Dec 8

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for giving me my marching orders this morning — “commissioning” my next art works, as well as my next digital Spanish product. You are so good to me, giving me work to do, and a direction to pursue! Truly you are faithful and kind. Thank you, Shepherd! Please help me to be faithful to YOU, and not let you down. Make my heart full of courage and faith, and do not let me be distracted by my human reasoning — or anyone else’s criticisms or opinions. Help me to be humble enough to learn from others, but to only be truly guided by YOU, my trustworthy Master. Amen!

Psalm 119:18-20, 29-37 ERV

Open my eyes so that I can see all the wonderful things in your teachings.
I feel like a stranger visiting here on earth. I need to know your commands. Don’t keep them hidden from me.
I constantly feel a hunger to understand your laws.
Don’t let me live a lie. Guide me with your teachings.
I have chosen to be loyal to you. I respect your laws.
I follow your rules closely, LORD. Don’t let me be put to shame.
I do my best to follow your commands, because you are the one who gives me the desire.
LORD, teach me your laws, and I will always follow them.
Help me understand your teachings, and I will follow them. Obeying them will be my greatest desire.
Help me follow your commands, because that makes me happy.
Give me the desire to follow your rules, not the desire to get rich.
Don’t let me look at worthless things. Help me live your way.

Father, I thank you for your abundance of blessing, especially the joy and hope in my heart. Thank you for working with my husband, and for protecting my children. Thank you for restoring a measure of joy and hope to my friend in New York. That is so awesome, thank you!! Please bless those who read this blog, hear their prayers and heal their hearts. Amen! 😀


Dec 7

Hello, Father!
Thank you for helping me get so much done yesterday, and thank you for encouraging me to sleep in today so my body does not succumb to the respiratory troubles floating around here lately. Thank you for the kindness of my husband, making me peppermint tea — which actually helped quite a bit! Thank you for conversations and mutual encouragements with other artists from all over the world, and thank you for allowing me to live in this modern era where it is possible to reach out to others across thousands of miles, and feel connected and part of a huge network of people with similar interests. Father, please continue to prune things out of my life and my heart that will get in the way of your work in me. Help me to let go of my pride and my self-defensive attitude, and just be open and honest and trust YOU to protect me and be my awesome faithful Shepherd. Amen!

Micah 5 ERV

Now strong city, gather your soldiers! They are surrounding us for the attack! They will hit the Judge of Israel on the cheek with a stick.
But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, are the smallest town in Judah. Your family is almost too small to count, but the “Ruler of Israel” will come from you to rule for me. His beginnings are from ancient times, from long, long ago.
The Lord will let his people be defeated until the woman gives birth to her child, the promised king. Then the rest of his brothers will come back to join the people of Israel.
He will begin to rule Israel in the power of the LORD. Like a shepherd, he will lead his people in the wonderful name of the LORD his God. And they will live in safety because then his greatness will be known all over the world.
He will bring a time of peace. Yes, the Assyrian army will come into our country and march through our land. But we have plenty of leaders we can send against them.
With swords in hand our leaders will defeat the Assyrians and rule the land of Nimrod. They will save us from the Assyrians when they come into our land and march through our territory.
But those from Jacob who are still living and scattered among the nations will be like dew from the LORD that does not depend on anyone. They will be like rain on the grass that does not wait for anyone.
Those from Jacob who are still living are scattered among the nations. But they will be like a lion among the animals in the forest. They will be like a young lion among flocks of sheep. If the lion passes through, he goes where he wants to go. If he attacks an animal, no one can save it. The survivors will be like that.
You will lift your hand against your enemies, and you will destroy them.
The LORD says, “At that time I will take away your horses, and I will destroy your chariots.
I will destroy the cities in your country. I will pull down all your fortresses.
You will no longer try to do magic. You will have no more fortunetellers.
I will destroy your statues of false gods. I will pull down your memorial stones. You will not worship what your hands have made.
I will destroy the Asherah poles and your false gods.
Some nations will not listen to me, but I will show my anger and get my revenge.”

Lord, you are mighty enough to slay entire nations, yet you are merciful enough to seek a single sheep that has wandered off. You give your people chance after chance to hear you and to follow, and your heart is always willing to help those who truly seek you, who truly believe that you WANT to help and that you CAN. Thank you for showing me, in the wee hours of this morning, that the main purpose of my life — and perhaps of any human life — is to go through the often decades-long process of learning your voice and surrendering to your will — with cheerfulness. In short, the most important thing for me to do, above all else in this life, is to learn how to be a good sheep, to follow the greatest Shepherd of all. And to completely and utterly TRUST you — to BELIEVE the One I believe IN! And Father, I thank you that you have given me further guidance, beyond that overarching goal. “Make my art and make my things (digital products, etc), and encourage others in theirs.” That is ENOUGH. Thank you, Shepherd, for giving me a glimpse of where I am at, and what I need to do to be faithful to YOU. Amen! 😀


Dec 6

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for the joy in my heart this morning! Thank you for HOPE! Thank you for helping me feel less pressured, more caught up, more FREE! Father, I give you this day, my time, my hands, my mind. Please show me how to use my resources to serve you and to accomplish your will for me. Guide me in the next step of my art and my digital work, and whatever else you would have me to do. Help me to serve my family and your people wisely and kindly, and be a good example and a comfort and encouragement to everyone I meet. Amen!

