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Jun 19

Okay, Lord, I just lost everything I wrote, but I will try again, trusting you to take care of my finicky laptop. I know it’s not much — sometimes even less than capable of doing all I need it to do without closing out apps and working on one or two at a time — but it’s all the machine I could afford then or even now, so it will have to suffice. Still, Lord, I ask you to prepare me for whatever new machine you provide in your perfect timing. It’s all good. 🙂

John 15:1-8 ERV

Jesus said, “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. 
He cuts off every branch of mine that does not produce fruit. He also trims every branch that produces fruit to prepare it to produce even more. 
You have already been prepared to produce more fruit by the teaching I have given you. 
Stay joined to me and I will stay joined to you. No branch can produce fruit alone. It must stay connected to the vine. It is the same with you. You cannot produce fruit alone. You must stay joined to me. 
“I am the vine, and you are the branches. If you stay joined to me, and I to you, you will produce plenty of fruit. But separated from me you won’t be able to do anything. 
If you don’t stay joined to me, you will be like a branch that has been thrown out and has dried up. All the dead branches like that are gathered up, thrown into the fire and burned. 
Stay joined together with me, and follow my teachings. If you do this, you can ask for anything you want, and it will be given to you. 
Show that you are my followers by producing much fruit. This will bring honor to my Father. 

Lord Jesus, my Shepherd and my First Love, I want to produce good fruit for you. I have these things in my brain that I WANT to get done, and there are other things I am procrastinating on or else it seems I lack what I need to do them. I give all the contents of my mind and heart to you, Lord, and ask you to prune away everything that will not produce good fruit for YOU. I ask you to honor my prayer and my longing to be found faithful, and bless my efforts in the things that you would have me to do. Make me fruitful, and help me to give all the glory to you, pointing people to YOU, if ever anyone likes my work. I trust you to prepare me, nurture me, prune me, and produce fruit in me. I trust you to bring me HOME in your perfect timing. I also trust you with my Mate and my children, Lord. Even though I miss them painfully at times, I know YOU are with them even when I cannot be. You love them more than I do, and you will take good care of each of us. Thank you, faithful Shepherd.


Jun 17

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for being my Father and my Lord and my greatest source of comfort and protection, every day of my life. Thank you for continually showing me your Love — not just by feeding me encouragement and wisdom and strength, but also by chastising me, pruning away all the things in my heart and life that stand in the way of me becoming more healthy and more pleasing to you.

Hebrews 12:6‭-‬7 AMPC

For the Lord corrects and disciplines everyone whom He loves, and He punishes, even scourges, every son whom He accepts and welcomes to His heart and cherishes. You must submit to and endure [correction] for discipline; God is dealing with you as with sons. For what son is there whom his father does not [thus] train and correct and discipline?

Father, please be near to my sons today, including my Mate’s two sons. None of them are fathers, but all have had one or more bad experiences with their earthly fathers, as all men undoubtedly have. Please give each of these precious, irreplaceable men the courage to hang onto Life long enough to grow to a point where they can confidently declare, “I DO have what it takes!”


Jun 15

Hello, Father.
Thank you for your enduring patience with little me as I GROW! Much of the time I feel so very awkward, leaping forward, shrinking back, stumbling over my own two feet in my silly zeal. I thank you that I have so much energy and enthusiasm, although I do pray that you temper me with your wisdom and patience, help me to FINISH the most important projects, in your perfect timing. Please be with my Mate as he drives and works and tries to sleep in between. Please protect his lovely body, amazing mind, and beautiful heart and spirit. Thank you for loving him and caring for him deeply. Please also be with each of my children, Lord. I miss them all so much, and I wish I could touch each of their hearts with your healing and encouraging Love. Please do that for me, in the awesome sweetness of your Spirit, my faithful Shepherd. Amen. Thank you! 🙂

