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Jun 24

Hello, Father.
Thank you so much for positive conversations, both written and on the phone. Thank you for helping my ears to hear better lately, such a surprise as they usually comprehend very little that is spoken, especially over the phone. I believe you have intervened in this way, helping me to hear and understand in order to receive the help and guidance and encouragement we need! Father, I have a joyful, hopeful feeling, looking forward to getting this little camper repaired and venturing forth, following your Spirit wherever it may lead us. Thank you for the closeness and even the FUN my husband and I have had together this last day or two, and please help the lessons we’ve learned become engrafted and bear fruit in our relationship. Thank you, faithful Shepherd! 😀

James 1:19-25 ISV

You must understand this, my dear brothers. Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. 
For human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires. 
Therefore, rid yourselves of everything impure and every expression of wickedness, and with a gentle spirit welcome the word planted in you that can save your souls. 
Keep on being obedient to the word, and not merely being hearers who deceive themselves. 
For if anyone hears the word but is not obedient to it, he is like a man who looks at himself in a mirror 
and studies himself carefully, and then goes off and immediately forgets what he looks like. 
But the one who looks at the perfect law of freedom and remains committed to it—thereby demonstrating that he is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of what that law requires—will be blessed in what he does.

Lord, I thank you for blessing us thus far, taking care of so many things I could never thank you for them all. I am grateful for your constant presence in our lives, always near, always working on us, always making things happen according to your will and purpose. Father, please teach us to look to you even more, to ask you for guidance rather than doing our own thing. Please make us more sensitive to the leading of your Holy Spirit, and please help us to always be humble and teachable, so that we can become more FREE and more pleasing to you. Amen.


Jun 23

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for new understandings, new insights, new growth. Thank you for adequate health and sleep and nutrition. Father, I still have trouble with my vision and these terrible headaches and crazy hormones. So many old injuries seem to be acting up at once, that it seems quite likely to be an attack of the enemy, some type of distraction or discouragement. Therefore I lift my body up to you, a living sacrifice for you, Lord God. My body is your temple, for your Holy Spirit dwells so wonderfully and encouragingly within me. I trust you completely, and I thank you for allowing me to be led of you and be sheltered and protected and nurtured by you. Please help me to share your Love with everyone I come into contact with today, and please continue to grow me for you. Amen!

1 Corinthians 6:15-20 ERV

Surely you know that your bodies are parts of Christ himself. So I must never take what is part of Christ and join it to a prostitute! 
The Scriptures say, “The two people will become one.” So you should know that anyone who is joined with a prostitute becomes one with her in body. 
But anyone who is joined with the Lord is one with him in spirit. 
So run away from sexual sin. It involves the body in a way that no other sin does. So if you commit sexual sin, you are sinning against your own body. 
You should know that your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit that you received from God and that lives in you. You don’t own yourselves. 
God paid a very high price to make you his. So honor God with your body. 

Lord, I ask you to heal my body, let your Life have its way in my physical being rather than death. Show me how I can minimize the effects of age, past injuries, and current circumstances. Please heal my husband’s body as well, so he can be strong and flexible enough to work on our little camper and any other projects you give us. Make me always strong enough to help him when he really needs it, merciful Shepherd. Please help my heart and mind to be strong and full of your Love, so that when these aches remind me of the abuse that caused them, I do not slip into any form of bitterness or self-pity. I would rather see every little thing I’ve suffered as a way that I have grown and become more pleasing to you. I am grateful for all the lessons you’ve provided, in all their forms. Thank you for your loving care, faithful Shepherd! 😀


Jun 22

Hello, Father!
Thank you, my Shepherd, for answered prayer. Sometimes we pray particularly for one thing with our mind and tongue, and yet you bless us with something that is even closer to our hearts, something we perhaps did not pray in words but within our heart’s desire. Or there might be a desire that is so central to our life and being that even on days that we do not actively pray for it, it is always there, never forgotten even when not spoken. It is that type of answered prayer that you have blessed us with this day, and I thank you and praise you for allowing it to be part of your will and plan for us. This day I see even more clearly how you are the Mover of Men’s Hearts (and women’s too, of course), for it is obvious to me that even though our circumstance has not actually changed for better or for worse, yet our attitude and levels of hope and faith and JOY have radically altered in the last two days. Where once I did not think I could even survive, now I see that YOU can help us thrive, Lord. How awesome your provision is for us crazy Homeless Nomads, lol. 😀

Psalm 30 ERV

A song of David for the dedication of the Temple. LORD, you lifted me out of my troubles. You did not give my enemies a reason to laugh, so I will praise you. 
LORD my God, I prayed to you, and you healed me. 
LORD, you lifted me out of the grave. I was falling into the place of death, but you saved my life. 
Praise the LORD, you who are loyal to him! Praise his holy name! 
His anger lasts for a little while, but then his kindness brings life. The night may be filled with tears, but in the morning we can sing for joy! 
When I was safe and secure, I thought nothing could hurt me. 
Yes, LORD, while you were kind to me, I felt that nothing could defeat me. But when you turned away from me, I was filled with fear. 
So, LORD, I turned and prayed to you. I asked you, Lord, to show me mercy. 
I said, “What good is it if I die and go down to the grave? The dead just lie in the dirt. They cannot praise you. They cannot tell anyone how faithful you are. 
LORD, hear my prayer, and be kind to me. LORD, help me!” 
You have changed my sorrow into dancing. You have taken away my sackcloth and clothed me with joy. 
You wanted me to praise you and not be silent. LORD my God, I will praise you forever! 


