me because I found my lost sheep!’ 
In the same way, I tell you, heaven is a happy place when one sinner decides to change. There is more joy for that one sinner than for 99 good people who don’t need to change. 
“Suppose a woman has ten silver coins, but she loses one of them. She will take a light and clean the house. She will look carefully for the coin until she finds it. 
And when she finds it, she will call her friends and neighbors and say to them, ‘Be happy with me because I have found the coin that I lost!’ 
In the same way, it’s a happy time for the angels of God when one sinner decides to change.”

Lord, I thank you for your delight in the lost being found, and I thank you for making a way for us to come Home to you! I thank you that you are bringing my Favorite of ALL your creations Home to ME, and I ask you to intervene in both our lives and situations and help us to accomplish all that you have for us to do before we meet back up and continue our life together. Show us what we need to get done, and give us the wisdom and courage and patience to do everything in your perfect timing. Thank you, faithful Shepherd! Amen.


Jul 29

Good morning, Father.
Lord, this morning my heart is heavy. It is early on Sunday morning and I do NOT want to go to my sister’s church today. I have gone there more times in the last few months than I have been to a church in the last 2 decades combined, yet my “attendance” has been judged harshly by at least one of its members. I cannot believe that the first words this aspiring preacher man spoke to me were so condescending and judgemental. It triggers my rebellion and makes me want to never go there again… or at least not until my Mate can join me. The enemy sure used that man to cast an accurate dart right into me! I am finding it difficult not to just give up on the whole “church” altogether! You see my heart, Lord. You see how close I’ve clung to you since the first few years of my painful life, before I even had a concept of “God” or “church”. You see all the things that have discouraged me from feeling any love and acceptance from people who call themselves “Christians”, and how I have tried to give them another chance these last 14 months or so, ever since I went 2 times to that delightful church in Denton, Texas — which does not even exist any longer. I have never really loved my sister’s church, Lord, because the music and some of the other elements reminds me of the stiff and formal Catholic church I grew up in. Yet I feel your Spirit on the awesome pastor there, and some of those other people, too. I want to fellowship with THEM, but I do not want to endure more of that music, or be judged any more by nearsighted members who quench the Spirit and chase me away with their lack of Love. Lord Jesus, I give my heart and mind and body to you. Please heal this wound inflicted by this man, and encourage me and give me the strength to do Your will. I ask you for a peaceful day alone with You, for healing. And if you want me to go back to my sister’s church next week, I ask you to help me to not be bitter or defensive, but to forgive that man and just be open and loving and focus on You, Father, instead of on the people there who call themselves yours yet lack your Love. Continue to show me what you would have me to do there, Lord, and help me to remain humble and teachable and faithful to YOU. Amen.

Habakkuk 3:1‭-‬6 AMPC

A PRAYER of Habakkuk the prophet, set to wild, enthusiastic, and triumphal music. O Lord, I have heard the report of You and was afraid. O Lord, revive Your work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make [Yourself] known! In wrath [earnestly] remember love, pity, and mercy. God [approaching from Sinai] came from Teman [which represents Edom] and the Holy One from Mount Paran [in the Sinai region]. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]! His glory covered the heavens and the earth was full of His praise. And His brightness was like the sunlight; rays streamed from His hand, and there [in the sunlike splendor] was the hiding place of His power. Before Him went the pestilence [as in Egypt], and burning plague followed His feet [as in Sennacherib’s army]. [Exod. 7:2-4; II Kings 19:32-35.] He stood and measured the earth; He looked and shook the nations, and the eternal mountains were scattered and the perpetual hills bowed low. His ways are everlasting and His goings are of old.

Lord, I feel so much Love for you and so much encouragement and acceptance from you, that I give every ounce of hurt and bitterness I feel for and from that church man to YOU. I ask you to cleanse me, make me pure from those emotions and mental hangups. I cannot cleanse myself of them, Lord. I need YOU to wash me with your Word, fill me with your Love, and protect me with your Faith. I trust you to do it, my faithful Shepherd. You have never let me down. I love you completely, my Lord. Amen.