Hebrews 2:11-18 ERV

Jesus, the one who makes people holy, and those who are made holy are from the same family. So he is not ashamed to call them his brothers and sisters. 
He says, “God, I will tell my brothers and sisters about you. Before all your people I will sing your praises.” 
He also says, “I will trust in God.” And he says, “I am here, and with me are the children God has given me.” 
These children are people with physical bodies. So Jesus himself became like them and had the same experiences they have. Jesus did this so that, by dying, he could destroy the one who has the power of death—the devil. 
Jesus became like these people and died so that he could free them. They were like slaves all their lives because of their fear of death. 
Clearly, it is not angels that Jesus helps. He helps the people who are from Abraham. 
For this reason, Jesus had to be made like us, his brothers and sisters, in every way. He became like people so that he could be their merciful and faithful high priest in service to God. Then he could bring forgiveness for the people’s sins. 
And now he can help those who are tempted. He is able to help because he himself suffered and was tempted. 


Jun 14

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for letting me finally get to talk to my man again yesterday! Thank you for keeping him safe, and helping him stay balanced between working hard and allowing his body to recover. Please intervene in his situation, give him favor with the people he works with, and always allow him enough space and time to get what he needs. Thank you for encouraging him, Lord. Thank you for loving him even more than I do myself! 😀

1 Corinthians 15:35-49 ERV

But someone may ask, “How are the dead raised? What kind of body will they have?” 
These are stupid questions. When you plant something, it must die in the ground before it can live and grow. 
And when you plant something, what you plant does not have the same “body” that it will have later. What you plant is only a seed, maybe wheat or something else. 
But God gives it the body that he has planned for it, and he gives each kind of seed its own body. 
All things made of flesh are not the same: People have one kind of flesh, animals have another, birds have another, and fish have yet another kind. 
Also there are heavenly bodies and earthly bodies. But the beauty of the heavenly bodies is one kind, and the beauty of the earthly bodies is another. 
The sun has one kind of beauty, the moon has another kind, and the stars have another. And each star is different in its beauty. 
It will be the same when those who have died are raised to life. The body that is “planted” in the grave will ruin and decay, but it will be raised to a life that cannot be destroyed. 
When the body is “planted,” it is without honor. But when it is raised, it will be great and glorious. When the body is “planted,” it is weak. But when it is raised, it will be full of power. 
The body that is “planted” is a physical body. When it is raised, it will be a spiritual body. There is a physical body. So there is also a spiritual body. 
As the Scriptures say, “The first man, Adam, became a living person.” But the last Adam is a life-giving spirit. 
The spiritual man did not come first. It was the physical man that came first; then came the spiritual. 
The first man came from the dust of the earth. The second man came from heaven. 
All people belong to the earth. They are like that first man of earth. But those who belong to heaven are like that man of heaven. 
We were made like that man of earth, so we will also be made like that man of heaven. 

Lord, you see all that is in my heart and in my future and within my ability and potential. You see all this much clearer than I could ever see it, especially right now when I feel totally smitten. I am madly in love with my own husband (how cool is that?!), and I am also smitten by Old Muscle Patina… not my new website or YouTube channel so much as the concept itself, and the raging enthusiasm I have for it:

Lord, I have found a target that feels like HOME almost as much as nature, something I can work on, devote time and energy toward, for the rest of my life. I cannot tell, in my smitten state, if it is just the most recently refined in a long line of competing interests, or if it truly IS at my core more than other interests… but I DO know for certain that my love for old metal and vehicles began at about the same age as my love for nature… about 3 or 4 years old!! I well remember my mother’s Cordoba, my father’s yellow pickup, and his blue pickup which I just found out was not around PAST the age of 3 or 4! I remember my fondness for the old metal surrounding me in old Detroit — Hamtramck, where my father had his typewriter repair shop, and how even then I could “feel” a similarity between it and the old glass in the buildings… and was only recently blown away when my Mate informed me it was “probably leaded glass” — wow!! That one is still a mystery to me, as it seems that term refers only to stained glass windows and crystalware.
Lord, I do not know what you are planning to do with my vision for Old Muscle Patina, but I have a fascination for “sexy cars and the men who love them” and a very strong desire to help their WOMEN appreciate both of them more (with wonderful consequences for all involved, heehee!!). On one level, I want to learn as much as I can about “muscle car morphology” as well as human psychology and beauty. Another level up, I strongly desire to travel around with my Mate, stopping everywhere we go to photograph and video record sweet old vehicles and other metal with sweet patina… and whenever possible, interact with their owners. I would LOVE to find a way to earn a small income off such an adventure, at least enough to help offset the gas and other travel expenses. Beyond all that, I would sincerely enjoy reaching out to other women, especially those who currently resent their man’s fascination with his old vehicle(s), and help them better appreciate (adore!) both their man and his Old Muscle. LOL. As in everything else, Father, I lay this thing at your feet, give it totally over to you, completely letting it go and trusting you with it. Whatever piece of the dream you allow me to experience, I appreciate and hold dear. It is ENOUGH, because YOU are already enough. Thank you, faithful Shepherd. Amen.