Jun 21

Hello, Lord!
Thank you for the awesome restoration of peace and hope! Although we are no closer to getting our camper rebuilt so that we have a place to sleep, and although I am a little bit disappointed at the lack of response from all the emails I sent out yesterday, I am very grateful instead for the healing of relationships and the gathering of resources while I still have internet access! I think this is the best day I’ve had all month, and I thank you for returning to me a measure of joy that I was beginning to think was lost for good. Please continue to bring your healing and restoration, Shepherd. Show me how to make the best use of my time and other resources, and help me to have discernment when and how to do my digital learning and work. Thank you for progress, Lord – what a relief! 🙂

James 5:16

(ERV)  So always tell each other the wrong things you have done. Then pray for each other. Do this so that God can heal you. Anyone who lives the way God wants can pray, and great things will happen.
(ISV)  Therefore, make it your habit to confess your sins to one another and to pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.
(KJV)  Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Lord, I thank you for all the prayers of your saints. Thank you for giving me people to pray for, and thank you for providing people who are praying for me and for my family. Father I thank you again for the loving reception I received at Hope Fellowship Church a few days ago. Thank you for bringing me one step closer to feeling something BESIDES the typical condemnation and rejection by what my experience has been so far with confessed Christians. This experience gives me HOPE that I may in fact find a loving family of believers scattered everywhere, as we travel across the country as “homeless nomads”. Father, I ask you to help me to be humble, patient, quiet, and even simple. I get so emotional sometimes, so worked up around people. I know man’s Psychology would say it is because I didn’t form an attachment bond to another human until I was a mother myself at age 17. And in truth I have lived in isolation most of my adult life and therefore have not had much in-person social experience outside of college. However, I thank you for making me just who I am and giving me all the trials and struggles which have made me who I am, because it proves just how little strength or “normality” or “perfection” is needed in order to be used by YOU, oh Redeemer! Thank you for making me a fool for you, Lord. Lead on!


Jun 20

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for your merciful presence in my life. Thank you for touching me with CALM this morning, bringing me a distance away from my multiple troubles and concerns and just letting me rest in you right now. Father, you see all that is in me and of me and before me. I thank you that I can count on you to love me no matter what, and even to delight in me, for my greatest strengths seem to be things that are pleasing to you. Often it seems they are pleasing ONLY to you, which causes me more pain than it should. Lord, please help me to look to you for both my value and my identity, for my sustenance and my support, for my comfort and my strength. You know my heart trusts in you, but I ask you to help me ACT like I trust you completely — to be able to be joyful and light, rejoicing in your wondrous care of little me. Thank you for creating and sustaining me, Oh Lord. Amen.

Psalm 5 ERV

To the director: With flutes. A song of David. LORD, listen to me and understand what I am trying to say. 
My God and King, listen to my prayer. 
Every morning, LORD, I lay my gifts before you and look to you for help. And every morning you hear my prayers. 
God, you don’t want evil people near you. They cannot stay in your presence. 
Fools cannot come near you. You hate those who do evil. 
You destroy those who tell lies. LORD, you hate those who make secret plans to hurt others. 
But by your great mercy, I can enter your house. I can worship in your holy Temple with fear and respect for you. 
LORD, show me your right way of living, and make it easy for me to follow. People are looking for my weaknesses, so show me how you want me to live. 
My enemies never tell the truth. They only want to destroy people. Their words come from mouths that are like open graves. They use their lying tongues to deceive others. 
Punish them, God! Let them be caught in their own traps. They have turned against you, so punish them for their many crimes. 
But let those who trust in you be happy forever. Protect and strengthen those who love your name. 
LORD, when you bless good people, you surround them with your love, like a large shield that protects them.

Lord, I often feel like every weakness I have is clearly pointed out to me, while the fruit of your Spirit that is my strength usually go either unnoticed or at least unacknowledged. I don’t want praise, Lord, and I do not need any feedback but what I get from your Spirit. Help me to just feel that blessed shield of your Love all around me, strengthening and protecting me. Be my shelter, let me run into you and let it be ENOUGH for my weary soul. Amen.


Jun 19

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for getting me through such a difficult day yesterday. Thank you for all the prayers of your people, which I am certain played a role in the peace restored between my husband and myself this morning, and the Hope of getting help from local agencies today. Please go before us, Lord, and prepare people’s hearts. You see it all, what our needs actually are (I’m pretty sure we MOST need a place we can go to work on rebuilding our little camper to make it livable), as well as what others have to offer and connections they have to people who may be able to help. Lord, I trust you completely. You have never let me down. Please guide us in our words and actions this day, and please give us discernment and humility to know and do your will. I know that it will be YOU who makes things happen. I know that you are the Mover of Men’s Hearts (and women’s, of course, lol). Thank you for your awesome mercy and care, Shepherd!