2 Corinthians 2:5-11 ERV

Someone in your group has caused sadness–not to me, but to all of you. I mean he has caused sadness to all in some way. (I don’t want to make it sound worse than it really is.)
The punishment that most of your group gave him is enough for him.
But now you should forgive him and encourage him. This will keep him from having too much sadness and giving up completely.
So I beg you to show him that you love him.
This is why I wrote to you. I wanted to test you and see if you obey in everything.
If you forgive someone, then I also forgive them. And what I have forgiven–if I had anything to forgive–I forgave it for you, and Christ was with me.
I did this so that Satan would not win anything from us. We know very well what his plans are.

Proverbs 6:16-19 ERV

The LORD hates these seven things:
eyes that show pride, tongues that tell lies, hands that kill innocent people,
hearts that plan evil things to do, feet that run to do evil,
witnesses in court who tell lies, and anyone who causes family members to fight.

Father, I ask you to help your people to more easily forgive and let things GO. Help us all to give our sorrows to you, and allow you to heal our wounds. Show us that we do not need to hold onto ANY wrongs that are done against us, but can let them all go and make room for YOUR righteous anger. You will protect us, and you will avenge us in your own good timing. Help us all to move forward, trusting you and letting go of anything that threatens to hold us back, chained to the past by our own refusal to submit to you and your Word. Shine the healing light of your Truth upon our broken hearts, and give us peace and HOPE. Amen! 😀


Dec 5

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for your patient care. Thank you for helping me through the panic attacks this morning, for enabling me to just get up and take a shower and let you protect me. Thank you that I will not ALWAYS be helpless before my own changing hormones, that some day they will level out and I will be in a new season of my life, more free. Father, I thank you for the constant reminders you supply, of your Word and of your Faithfulness. It would be so easy to look around and lose heart, as we have NO transportation, and NO way to climb out of this trap of poverty. I feel I have no hope of living in a CLEAN house, but am doomed to live in shameful clutter-ville forever. But, so what? My husband is kind to me, and he loves you as well. I have joy in my heart and peace of mind and an unexplainable HOPE that walks with me everywhere I go. I wouldn’t trade these treasures for any amount of financial stability, as they are so much more rare and precious. I am truly blessed! I am rich beyond measure, for I have LOVE.

1 Timothy 6:17-19 ERV

Give this command to those who are rich with the things of this world. Tell them not to be proud. Tell them to hope in God, not their money. Money cannot be trusted, but God takes care of us richly. He gives us everything to enjoy.
Tell those who are rich to do good–to be rich in good works. And tell them they should be happy to give and ready to share.
By doing this, they will be saving up a treasure for themselves. And that treasure will be a strong foundation on which their future life will be built. They will be able to have the life that is true life.

Father, I’ve never been rich or anywhere remotely close to it. However, you have still allowed me to give to others in so many ways. When I had an extra car, I gave it away instead of selling it. When I moved from my old trailer (which was in a LOT better shape than this one, lol), I gave that away as well. And I spend most of my days giving away my time — to my husband and children, to my art that has given NO return yet, to all the teachers and homeschool families all over the world who have benefitted from the thousands of pages of freebies and super-low-cost printable educational materials I’ve created over the last 12+ years. I have no fear that you will abandon me, Lord. You will continue to take awesome care of me in your way, in your timing. Thank you for being so very faithful, Shepherd!


Dec 4

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for helping me through such a brainless day yesterday, just taking it easy and enjoying being caught up on things. Father, please help me to be patient and kind and supportive today. Please motivate my husband into action, getting his things listed that he wants to sell to get up enough money toward having transportation again. Father, we are both feeling a bit lost, not knowing what the next step will be. We know our time in this shanty trailer is coming to an end, but we do not have a next place to go yet. Please guide us forward, Holy Spirit. Prepare the way and lead us on the path. Help us to be faithful and keep looking to you for guidance, and help us to be humble enough to choose your way over what we each THINK we should do. Amen!

Hebrews 13:20 ERV

I pray that the God of peace will give you every good thing you need so that you can do what he wants. God is the one who raised from death our Lord Jesus, the Great Shepherd of his sheep. He raised him because Jesus sacrificed his blood to begin the new agreement that never ends. I pray that God will work through Jesus Christ to do the things in us that please him. To him be glory forever. Amen.

Wow, that is an awesome prayer! There are not tooooo many single verses in the Bible that have THAT much in them. Lord, I also pray that you give us everything we need so that we may do what you want us to do. And I likewise pray that you continue your work in us to do the things that please you. Thank you for the glory that is your son, and for allowing your children to give you glory as well. Amen!

2 Thessalonians 3:3 ERV

But the Lord is faithful. He will give you strength and protect you from the Evil One.