Jul 26

Good morning, Father!
I think it is kinda kooky how I keep being wide awake at 2am, and sometimes have so much energy for so long that I wonder if I will ever sleep “normally” again! But you just keep on taking care of me, Lord, so I just keep on chuggin’ along, making new stuff faster than I can even put it up online! And my projects just keep growing in number and diversity — WOOT! It is so unbelievably awesome to “create with the Creator” — I can’t wait to see what we make next!! Faithful Shepherd, I dedicate all of the work I create this day to YOU — without whom I would be seriously lacking in every way, every day. Instead, I have the most amazing fun and adventure, even by my little self, on my little laptop, in the wee hours of the morning — heeheehee. 😉

1 Chronicles 16:29-34 ERV

Give the LORD praise worthy of his glory. Come into his presence with your offerings. Worship the LORD in all his holy beauty. 
Everyone on earth should tremble before him! But the world stands firm and cannot be moved. 
Let the heavens rejoice and the earth be happy! Let people everywhere say, “The LORD rules!” 
Let the sea and everything in it shout for joy! Let the fields and everything in them be happy! 
The trees of the forest will sing for joy when they see the LORD, because he is coming to rule the world. 
Give thanks to the LORD because he is good. His faithful love will last forever.

Thank you, Lord, for filling my heart with joy, my hands with busyness, and my mind with peace and hopefulness. Thank you for giving me the amazing blessings of my Mate and my four children, and all the awesome people I can call my friends. Please be very near to my son this weekend as he prepares to leave the country, and please watch over him while he is so very far away. Give him peace that surpasses all understanding, and intervene in his travels so that he reaches all his destinations in time and in good health. Amen.


Jul 24

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for your awesome daily care, your encouragement and strengthening of my body and spirit. Thank you for peace, and thank you so much for all the interactions within my family this week! Thank you for giving me an awesome Mate who can be a strong male role model and encourage my sons to grow and stretch themselves outside their comfort zones, and who can also be such an awesome mediator between people, bringing his own unique version of God-given wisdom to the table. Please help him finish up his tasks there in HOT Texas, and bring him home safely to me in Iowa as soon as your timing provides for it, Lord God. 🙂

Romans 15:3-7 ERV

Even Christ did not live trying to please himself. As the Scriptures say about him, “Those people who insulted you have also insulted me.” 
Everything that was written in the past was written to teach us. Those things were written so that we could have hope. That hope comes from the patience and encouragement that the Scriptures give us. 
All patience and encouragement come from God. And I pray that God will help you all agree with each other, as Christ Jesus wants. 
Then you will all be joined together. And all together you will give glory to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Christ accepted you, so you should accept each other. This will bring honor to God. 

Lord, I thank you for making me such an accepting person, even if it does seem to give me quite a weakness sometimes. There are times when it would be good for me to push someone to change, but instead I just accept them how they are. I know that works very well with my Mate, but sometimes it has not worked as well with my children or with others I’ve lived with. So Father, I offer this character trait up to you and ask you to mold it however you see fit. Grow me, Lord. Prune away the things in my life and in my heart that do not serve you, and help me to accept with joy all the provisions you supply and modifications you build in me. I trust you completely, faithful Shepherd!

Father, I also thank you for so VERY many opportunities to “create with the Creator” lately! Thank you for keeping me so very busy that I barely even notice the passage of time. Thank you for all the new videos I’ve been creating, and ideas I’ve been getting for new visuals and interactives for ALL my sites! Lord Jesus, I give my work to you. You bring the increase, and you are my Provider. Please use my work to touch others’ lives in a positive way, and please keep growing me into something pleasing to you. Amen. 😀

Thank you, Father, for helping me make my FIRST promotional video, with such FUN transformations, heehee! I give this project to you as well, Lord.