Ephesians 4:1-6 ERV

So, as a prisoner for the Lord, I beg you to live the way God’s people should live, because he chose you to be his. 
Always be humble and gentle. Be patient and accept each other with love. 
You are joined together with peace through the Spirit. Do all you can to continue as you are, letting peace hold you together. 
There is one body and one Spirit, and God chose you to have one hope. 
There is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. 
There is one God and Father of us all, who rules over everyone. He works through all of us and in all of us. 

Lord, you see my heart and everything in it. You see all my needs, and those of my husband and of us as a team before you. I ask you to shower your mercy upon us, bring healing and restoration, and supply all our needs according to the riches in Christ. Shepherd, you know that I would so much rather be in a position to give rather than in this position of need. I ask you to enlighten my understanding to any need I could fill in anyone I interact with today. Show me what I can give back, even if it is just a smile or an encouraging word, and help me to always give in a spirit that is pleasing to you. I look forward to spending this day with you, my Lord.


Jun 18

Lord, this wound seems too great for me, like it will surely swallow me up. Even though I have had very little sleep and have walked all over town today, I somehow doubt I could sleep even now. Sleep where? I have no home. Seems like I had a bit of one, just yesterday. But it all seems lost now, hopeless. My heart is broken yet again, and this time, I am not so willing to just roll over and let the same beasts pluck out my eyes. Lord, am I allowed to have a breaking point, where I just lay down and can take no more? Please show me how this is not my battle, Shepherd. Give me the discernment to know for certain just HOW I am to be faithful in this matter. My heart is too gross and swollen to see around it, and I REALLY do not want to return to that place of sorrows today. Father, I thank you so much for the awesome loving hearts I got to meet today, and I wish my heart would get out of the way so I could just gleefully thank you for the amazing miracle of me actually going to CHURCH for the first time in like 22 years! You certainly sent me to the right place, too, as I definitely felt your Love there. Thank you so much!

Galatians 3:2‭-‬4 ERV

Tell me this one thing: How did you receive the Spirit? Did you receive the Spirit by following the law? No, you received the Spirit because you heard the message about Jesus and believed it. You began your life in Christ with the Spirit. Now do you try to complete it by your own power? That is foolish. You have experienced many things. Were all those experiences wasted? I hope they were not wasted!

Lord, I am so weary. I sincerely am feeling like the experiences of my whole life, especially the last 6 years or so, have been wasted. I see no way forward, but yet I also know that I do not NEED to see. All I need do is keep listening to my Shepherd and follow your voice. Lord, can we rest somewhere new tonight, that I might be able to actually sleep? Father, even as I thank you for the miraculous comfort your people gave me this morning, I ask yet for more. I do not feel able to return “home” without taking my own life in utter despair. Please heal me enough to walk forward, Shepherd. I still trust you completely. Amen.


Jun 17

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for helping me through so many rough moments, and thank you for teaching me more and more how to be a quiet mouse and not HAVE to speak, as well as how to just be in the present moment without having to think about the past or the future. Please continue your work in me, Lord, pruning away the things that get in the way of my serving you and being pleasing to you. Please be with my husband today, let your will be done in all things, and please help me to heal up and get over these debilitating dizzies well enough that I can go back to helping my husband by the time that he needs my help again. Please bless all those who have prayed for us recently, and thank you for hearing the prayers of your people. Thank you for being our awesome faithful Shepherd!

Daniel 3:16-28 ERV

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego answered the king, “Nebuchadnezzar, we don’t need to explain these things to you. 
If you throw us into the hot furnace, the God we serve can save us. And if he wants to, he can save us from your power. 
But even if God does not save us, we want you to know, King, that we refuse to serve your gods. We will not worship the gold Then Nebuchadnezzar became very angry with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. He gave an order for the oven to be heated seven times hotter than it usually was. 
Then he commanded some of the strongest soldiers in his army to tie up Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. He told the soldiers to throw them into the hot furnace. 
So Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were tied up and thrown into the hot furnace. They were wearing their robes, pants, cloth caps, and other clothes. 
The king was very angry when he gave the command, so the soldiers quickly made the furnace very hot. The fire was so hot that the flames killed the strong soldiers. They were killed when they went close to the fire to throw in Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. 
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego fell into the fire. They were tied up very tightly. 
Then King Nebuchadnezzar jumped to his feet. He was very surprised and he asked his advisors, “We tied only three men, and we threw only three men into the fire. Is that right?” His advisors said, “Yes, King.” 
The king said, “Look! I see four men walking around in the fire. They are not tied up and they are not burned. The fourth man looks like an angel.” 
Then Nebuchadnezzar went to the opening of the hot furnace. He shouted, “Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, come out! Servants of the Most High God, come here!” So Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego came out of the fire. 
When they came out, the satraps, prefects, governors, and royal advisors crowded around them. They could see that the fire had not burned Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Their bodies were not burned at all. Their hair was not burned, and their robes were not burned. They didn’t even smell as if they had been near fire. 
Then Nebuchadnezzar said, “Praise the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Their God has sent his angel and saved his servants from the fire! These three men trusted their God and refused to obey my command. They were willing to die instead of serving or worshiping any other god.