Lord, that is what I FEEL like I need most right now — strength and protection. I feel rather vulnerable, with my hormones making my head all fuzzy, not able to think clearly. It takes a fairly large amount of effort just to write these words, trying to find the right way to say things, hoping I am making sense but never quite sure. Things seem disconnected, like loose wires dangling everywhere, live wires that keep shocking me — ooops, wrong way! Ooops, wrong way again! Father, please help me to be more still and just look to you to show me where to walk, where to plant my feet for each step through this day. Amen.


Dec 3

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you so much for your awesomely patient and enduring care! Thank you for helping me past bad dreams last night, without any ill effect this morning. Thank you for helping me be patient and longsuffering and upbeat. Thank you for all the massive progress yesterday, finally being caught up on my artwork, having all the best of what I’ve made so far — up to what was completed this very week — up on Etsy and No Wrong Art (and Patreon and DeviantArt and FoundMyself)… WOOT! It feels nice to be current, up to date, ready to make NEW art and able to post it any time without feeling bad for not having other, older stuff posted. Yay! Freedom! Ready to EXPAND and GROW!! 😀

2 Timothy 1:6-7 ERV

That is why I want you to remember the gift God gave you. God gave you that gift when I laid my hands on you. Now I want you to use that gift and let it grow more and more, like a small flame grows into a fire.
The Spirit God gave us does not make us afraid. His Spirit is a source of power and love and self-control.

Lord, I can feel my hormones starting to whack out a bit again. It is getting harder to think, to concentrate, to focus. I thank you for what I accomplished this week — all the work on Spanish and art and other things. All the walking, good exercise, making use of the last truly warm days, perhaps, of this year. Please help me to remember that even when my hormones go crazy, when my 2 or 3 month pre-menopause cycle is at its craziest, that YOU are still the same, still stabilizing me, covering my weakness, guiding and protecting me. I may FEEL crazy, but I am not. You gave me a sound mind, able to remain in control. Just like the second verse above declares. Thank you for being so faithful and able to be counted upon, Lord!

Father, I want to use the gifts that you gave me. I do not know what you have in my near and distant future, but I want to be faithful to YOUR plan for me. Please continue to nurture the seeds you have planted in me, Lord, pruning away all the garbage inside me that are like weeds, threatening to choke the fruitful plants you have growing in the garden that is my life. Thank you for your abundant water and sunshine, Shepherd! Show me how to be more pleasing to you. Amen!


Dec 2

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for all the awesome walks lately — six walks in 3 days and over 5 1/2 miles yesterday alone! WOOT! I feel good, knowing I have made good use of the sunshine and the last part of the warm weather this season. Thank you for helping me use the weather wisely, Lord — even having a photo shoot outside on the porch a couple times, taking pics of my most recently completed artworks in the natural light. Thank you so much for giving my friend in New York some joy yesterday, and thank you for keeping my husband’s head up. Please motivate him into ACTION today, so he can start to feel better. Amen!

Jude 1:20-25 ERV

But you, dear friends, use your most holy faith to build yourselves up even stronger. Pray with the help of the Holy Spirit.
Keep yourselves safe in God’s love, as you wait for the Lord Jesus Christ in his mercy to give you eternal life.
Help those who have doubts.
Rescue those who are living in danger of hell’s fire. There are others you should treat with mercy, but be very careful that their filthy lives don’t rub off on you.
God is strong and can keep you from falling. He can bring you before his glory without any wrong in you and give you great joy.
He is the only God, the one who saves us. To him be glory, greatness, power, and authority through Jesus Christ our Lord for all time past, now, and forever. Amen.

Father, I thank you for all your awesome care! Thank you for my dear friend in New York and thank you for my awesome husband and children, Lord. Thank you for the time I had with my Tiny Friend, who has been gone now almost half a year. He was an amazing testament to your goodness and a wonderful example of faithfulness and forgiveness and courage. I still get a little teary-eyed to write about him, but I value the lessons he taught me and the love he gave us all. Father, please help me in my work today. I want to reach out and encourage others in new ways. I want to provide resources and a bit of encouraging guidance to whomever you will put before me, Lord. I pray that you “expand my territory” and extend my reach, Father. Guide both my husband and myself into a new season of our lives, where we can help others in new ways. Thank you, most awesome Shepherd!


Dec 1

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for enthusiasm and HOPE! Thank you for taking such awesome care of me, always giving me ENOUGH to make it, and even to be encouraged! Father, I feel sad that my husband and my friend in New York are struggling so hard, sometimes barely holding on. My husband will seem cheerful, then say something like this year has been the absolute WORST in the last decade or so…! But I just cannot see it, Lord. In my little hope-filled eyes, YOU haven’t changed, so how can things be bad? Yes, I have not had a car almost this entire year — and that’s the first time that’s happened since I was 15. And yes, we don’t have any transportation other than a truck that barely makes it a few blocks to the grocery store and back. And yes, we live in a trailer that is literally falling apart — the toilet could collapse through the floor any day, and there are already holes in the floor — soft spots in the carpet — that you sink through if you step directly on it. And I don’t have any contacts left, so I am wearing the same daily lenses over and over, day after day and week after week. And my bras and shirts are all tattered and raggedy. And maybe we don’t have enough money for bills… but somehow, at this moment, even after listing all those “horrible and depressing” things, I feel just fine. It really doesn’t matter. Because you are faithful, Lord. You ALWAYS provide a way! Whether you send people to buy things we have for sale, or you give my husband work and a way to get there, or you give me sales on my websites or for my art — no matter what, we WILL BE just fine. Because we always are. Why lose hope? And yes, I know, I will have my own moments when I crumple and get nervous. But they do not last. Because the birds still sing, the breeze still blows, I still have electricity and warmth, and the Holy Spirit is still within me, reminding me of all the times my faithful Shepherd has come through, even at the last minute, to make sure I have everything I need. Even when I was a small abused child only 5 years old, and all I had was the joy in my heart and a true appreciation for nature, God made that be ENOUGH to sustain me. He put love inside me, even when I didn’t receive one kind word or look or touch from another human. I had the trees, and soft canine fur to snuggle against. He provided all my needs then, and He will again today. And tomorrow. And ALL my tomorrows. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, faithful Shepherd! Thank you for your promise and your hope. Amen.