Jun 11

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for my health, my strength, my energy. Thank you for showing me some new exercises, helping my body move in ways that build my core and make my back feel GREAT! Lord, I honestly do not know what you want me to accomplish today, especially considering that I have very limited internet. I have a great number of projects I COULD work on, and several that I feel I SHOULD — but I give it all to you, asking you to guide me forward as you always do, faithful Shepherd. Amen.

Revelations 19:11-21 ERV

Then I saw heaven open. There before me was a white horse. The rider on the horse was called Faithful and True, because he is right in his judging and in making war. 
His eyes were like burning fire. He had many crowns on his head. A name was written on him, but he was the only one who knew its meaning. 
He was dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and he was called the Word of God. 
The armies of heaven were following the rider on the white horse. They were also riding white horses. They were dressed in fine linen, white and clean. 
A sharp sword came out of the rider’s mouth, a sword that he would use to defeat the nations. And he will rule the nations with a rod of iron. He will crush the grapes in the winepress of the terrible anger of God All-Powerful. 
On his robe and on his leg was written this name: 
Then I saw an angel standing in the sun. In a loud voice the angel said to all the birds flying in the sky, “Come together for the great supper of God. 
Come together so that you can eat the bodies of rulers and army commanders and famous men. Come to eat the bodies of the horses and their riders and the bodies of all people—free, slave, small, and great.” 
Then I saw the beast and the rulers of the earth. Their armies were gathered together to make war against the rider on the horse and his army. 
But the beast was captured, and the false prophet was also captured. He was the one who did the miracles for the beast. He had used these miracles to trick those who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its idol. The false prophet and the beast were thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur. 
Their armies were killed with the sword that came out of the mouth of the rider on the horse. All the birds ate these bodies until they were full. 


Jun 10

Hello, Father.
Thank you for your awesome BREATH, and leading me to a new Brother who has it, who is not afraid to share it. Please touch this man in a way that only you can, Lord. Bless him and his wife and child with your peace, and with courage and wisdom to do your will for them. Lord, I do not know why you have left me with discernment, sensitivity to your Spirit, your Breath, but it has come up so many times in this past week or so that it makes me wonder what’s up with that. I surrender my life, my heart, my mind, my body, my spirit unto you, Lord Jesus. Make of me what you will, and continue to prune away all the distracting expectations and dreams that I have that will only trip me up. Please remove from my heart and my plans everything that is not your will for me, faithful Shepherd. I trust you completely. 😀

1 Corinthias 2:14-16 ERV

People who do not have God’s Spirit do not accept the things that come from his Spirit. They think these things are foolish. They cannot understand them, because they can only be understood with the Spirit’s help. 
We who have the Spirit are able to make judgments about all these things. But anyone without the Spirit is not able to make proper judgments about us. 
As the Scriptures say, “Who can know what is on the Lord’s mind? Who is able to give him advice?” But we have been given Christ’s way of thinking.

1 Corinthians 12:7-11 ERV

Something from the Spirit can be seen in each person. The Spirit gives this to each one to help others. 
The Spirit gives one person the ability to speak with wisdom. And the same Spirit gives another person the ability to speak with knowledge. 
The same Spirit gives faith to one person and to another he gives gifts of healing. 
The Spirit gives to one person the power to do miracles, to another the ability to prophesy, and to another the ability to judge what is from the Spirit and what is not. The Spirit gives one person the ability to speak in different kinds of languages, and to another the ability to interpret those languages. 
One Spirit, the same Spirit, does all these things. The Spirit decides what to give each one. 