Lord, I ask you to empower me to stand up to my own strong emotions like your servants stood up to King Nebuchadnezzar. Help me to remember, when I NEED to remember, that YOU are my defense, I do NOT need to say anything to explain myself, especially when I was doing something I feel certain that you gave me to do. I can be like your servants above and say, “I don’t need to explain things to you.” Meaning, I don’t need to explain to my Mate or anyone else why I have done something a certain way or in a certain timing, why I think a certain way, etc. When it does not go against you, and when he lets me know his preference, I can do things the way my husband likes. But when he attacks me for thinking or being a different way than him, I do NOT need to get myself worked up, defending myself. I can just hold still and let the fire of his anger pass over me like the King’s fire passed over your servants. I ask you to honor my desire to do these things, Lord, and let my calm behavior help BOTH of our tempers cool down. I want to do things YOUR way, Lord, not my own. Please help me in this, so that the enemy stops being able to use our intensity against each other, undermining our unity. In Jesus’ holy name I ask for this strength and this wisdom and this humility and self-control. Amen. 🙂


Jun 16

Hello, Lord.
Thank you for touching me, healing me, growing me. Thank you for resisting my pleas to come Home, so that I can continue to serve you in the days ahead. Please help me to find joy again, to see beyond the difficulties of life. Thank you for the written word, and thank you for technology. Thank you for birds and thank you for the amazing variety of plant life and fungi. I hope to see mosses and liverworts and other wetland plants again some day, Lord. Please help me to endure these remaining days in this comparatively dry and sun scorched land where I have dwelt for the last eight years. Help me to yield my desires to your will, knowing that I WILL be filled. Thank you for not leaving me to die in weakness, but rather to move forward to live in YOUR strength. Thank you for your promises, and thank you for your Breath. Amen.

1 Corinthians 11:8-12 ERV

Man did not come from woman. Woman came from man. 
And man was not made for woman. Woman was made for man. 
So that is why a woman should have her head covered with something that shows she is under authority. Also, she should do this because of the angels. 
But in the Lord the woman needs the man, and the man needs the woman. 
This is true because woman came from man, but also man is born from woman. Really, everything comes from God. 

Father, I thank you for humbling me enough to be a woman. I thank you for saving me, even lately, from the angels. I have lived my life in the shadow of feminine torment and I have just recently peered deep into the enemy’s deceptive trap of feminine power. I have chosen your way instead, my Lord. I do not know how much I will be allowed to do “my own thing” during the rest of my life, but I do know that no matter what, you WILL fill me. I accept your promise and your will for me. Help me to be faithful to the end. Amen.


Jun 15

Hello, Father!
Thank you for your awesome merciful restoration! Thank you for pulling through for us in so many small but miraculous ways! Thank you for making me able to remain faithful during some very difficult situations — that gives me such joy! It is such a delight to know that you are working away on me, pruning me and nourishing my roots. Thank you also for letting me hear from my friend in New York today, and thank you for some light humor with my son as well. Please bring the right people and programs into my daughter’s life so that she can grow more and more independent, and please help my sons each find good women for their mates, in your perfect timing. Thank you so, so much for helping me to FINALLY make some serious progress learning to use Adobe After Effects — yay! Please continue to teach me and lead me so that I can do more to help more people, and hopefully to eventually increase my income enough to help them financially as well.

Hebrews 3:1-6 ERV

So, my brothers and sisters, those chosen by God to be his holy people, think about Jesus. He is the one we believe God sent to save us and to be our high priest. 
God made him our high priest, and he was faithful to God just as Moses was. He did everything God wanted him to do in God’s house. 
When someone builds a house, people will honor the builder more than the house. It is the same with Jesus. He should have more honor than Moses. 
Every house is built by someone, but God built everything. 
Moses was faithful as a servant in God’s whole house. He told people what God would say in the future. 
But Christ is faithful in ruling God’s house as the Son. And we are God’s house, if we remain confident of the great hope we are glad to say we have. 

Lord, I thank you for your covering and your protection. I thank you for prayers said for me as well as prayers that I say. I thank you for the fellowship of your Spirit and I thank you for chastising and correction as well. I thank you for showing me both my strengths and my weaknesses, and giving me the humility and courage to work on some of the most painful things within me. Thank you for making those weak places stronger, and pulling down strongholds to make them weaker and more yielding to you. Thank you for your awesome provision and care, Shepherd! :d


Jun 14

Lord, as you know, today is the one year anniversary of the passing of my Tiny Friend, my constant companion of 12+ years. I still miss him, but I thank you for all the healing and all the wonderful memories and lessons learned. He will never be forgotten or replaced. Thank you so much for the blessing of his tiny self into my crazy life. Please help me to be as faithful as he was, to the end. And when the time comes, please let my passing be at least nearly as peaceful and GOOD as his was. Thank you again for the miracle of his life and his peaceful passing. Thank you, faithful Shepherd.