Romans 4:18-22 ERV

There was no hope that Abraham would have children, but Abraham believed God and continued to hope. And that is why he became the father of many nations. As God told him, “You will have many descendants.”
Abraham was almost a hundred years old, so he was past the age for having children. Also, Sarah could not have children. Abraham was well aware of this, but his faith in God never became weak.
He never doubted that God would do what he promised. He never stopped believing. In fact, he grew stronger in his faith and just praised God.
Abraham felt sure that God was able to do what he promised.
So that’s why “he was accepted as one who is right with God.”

Thank you, Lord, for the examples of hope and faith you have given us in the lives of Abraham, David, Job, and others. Please encourage my husband and my dear friend in New York, and all others whom you love who really need a dose of HOPE. Let your Holy Spirit remind them that they do not need to believe in themselves — or even that you love and care for them, personally. All they need to believe in is your faithfulness and your goodness. Lead them to your Word to read about your promises, Lord, and teach them how to be humble and grateful and trust in you. Amen!


Nov 30

Hello, Lord!
Thank you for the 2 nice walks again yesterday, and thank you for helping me to make the best of these last days close to 70 degrees! Thank you for giving me something to do outside as the sun went down, and thank you for encouraging me in my art again. Father, I ask that you move my husband today, show him a stepping stone, and give him the motivation to do it. Help him to get past his discouragement into ACTION! I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but I know you have been teaching me how to just do something, anything, to get myself OUT of the blues — although my blues just don’t seem to ever last very long, anyways. Thank you for making me cheerful and optimistic, Father!

1 Peter 4:1-10 ERV

Christ suffered while he was in his body. So you should strengthen yourselves with the same kind of thinking Christ had. The one who accepts suffering in this life has clearly decided to stop sinning.
Strengthen yourselves so that you will live your lives here on earth doing what God wants, not the evil things that people want to do.
In the past you wasted too much time doing what those who don’t know God like to do. You were living immoral lives, doing the evil things you wanted to do. You were always getting drunk, having wild drinking parties, and doing shameful things in your worship of idols.
Now those “friends” think it is strange that you no longer join them in all the wild and wasteful things they do. And so they say bad things about you.
But they will have to face God to explain what they have done. He is the one who will soon judge everyone–those who are still living and those who have died.
Some were told the Good News before they died. They were criticized by others in their life here on earth. But it was God’s plan that they hear the Good News so that they could have a new life through the Spirit.
The time is near when all things will end. So keep your minds clear, and control yourselves. This will help you in your prayers.
Most important of all, love each other deeply, because love makes you willing to forgive many sins.
Open your homes to each other and share your food without complaining.
God has shown you his grace in many different ways. So be good servants and use whatever gift he has given you in a way that will best serve each other.

Lord, I want to spend my time doing the things that YOU would have me to do. I know of so many things that I THINK I need to do, that they could fill many, many days. And I THINK I know what I need to focus on today. But Lord, I invite you into my day, into my plans, into my productivity, into my time. I invite you to show me whatever I need to let go of, and what I truly DO need to focus on and pay attention to — according to YOUR plan for me. Thank you for your intimate care and patience, Shepherd. Amen!


Nov 29

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you for two awesome walks yesterday, in the morning and again in the evening! Thank you for the nice cool weather we’re having, staying in the 50s and 60s. Thank you for helping me prepare for even colder weather, down into the 30s! Please encourage me to try walking even when it gets colder, and help me to figure out how to keep warm and comfortable. Thank you, Father, for the peace in the house, and for establishing healing and joy. Please guide my husband today, show him a next stepping stone, to cross the bridge out of our severe financial difficulties. Help us to obtain transportation again, so that my husband can work. Please bring people to our house, looking to purchase our items for sale, if that is the way you have provided for us, Lord. Thank you for helping my heart to let go of things I THOUGHT I needed, when all I really DO need is YOU. Thank you, kind Shepherd!