Lord, so many people struggle with a few key things that I find quite simple. I would like to help them. I have tears in my eyes and heart right now for them. I lay my foolish human emotions and ambitions and desires at your feet, Jesus — a living sacrifice to you. Cleanse me, and give me a RIGHT heart, to do your will and purpose for ME — and help me let GO of anything that you have not given me to carry or to do. Thank you for peace and joy and Love.


Jun 9

Lord, I thank you for the energy that I have. Thank you for your breath flowing through me, exciting me, giving me hope and stamina and enthusiasm! Father, I ask that you fill my Mate as well, and protect him dearly as he drives the 30-foot trailer with thousands of pounds of equipment, all the way to the Gulf coast today. Give HIM your awesome stamina too, Lord!! Please continue to mold us, pruning away distractions and nourishing the seeds you’ve planted in each of us, Lord. Help us to be faithful to you and to your will for us. Give us wisdom and courage to choose your will, and please open and close all the right doors to help us stay on your path. Amen, thank you Lord Jesus! 😀

Isaiah 66:7-14 ERV

“A woman does not give birth before she feels the pain. A woman must feel the pain of childbirth before she can see the boy she gives birth to. Who ever heard of such a thing? In the same way, no one ever saw a new world begin in one day. No one has ever heard of a new nation that began in one day. But when Zion feels the pain, she will give birth to her children. 
In the same way, I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born.” The LORD says this: “I promise that if I cause you the pain of birth, I will not stop you from having your new nation.” Your God said this. 
Jerusalem and all her friends, be happy! All of you who were sad for her, be happy and rejoice with her! 
Be happy that you will receive mercy like milk coming from her breast. Jerusalem’s “milk” will satisfy you! You will drink it and enjoy her glory. 
This is what the LORD says: “Look, I will give Jerusalem peace that will flow in like a river. Wealth from all the nations will come flowing into her like a flood. And like little babies, you will drink that ‘milk.’ I will hold you in my arms, and bounce you on my knees. 
I will comfort you like a mother comforting her child. You will be comforted in Jerusalem.” 
When you see these things, you will be happy. You will be free and grow like grass. The LORD’S servants will see his power, but his enemies will see his anger. 

Lord, I thank you, once again, that I do not have any concern about whether I am on “the winning team”. I thank you for your promises, and I thank you for all the blessings you have already given me in this life — especially my awesome Mate and children!! Please be near my eldest son today, give him some sweet blessing for his birthday, something that a mother could never give but that only a GOD can. Please bring him his own Mate in your perfect timing, Lord. And until that day, please prepare him, grow him, train him, and prune away the distractions out of his life as well. Mold him more into your image than his own, and win his heart and his trust for you, faithful Shepherd. Amen.


Jun 5

WOOT! Thank you for the honor of creating with the Creator, Lord!! Thank you for giving me a new personal record of creating 3 new videos in one day yesterday! I am getting faster, and learning so many new “tricks”! But you and I both know that it is YOU that handles the timing… I just follow the prompting of your Spirit, and it all just comes out right. How cool is that?!

1 Timothy 6:14-21 ERV

Do what you were commanded to do without fault or blame until the time when our Lord Jesus Christ comes again. 
God will make that happen at the right time. God is the blessed and only Ruler. He is the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords. 
God is the only one who never dies. He lives in light so bright that people cannot go near it. No one has ever seen him; no one is able to see him. All honor and power belong to him forever. Amen. 
Give this command to those who are rich with the things of this world. Tell them not to be proud. Tell them to hope in God, not their money. Money cannot be trusted, but God takes care of us richly. He gives us everything to enjoy. 
Tell those who are rich to do good—to be rich in good works. And tell them they should be happy to give and ready to share. 
By doing this, they will be saving up a treasure for themselves. And that treasure will be a strong foundation on which their future life will be built. They will be able to have the life that is true life. 
Timothy, God has trusted you with many things. Keep these things safe. Stay away from people who talk about useless things that are not from God and who argue against you with a “knowledge” that is not knowledge at all. 
Some people who claim to have that “knowledge” have gone completely away from what we believe. God’s grace be with you all. 