Jeremiah 34:5 ERV

You will die in a peaceful way. People made funeral fires to honor your ancestors, the kings who ruled before you became king. In the same way people will make a funeral fire to honor you. They will cry for you and sadly say, “Oh, my master!” I myself make this promise to you.'” This message is from the LORD.

I may not be a king, and may not get a funeral fire with celebration and mourning, but Lord I do ask that you allow me to be burned rather than buried — just as I gave to my Tiny Friend. And I ask for peaceful nonviolent deaths for myself and my loved ones. My heart has ached so badly even in the last day that a part of me wishes desperately that my death would be NOW, but I know I must endure and remain faithful until YOU decide it is time to come Home. Lord, I thank you for my temporary tiny friend today — the little mother squirrel that I hand-fed and interacted with for about a half hour this morning, in front of the library. I thank you for the pure dates and nuts treat that I had stashed in my bag, so I could share something with her that was nourishing and would be appreciated by both her and her young ones that she is obviously nursing still. Thank you for the opportunities I have had to witness to others and share your Love with them in tiny small ways. Thank you for your constant protection and nurturing care. Thank you for pruning me, no matter how painful it is at the time. Thank you for caring enough for me to allow me to suffer for your will and purpose and glory and honor. Thank you for choosing me, and thank you for sustaining me. Thank you for being my ever-faithful Shepherd and eternal Husband. Do unto me as you will, my Lord. Amen.


Jun 13

Lord, I have learned sooooooo very much in the last several hours, that I actually fear I won’t remember ANY of it! Most is stuff related to my work — how to do certain things to prepare and process digital files and such, as well as little things to remember when working at libraries — stuff like that. But the more valuable things have to do with myself in relationships — the nitty gritty good stuff! For example, the most painful truth I have learned today is that my super-nurturing, seeking out ways to help others — like my Mate — is actually more irritating than helpful! Who knew? Why do not we each come with instruction manuals… “And watch out for THIS flaw, because it really gets on people’s nerves, no matter how much you think you are helping them…” and other helpful hints like that. LOL 😛 I also learned that my Mate really does NOT expect much of anything from me — which is confusing because he gets so upset when I don’t know where something is located that he needs ASAP, or other little things like that. But, it is quite insightful to realize that much less is expected of me than what I expected. LOL again.

Psalm 116:1-12 ERV

I love the LORD for hearing me, for listening to my prayers. 
Yes, he paid attention to me, so I will always call to him whenever I need help. 
Death’s ropes were around me. The grave was closing in on me. I was worried and afraid. 
Then I called on the LORD’S name. I said, “LORD, save me!” 
The LORD is good and merciful; our God is so kind. 
The LORD takes care of helpless people. I was without help, and he saved me. 
My soul, relax! The LORD is caring for you. 
Lord, you saved my soul from death. You stopped my tears. You kept me from falling. 
I will continue to serve the LORD in the land of the living. 
I continued believing even when I said, “I am completely ruined!” 
Yes, even when I was upset and said, “There is no one I can trust!” 
What can I give the LORD for all that he has done for me?

Oh, Lord, if only my soul would chill out and relax more! Please help me, Shepherd, to not get so worked up and emotional and frightened and whatever else lies just under the surface, draining me. Although I feel like I honestly do keep MOST of my emotions to myself, they still sneak out when I’m not guarding them, and sometimes even get me in trouble. I get impatient and worried some times. I feel lonely and needy some times. I crave comfort and understanding. But I really do have everything I need, if only I would just trust in You, Lord God! Please increase my wisdom and help me to maintain an attitude of gratitude, so I can be strong. Thank you for always caring for me. My soul, relax! 😛


Jun 12

Lord, this is very difficult. I am not beautiful, not successful, not rich. When I am light and free and there is music, I dance and am the life of the party. I don’t even need a buzz, as I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in over 9 months. But on a daily basis, the only things I can feel good about myself are my toughness and physical strength and low maintenance, compared to other females in general. Yet the things I am feeling MOST weakened by lately are the lack of FEMININE comforts — like clean clothes, kind words, tender hugs, understanding support. Or at least I interpret these as “feminine” — perhaps we all need most of those, to some degree. Father, I know you see me pouring out all but the first of those comforts daily, almost constantly, to everyone I meet. Lord, I feel like I tolerate so much, expect so little, even do so well with what little I have. Yet I am finding myself constantly running to you just for basic life support. I keep feeling so empty, so dry, so painfully sensitive. It SEEMS like I don’t have what I need, but I know in fact that is a LIE, because you are faithful, and if I really did need the things that I THINK I need, then YOU would make sure I have them. So Lord I ask you to please make me tougher than I am, even though I honestly thought I was tough enough already. Please help me to just appreciate what I have, so that I don’t grow bitter and resentful as I continue to give others what I feel so desperate to receive myself. Make me stronger, like you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

1 Peter 5:10 ERV

Yes, you will suffer for a short time. But after that, God will make everything right. He will make you strong. He will support you and keep you from falling. He is the God who gives all grace. He chose you to share in his glory in Christ. That glory will continue forever. 