Hebrews 6:10-19 ERV

God is fair, and he will remember all the work you have done. He will remember that you showed your love to him by helping his people and that you continue to help them.
We want each of you to be willing and eager to show your love like that the rest of your life. Then you will be sure to get what you hope for.
We don’t want you to be lazy. We want you to be like those who, because of their faith and patience, will get what God has promised.
God made a promise to Abraham. And there is no one greater than God, so he made the promise with an oath in his own name–an oath that he would do what he promised.
He said, “I will surely bless you. I will give you many descendants.”
Abraham waited patiently for this to happen, and later he received what God promised.
People always use the name of someone greater than themselves to make a promise with an oath. The oath proves that what they say is true, and there is no more arguing about it.
God wanted to prove that his promise was true. He wanted to prove this to those who would get what he promised. He wanted them to understand clearly that his purposes never change. So God said something would happen, and he proved what he said by adding an oath.
These two things cannot change: God cannot lie when he says something, and he cannot lie when he makes an oath. So these two things are a great help to us who have come to God for safety. They encourage us to hold on to the hope that is ours.
This hope is like an anchor for us.
It is strong and sure and keeps us safe. It goes behind the curtain.

Father, I ask you to remember the work my husband has done, all the mercy and patience and diligence he has shown, especially this last year. Please keep before you all the times he COULD have just finished what he was required to do and left, but instead stayed long hours to make sure the customer was happy — even when he KNEW he wasn’t going to get paid for it. Please remember his love for you, Father, and shower your mercy upon him now, according to your will and purpose. Give him hope to hold on to, and a goal to strive toward. Guide him and nurture him, Shepherd. Amen!


Nov 28

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for healing and restoration — and SLEEP! Thank you for getting my son home safely and for keeping peace in the home the entire Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for working with me and my husband on our own issues individually and together, and thank you for the nice opportunity to witness to my daughter as well. Thank you for making my husband’s truck strong enough to drive the few blocks to the store and back again, and please guide my husband and me in how to raise enough money to get transportation again — and still to pay the bills. Thank you, Shepherd.

Hebrews 10:14-22 ERV

With one sacrifice Christ made his people perfect forever. They are the ones who are being made holy.
The Holy Spirit also tells us about this. First he says,
“This is the agreement I will make with my people in the future, says the Lord. I will put my laws in their hearts. I will write my laws in their minds.”
Then he says, “I will forget their sins and never again remember the evil they have done.”
And after everything is forgiven, there is no more need for a sacrifice to pay for sins.
And so, brothers and sisters, we are completely free to enter the Most Holy Place. We can do this without fear because of the blood sacrifice of Jesus.
We enter through a new way that Jesus opened for us. It is a living way that leads through the curtain–Christ’s body.
And we have a great priest who rules the house of God.
Sprinkled with the blood of Christ, our hearts have been made free from a guilty conscience, and our bodies have been washed with pure water. So come near to God with a sincere heart, full of confidence because of our faith in Christ.

Father, I know that you value our reverence, our humility before you and respect for your awesome Power and Authority. Without that, we cannot be wise. I also know that you value boldness, for you want us to know you and believe your Word enough to ACT on it and act like we truly believe what it says. You want us to come boldly before you, accepting your forgiveness that you provided through your Son. I pray that you strengthen our hearts and help us to be bold before you. Help us to lay down our own guilt on the altar of our hearts and let it GO! Help us to walk free of our own failures, refusing to let the things of the past rob us of what you have for us NOW and in the future. Help us to see that guilt and shame are just tools of the enemy — and that YOU desire us to use the way you have provided, to step free of those shackles and tread freely on the mountain paths you have established for us. Amen!


Nov 27

Good morning, Father.
Lord, I am drained pretty dry. I’ve poured myself out and it wasn’t too much until it was too late. I tried to reach out to you for hours, but I just wasn’t big enough, strong enough, Lord, to let YOUR help be ENOUGH. I failed you, reaching out for human support in desperation, and it backfired on me badly. I thank you for the nature shows I have to watch, to gather enough comfort to keep going, to keep giving, to keep trying. Please forgive me, Father, and let my son’s last 5 hours with his family be blessed and peaceful. Don’t let him be affected by either mine or my husband’s foolishness. Protect his heart, Lord. Strengthen him for his return to military life. Please bring awesome loving people into each of my children’s lives, Father. Don’t let them feel all alone. Thank you, Shepherd.

Isaiah 54:5-10 ERV

Your real husband is the one who made you. His name is the LORD All-Powerful. The Holy One of Israel is your Protector, and he is the God of all the earth!
“Like a woman whose husband has left her, you were very sad. You were like a young wife left all alone. But the LORD has called you back to him.” This is what your God says.
“For a short time I turned away from you, but with all my love I will welcome you again.
I was so angry that for a while I did not want to see you. But now I want to comfort you with kindness forever.” The LORD your Savior said this.
“Remember, in Noah’s time I punished the world with the flood. But I made a promise to Noah that I would never again destroy the world with water. In the same way, I promise that I will never again be angry with you and say bad things to you.
The mountains may disappear, and the hills may become dust, but my faithful love will never leave you. I will make peace with you, and it will never end.” The LORD who loves you said this.

Thank you, Lord, for your faithful love. Let it sustain me and let it remake me into a strong vessel for you. Let us each grow in wisdom and in a greater understanding and appreciation of you and your ways. Help us to look to YOU, knowing without a doubt that you are faithful and will guide us and nurture us. Help me to allow you to be ENOUGH, Lord. Help me to be a wise sheep and not foolishly think that I know what I need. Sheep cannot feed sheep. Only the Shepherd can do that. And even if another sheep kicks you in the face and trips you up, thanks to the Shepherd we still can have peace — as long as we go to the Shepherd for our help and healing.


Nov 26

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for helping me get some good sleep at last, yet getting up early enough to have my shower and morning tasks complete before most everyone else is up and moving about. Thank you for getting my middle son home safely yesterday — the first use of Uber services within our family, and certain not to be the last, lol. Thank you for allowing my husband’s truck to limp to the nearby restaurant yesterday, to allow my youngest son to treat the family to lunch — another first! 😀 Thank you, Lord, for the growth that each of my children — and even myself and my husband — are making, according to your purpose and plan. Please let your peace continue to rule in our midst these last couple days that my youngest son is visiting. Please be with him as he walks and does his soul-searching or whatever deep thinking he performs while he’s outdoors so long. Help him to really see and know that he is loved and accepted and cared for deeply by his family. Help him to have a restorative experience of HOME before he returns to his base.

Ezekiel 36:21-30 ERV

“The people of Israel ruined my holy name wherever they went, and I felt sorry for my name.
So tell the family of Israel that this is what the Lord GOD says: ‘Family of Israel, you ruined my holy name in the places where you went. I am going to do something to stop this. I will not do it for your sake, Israel. I will do it for my holy name.
I will show the nations how holy my great name really is. You ruined my good name in those nations! But I will show you that I am holy. I will make you respect my name, and then those nations will know that I am the LORD.'” This is what the Lord GOD said.
“I will take you out of those nations, gather you together, and bring you back to your own land.
Then I will sprinkle pure water on you and make you pure. I will wash away all your filth, the filth from those nasty idols, and I will make you pure.
I will also put a new spirit in you to change your way of thinking. I will take out the heart of stone from your body and give you a tender, human heart.
I will put my Spirit inside you and change you so that you will obey my laws. You will carefully obey my commands.
Then you will live in the land that I gave to your ancestors. You will be my people, and I will be your God.
Also, I will save you and keep you from becoming unclean. I will command the grain to grow. I will not bring a famine against you.
I will give you large crops of fruit from your trees and the harvest from your fields so that you will never again feel the shame of being hungry in a foreign country.

Lord, it appears to me that your holy name has been ruined for my children in many ways, and most especially for my youngest son. I pray that you intervene and restore your Holy Name with each of them — show them how great you truly are! 😥 You know my heart, you see my longing and my great desire for each of my children to come to know you personally, Father. Please show me how to be a better example of your Love and help me to reflect You more accurately, so that I do not contribute to any further defiling of your name. Father, please open up the wellspring of your mercy upon my youngest son, help him to forgive and let go of anything in his past that still weighs him down, and help him to walk free and unencumbered into his future, knowing and loving and trusting You. Call to him, Lord Jesus. Please protect his heart and mind and body and spirit, Shepherd. Amen! 😀


Nov 25

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for the gift of having 3 of my 4 children here in my home with me, and having time to talk to the fourth on the phone yesterday! Thank you for giving us a peaceful Thanksgiving Day, and thank you for keeping us all safe and in good health. Please help me now, as I list all my ready-to-sell artworks on Craigslist and Offer Up, along with some of my husband’s items for sale, and if it be your will, please bring people to our house to buy things from us, so we can raise enough money to get my husband’s truck fixed and still be able to pay rent. Father, I thank you for all you have already done for us. I feel truly blessed! I trust you completely, and I have no other expectations other than to remain your loyal servant. Amen!

Hebrews 11:1-6 ERV

Faith is what makes real the things we hope for. It is proof of what we cannot see.
God was pleased with the people who lived a long time ago because they had faith like this.
Faith helps us understand that God created the whole world by his command. This means that the things we see were made by something that cannot be seen.
Cain and Abel both offered sacrifices to God. But Abel offered a better sacrifice to God because he had faith. God said he was pleased with what Abel offered. And so God called him a good man because he had faith. Abel died, but through his faith he is still speaking.
Enoch was carried away from this earth, so he never died. The Scriptures tell us that before he was carried off, he was a man who pleased God. Later, no one knew where he was, because God had taken Enoch to be with him. This all happened because he had faith.
Without faith no one can please God. Whoever comes to God must believe that he is real and that he rewards those who sincerely try to find him.

Lord, I thank you for the amazing amount of faith you have granted me throughout my life, from the days of abuse and singing to you (as “He who owns all this” — the Creator) when I was only 4 and 5 years old, through to this very week when my husband’s truck broke down and I am still able to be cheerful and light and supportive and sooooo hopeful…! Thank you, Father, for your awesome care and patience with me and my husband and my children! Thank you for caring for all your Sheep, including my dear friend in New York. Please bless us all with your mercy and peace today, Lord, and help us cling fast to the faith you have given us. Let your will and your Word breathe your Life into us this day. Amen and amen! 😀


Nov 24

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you for getting both of my sons here safely and for giving all four sibs time to talk on the phone already on this cozy Thanksgiving Day! Thank you for the peace so far, and for helping me stay calm and get Thomas in the oven and even having a new stuffing pan that worked out great and cooled the stuffing better so that I wasn’t burning my hands with hot stuffing, lol. Thank you for reminding me to slow down and breathe and keep looking to you. And thank you for hope and peace and joy that passes all understanding.