Lord, plese help me to keep my eyes on YOU today. Help me to trust that my Shepherd cares for me, and I cannot understand His ways or know His timing, but I can still trust Him. Please help me to continue to give to others using YOUR strength, knowing I will never run out of that. Please comfort my lonely heart and encourage me in the things YOU would have me to accomplish for you this day. Thank you for choosing me, and thank you for giving me choice. I look forward to fresh installments of your mercy and strength, Lord Jesus. Amen.


Jun 11

Oh, Lord, I am sooooooo in love with this library, I want to come here every day for at least a week or two! Since it is open 24 hours, I could almost LIVE here, lol. Father, I thank you for this awesome restoration of my hope and my introverted intellectual bliss! Please help me to not completely abandon my grumpy husband to his YouTube coma, in favor of my own library hibernation, lol. Still, this is a most unexpected and delightful way for us to get a little space from each other and recuperate from recent stressors. Please help me, Lord, to not get so caught up in doing my own thing that I miss a turn in the road of YOUR will and purpose for me. Help me to stay humble and teachable and able to balance rest with work, input with output, and alone time with socialization and hubby support. Thank you, faithful Shepherd, I trust you completely.

Ecclesiastes 7:8‭-‬10‭, ‬14 ERV

It is better to finish something than to start it. It is better to be gentle and patient than to be proud and impatient. Don’t become angry quickly, because anger is foolish. Don’t say, “Life was better in the ‘good old days.’ What happened?” Wisdom does not lead us to ask that question.
When life is good, enjoy it. But when life is hard, remember that God gives us good times and hard times. And no one knows what will happen in the future.

Lord, I thank you for making me grow in wisdom. I thank you for making me grow in Love. Please help me to stay humble and teachable, so that I can continue to grow in these things for the rest of my days, and that I might be found faithful in the end. Please help peace to remain and trust and respect to grow between my husband and myself. Increase our faith and our sensitivity to the leading of your Holy Spirit. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.


Jun 10

Hello, Father.
Thank you for hope, of the kind that is independent of circumstances. Thank you for fellowship with your Spirit, something I have enjoyed since I was such a small child who had more connection with nature and its Creator than with people and their world which seemed so cruel and dirty. Thank you for sunshine, and thank you for trees. Thank you for my imagination, being able to look at a nice shady resting place high in an oak tree, and so vividly imagine spending an afternoon there, that it actually seems to refresh me quite a bit. Thank you for the birds that are ever present, whether in the city or in the wilderness. Thank you for people, and for breathing your breath into us, giving us hope. Thank you for leading us, protecting us, nurturing us. Thank you for choosing us to know and to serve you. Amen.

1 Peter 3:1-7 ERV

In the same way, you wives should be willing to serve your husbands. Then, even those who have refused to accept God’s teaching will be persuaded to believe because of the way you live. You will not need to say anything. 
Your husbands will see the pure lives that you live with respect for God. 
It is not fancy hair, gold jewelry, or fine clothes that should make you beautiful. 
No, your beauty should come from inside you—the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. That beauty will never disappear. It is worth very much to God. 
It was the same with the holy women who lived long ago and followed God. They made themselves beautiful in that same way. They were willing to serve their husbands. 
I am talking about women like Sarah. She obeyed Abraham, her husband, and called him her master. And you women are true children of Sarah if you always do what is right and are not afraid. 
In the same way, you husbands should live with your wives in an understanding way, since they are weaker than you. You should show them respect, because God gives them the same blessing he gives you—the grace of true life. Do this so that nothing will stop your prayers from being heard. 

Lord, I thank you for empowering me to serve my husband and to continue to lose my own life in order to gain it. I thank you for helping me grow in wisdom, although sometimes I feel pretty darn foolish and garbage-like. Please continue your work in me, making me stronger and more firmly founded on the Rock. Thank you for strengthening me so diligently, and thank you for giving me Premier Pro and After Effects to learn video production, so I can believe in myself a bit more. Thank you for all the silent ones I’ve never met who read my words and perhaps gain some insight or encouragement through my struggles and triumphs. Please bless each of their hearts with peace. Thank you for hearing my pleas, oh righteous Shepherd.


Jun 9

Lord, I do not feel so great today. I am not sure how much is physical, how much is emotional, and how much might even be some type of spiritual attack. I have moments where I feel pretty normal, others that I want to cry for three days straight, and others where I just want desperately to sleep or even to sit in a comfortable place. I thank you for all the blessings I have, and I ask you to help me to appreciate them more, rather than feeling my aches and other discomforts so keenly. Help me to get distracted and encouraged by some project, despite having this crazy dizziness and headache and crabby lack of sleep feeling. I know that you are the mover of men’s hearts, Lord. I trust you to move me in the direction I need to go, in order to accomplish your will and purpose for me. I yield my will to you and I thank you for being my Shepherd. Amen.

Hebrews 6:16-20 ERV

People always use the name of someone greater than themselves to make a promise with an oath. The oath proves that what they say is true, and there is no more arguing about it. 
God wanted to prove that his promise was true. He wanted to prove this to those who would get what he promised. He wanted them to understand clearly that his purposes never change. So God said something would happen, and he proved what he said by adding an oath. 
These two things cannot change: God cannot lie when he says something, and he cannot lie when he makes an oath. So these two things are a great help to us who have come to God for safety. They encourage us to hold on to the hope that is ours. 
This hope is like an anchor for us. It is strong and sure and keeps us safe. It goes behind the curtain. 
Jesus has already entered there and opened the way for us. He has become the high priest forever, just like Melchizedek. 

Lord, I thank you for being my sure and stable anchor, holding me safely to the Rock that is my refuge and my hope. Please help me to just float here peacefully, attached to you, willing to do all that you give me, but finding it rather difficult to just WAIT with no instructions. Father, I yield my will and my expectations and my timing to you. Help me to accept your timing like your little handmaiden Acceptance with Joy. Please guide me in how to spend my time, what to accomplish even if it is just REST. Prepare me and teach me and guide me forward, faithful Shepherd. And please give special birthday blessings to my oldest son who turns 28 today! Thank you for giving him a new place to live, and please prepare him for whatever you have coming for him. Please send him an awesome woman, a good woman with a heart after you, Lord God. Bring my shepherd son an awesome mate. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 🙂


Jun 8

Hello, Father.
Thank you for my husband’s new glasses — and so quickly and so much better than the old ones! Please keep these ones safe and please alert one or both of us to their possible danger or disappearance, whenever it may occur in the future. Please guide us in the next step forward, and thank you so much for speaking to us individually and together, guiding us and teaching us so much already! Thank you for giving me a preparatory project to work on, gathering resources which I can use without internet access, enabling me to start creating a storehouse of my own digital designs to show to potential clients. Please bless my efforts, help me to ignore the tangents and pulls of my own mind, and to follow instead YOUR leading, Lord. Guide both myself and my husband in ways that you have for us to make money, or to trade skills for things we need. Amen!

Isaiah 43:1-12 ERV

Jacob, the LORD created you. Israel, he made you, and now he says, “Don’t be afraid. I saved you. I named you. You are mine. 
When you have troubles, I am with you. When you cross rivers, you will not be hurt. When you walk through fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not hurt you. 
That’s because I, the LORD, am your God. I, the Holy One of Israel, am your Savior. I gave Egypt to pay for you. I gave Ethiopia and Seba to make you mine. 
You are precious to me, and I have given you a special place of honor. I love you. That’s why I am willing to trade others, to give up whole nations, to save your life. 
“So don’t be afraid, because I am with you. I will gather your children and bring them to you. I will gather them from the east and from the west. 
I will tell the north: Give my people to me. I will tell the south: Don’t keep my people in prison. Bring my sons and daughters to me from the faraway places. 
Bring to me all the people who are mine—the people who have my name. I made them for myself. I made them, and they are mine. 
“Bring out the people who have eyes but are blind. Bring out the people who have ears but are deaf. 
All people and all nations should also be gathered together. Which of their gods said this would happen? Which of their gods would tell what happened in the beginning? They should bring their witnesses. The witnesses should speak the truth. This will show they are right.” 
The LORD says, “You people are my witnesses and the servant I chose. I chose you so that you would help people believe me. I chose you so that you would understand that ‘I Am He’—I am the true God. There was no God before me, and there will be no God after me. 
I myself am the LORD, and there is no other Savior. 
I am the one who spoke to you, saved you, and told you those things. It was not some stranger who was with you. You are my witnesses, and I am God.” (This is what the LORD himself said.) 

Lord, I so enjoy this passage that shows your tremendous love for your chosen people, your dedication and willingness to care for us and even give whole other nations up, for us. How amazing and humbling!! I have highlighted my favorite part — something I might possibly do in return for your Love, how to USE it — to help other people believe you, put their trust in your faithful care. I pray that you empower me to do that, through my words, through my actions, through your Love in all the ways it flows out from me. Please continue to cleanse me so that I may more clearly reflect your Love to others, and help them. Thank you, faithful Shepherd.


Jun 7

Hello, Father.
Well, my heart is limping back away from the cliff of despair. I cannot believe how very weak I got, even having my faith falter to the extent that I felt completely unlovable even by you, Lord. Even now I feel wounded, exhausted, and uncomfortable within myself. I feel like Garbage People still, but at least I have stopped crying. Lord, I have been taking my hormone creams, so I have a hard time seeing this as simply hormone-related. The anniversary of my Tiny Friend’s death is a week away, and I’ve shed a few tears over that lately, but I still seem unexplicably thin-skinned. I am doubting now that I am strong enough to be a homeless nomad. I crave routine, a comfortable place to sit, and being able to have nice little “homes” for things like my hormone creams, my contacts, and my hand lotion. Silly me. How am I ever going to make it in this new life?!