Hebrews 13:5-8 ERV

Keep your lives free from the love of money. And be satisfied with what you have. God has said, “I will never leave you; I will never run away from you.”
So we can feel sure and say, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. People can do nothing to me.”
Remember your leaders. They taught God’s message to you. Remember how they lived and died, and copy their faith.
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Lord, I thank you for the beginnings of understanding how you never change. I am curious how that works. You were in the garden of Gethsemane, agonizing. You were on the mountain, transfigured. And now you are with the Father, preparing a place for us. And your Spirit is with us, comforting, teaching, guiding — making life possible. Yet in all these and so many more seemingly contrasting situations and roles, you are the SAME. Not just now, but for all time. I am amazed, I am in awe, and I am praying that you show me more, my Lord. Thank you, Faithful Shepherd!


Nov 23

Hello, Father!
Thank you so much for how smoothly all the Thanksgiving preparations have gone so far, Lord. Thank you for getting my husband’s truck home safely, parked in the driveway alongside my own non-working vehicle. Please guide my husband what to do for transportation — open the right doors and close the right doors, so that we can be sure to follow your plan. Father, I ask that you be with my youngest son today as he gets himself to the airport near his base, then from the airport near me to our front door. Please help him find good transportation and not be overly stressed about it. Please let it be an opportunity for growth on his part, navigating through airports on his own. What an adventure! 😀

2 John 1:1-6 ERV

Greetings from the Elder. To the lady chosen by God and to her children. I truly love all of you. And I am not the only one. All those who know the truth love you in the same way.
We love you because of the truth–the truth that lives in us. That truth will be with us forever.
Grace, mercy, and peace will be with us from God the Father and from his Son, Jesus Christ, as we live in truth and love.
I was very happy to learn about some of your children. I am happy that they are following the way of truth, just as the Father commanded us.
And now, dear lady, I tell you: We should all love each other. This is not a new command. It is the same command we had from the beginning.
And loving means living the way he commanded us to live. And God’s command is this: that you live a life of love. You heard this command from the beginning.

Lord, I thank you for my awesome children! I thank you for continuing to teach me how to live in love and truth and obedience to you. Father, I ask that you bless these next few days with my family. Let your peace be here in this house, and don’t let any of us give room to the enemy and his division and corruption. Let your love and joy be here with us, as your Spirit is within us. Let your grace, mercy, and peace be with us, just as in the verses above. Thank you, mightly Lord! Thank you, kind Shepherd. Amen!


Nov 22

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for giving me the stamina to complete the literally on-my-knees work all day yesterday, and thank you for keeping my spirits up despite all the difficulties and despairing circumstances. Please guide my husband what to do with his truck, how to get it home, and how to get transportation once again. Father, I thank you that my sons can take taxis — and even Uber — to get here for Thanksgiving, and I ask you to please bless this week with the presence of your Spirit. Please comfort my heart, Lord, as I give you my pride, my shame, my fears, and my sorrows. Help me to stay prepared and ready for anything through constant prayer and thankfulness. I really need the transformative power of thanksgiving during this year’s Thanksgiving week!! 😛

Colossians 4:2 ERV (just to remind myself!)

Never stop praying. Be ready for anything by praying and being thankful.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 ERV

Always be full of joy.
Never stop praying.
Whatever happens, always be thankful. This is how God wants you to live in Christ Jesus.

Colossians 3:15-17 ERV

Let the peace that Christ gives control your thinking. It is for peace that you were chosen to be together in one body. And always be thankful.
Let the teaching of Christ live inside you richly. Use all wisdom to teach and counsel each other. Sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with thankfulness in your hearts to God.
Everything you say and everything you do should be done for Jesus your Lord. And in all you do, give thanks to God the Father through Jesus.


Nov 21

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you so much for the awesome peace and joy in my heart this morning! Thank you for hope and motivation and enthusiasm! Father, please be with my husband and daughter today, already broken down on their way to help my husband’s father. Now he is on his way to help them! Lord, I lift this situation up to you and ask you to intervene. Make things turn out even better than expected. Help my husband to have peace and keep trusting you. Please protect my father-in-law, my husband, and my daughter as they wait to get the truck repaired. Give them all strength inside and out, and let there be a peaceful fellowship among them. Open and close all the right doors so that your will be done. Amen!

3 John 1:2-8 ERV

My dear friend, I know that you are doing well spiritually. So I pray that everything else is going well with you and that you are enjoying good health.
Some believers came and told me about the truth in your life. They told me that you continue to follow the way of truth. This made me very happy.
It always gives me the greatest joy when I hear that my children are following the way of truth.
My dear friend, it is good that you continue to help the believers. They are people you don’t even know.
They told the church about the love you have. Please help them to continue their trip. Help them in a way that will please God.
They went on their trip to serve Christ. They did not accept any help from people who are not believers.
So we should help them. When we help them, we share with their work for the truth.