1 Corinthians 13:3-10 ERV

I may give away everything I have to help others, and I may even give my body as an offering to be burned. But I gain nothing by doing all this if I don’t have love. 
Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, and it is not proud. 
Love is not rude, it is not selfish, and it cannot be made angry easily. Love does not remember wrongs done against it. 
Love is never happy when others do wrong, but it is always happy with the truth. 
Love never gives up on people. It never stops trusting, never loses hope, and never quits. 
Love will never end. But all those gifts will come to an end—even the gift of prophecy, the gift of speaking in different kinds of languages, and the gift of knowledge. 
These will all end because this knowledge and these prophecies we have are not complete. 
But when perfection comes, the things that are not complete will end. 

Lord, I feel like Love is very incomplete in me, mostly because it is hard for me to ignore wrongs done to me. Harsh words, scoldings, and “you should have…!” really hit me hard. I feel like a stupid, thin-skinned crazy woman, not a strong person at all. I crave the kind of Love described above and in Isaiah 54. I crave to hear some of the same words of encouragement and comfort that I give to others almost every day. I crave to be held like I hold, hug like I hug, and petted like I pet. What is wrong with me? Why am I not stronger than this? I KNOW that You are ENOUGH, Lord. How has it happened that I feel unworthy of even your Love? I am lost, Shepherd, and I don’t know the way back to your Pasture. Please rescue me. I trust you completely. Amen.


Jun 6

Hello, Lord!
Thank you for this peaceful day, and thank you for leading us to an eye doctor that can see my husband immediately. Please help us get him some glasses ASAP, so we can move forward once again. Please provide enough money to cover our unforeseen expenses, and please continue to bless my son financially as well. Please also help him maintain a level of peace, as he struggles through these triple-pace summer classes AND does his digital commission work each day as well. You are faithful beyond any doubt, Lord God. I trust you completely! Thank you for providing for me and my family. Amen.

Isaiah 29:13-19 ERV

The Lord says, “These people come to honor me with words, but I am not really important to them. The worship they give me is nothing but human rules they have memorized. 
So I will continue to amaze them by doing powerful and amazing things. Their wise men will lose their wisdom. Even the most intelligent among them will not be able to understand.” 
Look at them! They try to hide things from the LORD. They think he will not understand. They do their evil things in darkness. They tell themselves: “No one can see us. No one will know who we are.” 
You turn things upside down. You think the clay is equal to the potter. You think that something that is made can tell the one who made it, “You did not make me!” This is like a pot telling its maker, “You know nothing.” 
This is the truth: After a very short time, Lebanon will become rich farmland, and the farmland will be like thick forests. 
The deaf will hear the words in the book. The blind will see through the darkness and fog. 
The LORD will make poor people happy. The poorest people will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.

Lord, I am probably the poorest person I know, but also the happiest. And you continue to do amazing things each and every day! Thank you for peace and Love and joy! Thank you for gratitude and appreciation of even the smallest things like chapstick and freckles and clean clothes and mushrooms! Thank you for creating people and giving them the breath of your Spirit (your pneuma). Thank you for calling us, choosing us, and leading us. Thank you for being our faithful Shepherd and mighty King. 😀


Jun 5

Hello, Father!
Thank you for landing us in ER land — Emergency Recovery from our most recent adventures, lol. Thank you for the way you are moving in my oldest son’s life, even giving him a new place to live for his 28th birthday — yay! Please continue to touch the lives of my children and also my friend in New York, however she may be doing. I am grateful to know you, Lord, and I think that a personal, intimate relationship with you is the best thing that any of us could have. I thank you for the delight of knowing and being known by you, and I pray that you give each one of them that same delight. Thank you, Faithful Shepherd! 🙂

Matthew 10:11-15 ERV

“When you enter a city or town, find some worthy person there and stay in his home until you leave. 
When you enter that home, say, ‘Peace be with you.’ 
If the people in that home welcome you, they are worthy of your peace. May they have the peace you wished for them. But if they don’t welcome you, they are not worthy of your peace. Take back the peace you wished for them. 
And if the people in a home or a town refuse to welcome you or listen to you, then leave that place and shake the dust off your feet. 
I can assure you that on the judgment day it will be worse for that town than for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Lord, I do not feel like I have much of anything to offer people I meet, other than a ton of joy and faith and cheerfulness, and perhaps encouragement, if given the chance. But I also do not wish any harm (or a lack of peace) upon anyone who does me harm or rejects me or my husband in any way. Therefore I cannot totally relate to the verses above. Still, being given refuge in this home, this day, for our little ER time, I really do wish that you would fill the giver with peace, and bless him financially beyond expectation, for he has shared what little he has and not asked for anything in return. Thank you, Lord, for your awesome provision. Please heal up my husband, and lead us where to go next, when it is time. Amen.