Lord, my husband left on a trip this morning to help his father, and they are both your beloved children. I pray that you send them help from within your church, in whatever format they need. Take care of them like the awesome Shepherd you are, and please make it so that my husband can still give the help that he set out to give. Bless us all with your peace and the awesome enduring comfort of your Spirit, Lord. Amen.

Father, again I lift my friend in New York up to you and I ask you to give her whatever measure of peace and joy that she will accept and allow to help her. Touch her sorrow with your healing balm and lift her spirits with the joy of your presence. Rescue her, Lord. Be her eternal husband, comforting her with your faithful promise, never leaving nor forsaking her, and always ready to help her when she calls out to you. Amen. Thank you, Shepherd! 😀


Nov 20

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for the strength and positive attitude I’ve had these last couple days while surrounded by much despair. This morning, it feels like it is cascading in on my heart, threatening to suffocate me. But you are my breath, Lord, and I trust you to sustain me. Please help me to keep thinking of things I can be grateful for, all the little things that are not bad about my life. Thank you for my art and my art wall, and the ability to climb up on the table and hang things I’ve made where I can see them and be encouraged. Thank you for all my awesome books, and all the videos on the Great Courses Plus for me to watch and learn! Thank you for giving me a heart that leans more toward gratitude than bitterness. Thank you for giving me a love of learning and a deep appreciation for your creation.

Psalm 62 ERV

To the director, Jeduthun. A song of David. I must calm down and turn to God; only he can rescue me.
He is my Rock, the only one who can save me. He is my high place of safety, where no army can defeat me.
How long will you people attack me? Do you all want to kill me? I am like a leaning wall, like a fence ready to fall.
You want only to destroy me, to bring me down from my important position. It makes you happy to tell lies about me. In public, you say nice things, but in private, you curse me. Selah
I must calm down and turn to God; he is my only hope.
He is my Rock, the only one who can save me. He is my high place of safety, where no army can defeat me.
My victory and honor come from God. He is the mighty Rock, where I am safe.
People, always put your trust in God! Tell him all your problems. God is our place of safety. Selah
People cannot really help. You cannot depend on them. Compared to God, they are nothing– no more than a gentle puff of air!
Don’t trust in your power to take things by force. Don’t think you will gain anything by stealing. And if you become wealthy, don’t put your trust in riches.
God says there is one thing you can really depend on, and I believe it: “Strength comes from God!”
My Lord, your love is real. You reward all people for what they do.

Lord, I feel a bit faint, weary, worn down. It is hard to be in such a dismal atmosphere and still remain positive. Yet I continue to do it, day after day, praising you when there is no tangible evidence that anything is actually improving. I do not need proof, Lord, because I have you…! You truly are my Hope, my awesome Shepherd, and I trust you completely. I do not need to worry about the things around me that I cannot change, but instead I can focus on what I CAN change — my own attitude and behavior. I can challenge myself to find every tiny thing that you have blessed me with, even down to pieces of paper and pens and pencils and individual pictures of pieces of your creation. There is ALWAYS more and more and more things to find to be grateful for — and I am grateful for THAT, Lord — thank you!! 😀


Nov 19

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for your awesome love and care! Thank you for making it so that my husband was motivated to turn on the heat today, so that it can be warmer than 50-some degrees in the house, helping me to not be so distracted with cold. Please help him, Father. He and another person I truly care about are both really struggling and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. My cheerfulness does not cheer them, they will not be comforted or encouraged. So I just lift them both up to you, Father, and ask that you set your Word upon them, show them your mercy, and give their hearts hope and their minds peace. Strengthen them, Father, as only you can!

Proverbs 12:25 ERV

Worry takes away your joy, but a kind word makes you happy.

Proverbs 31:26-27 KJV

She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.
She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.

Father, please help me to speak only with love and kindness. Let me not do anything to make my husband’s burden even heavier. I keep trying to encourage him, but it just doesn’t seem to help. Please give me the right words to say, and stop up the words I WOULD have said, that would not work toward your purpose. You see my heart, Oh Lord, you know how delighted I am in your closeness, your comfort, your joy that sustains me even in these times of despairing circumstances. I desire for those I care about to know these comforts as well, Father. Show me how to do that.

Also, Father, help me not to “eat the bread of idleness”. Although I’ve always seen that verse to mean simply not being lazy, in general, today I see it a little bit different. Recently I have been eating more “fast food” — not from restaurants but from the grocery store. I still make my healthy soup and eat it, but for other meals I will sometimes eat a marked-down sandwich from the deli at Walmart, or heat and eat some pizza rolls (my weakness!!), or even a snack-size bag of Doritos along with my good-for-me nuts! I know this is not so good for me, and the only real reason I do it is because I am lazy. I don’t FEEL like chopping vegetables or cooking quinoa or baking with my gluten-free flours. Part of this has been due to the chill in the house — but I admit that MOST of it is just plain laziness. Father, I lift my lazy self up to you and ask you to show me the way OUT — help me to choose you and what YOU would have me to do, rather than just taking the easy way out. Thank you, Shepherd! I know for certain I can count on you to guide me and give me courage and strength. How wonderful to be your sheep! 😀