Lord, I thank you that I have never been fool enough to put my trust in money, or in any person or people. I may be a fool in plenty of other things, but at least that one’s safe from me, lol. Thank you, Father, for allowing me to bless some people in my life. I may desire to do so very much more — like giving peace and a growing garden to tend to, for my youngest son to heal within — or like giving my surgery-recovering sister-in-law a sense of joy and purpose, using her encouragement skills to build others and heal herself — but I do thank you, Lord, for the ways in which you DO allow me to help others. Thank you for helping me to help my sister in small ways each day. And thank you most abundantly for helping me create three awesome videos yesterday, just for my Mate’s heart and spirit. Please continue to bless my efforts, faithful Shepherd, even as you guide me in my next steps in my work and in serving others and in healing for my body. Amen. Thank you, Lord! 🙂


Jun 4

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for your awesome closeness, tenderly leading me through each day. It is such a miraculous honor to know you, and to be known of you! I have done nothing to deserve your love and the companionship of your Holy Spirit, yet in your mercy you Touch me, Heal me, Feed me. There is nothing I can do to repay what Jesus did for me, or for all your daily kindness. I can only just do my best to serve you with this short life I’ve been given. Help me to do that better all the time, Lord. Mold me and renew me, so that slowly I become more YOU than my own self. Amen.

Matthew 5:1-10 ERV

When Jesus saw the crowds of people there, he went up on a hill and sat down. His followers came and sat next to him. 
Then Jesus began teaching the people. He said, 
“Great blessings belong to those who know they are spiritually in need. God’s kingdom belongs to them. 
Great blessings belong to those who are sad now. God will comfort them. 
Great blessings belong to those who are humble. They will be given the land God promised. 
Great blessings belong to those who want to do right more than anything else. God will fully satisfy them. 

Great blessings belong to those who show mercy to others. Mercy will be given to them. 
Great blessings belong to those whose thoughts are pure. They will be with God. 
Great blessings belong to those who work to bring peace. God will call them his sons and daughters. 
Great blessings belong to those who suffer persecution for doing what is right. God’s kingdom belongs to them. 

Lord, my husband is truly the most humble person I know (also the most arrogant and proud, which tickles me) — I ask you to give him land in this world, this life, so he can have a “home base”, somewhere to stockpile to his little heart’s content, lol. And I desire to please you above all else, so I thank you for always satisfying me with the journey towards that goal. I thank you for all the HOPE you give to both of us. THANK YOU for keeping my Mate clean and joyous despite working in the ‘hood. Please make his time there short, protect his body and mind and heart and spirit, Lord. Preserve him, help him to remain untouched by the negativity and vileness that surrounds him. And bring him home to me in your perfect timing, Father. Thank you. Amen.
And in other news…
LOL, thank you so much for helping me be brave at my sister’s church yesterday AND for creating a FUN new brand, Thor’s Woods!

Thank you for all the awesome exercise I’ve been getting as well, Lord. My knee seems stronger than it has in months — PLEASE help me not mess that up! Thank you for helping me to have an awesome dinner and dessert ready for my weary sister when she returned home yesterday from her seventh day in a row of work. Please help me to make enough money this week to pay my bills and send my packages to my Mate and my birthday son in Colorado. I miss them both, Lord. Thank you for giving me such an awesome family… never thought I’d say THAT!!! 😮


Jun 3

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you for the awesome rain again, even though that fierce wind blew down a tree and blocked the driveway, lol. It was rather adventurous trying to saw through it and remove it quickly enough to help my sister get to work in time, haHA! 😉 Thank you for an otherwise peaceful and restorative Sabbath rest yesterday, and thank you for the fun 2 1/2 hour phone conversation with my Mate!! It is awesome to be truly loved and sincerely missed, as I feel the same for him. Thank you for the amazing blessing of a true soul mate, Father. Please help me to become a better wife and friend to him all the time, even as you mold me and make me more pleasing to my eternal Husband as well. I thank you that my life is not wasted, even if I never become a “success” in this world — for it is spent loving and serving the two awesomenest Husbands I could ever wish for — one eternal, one temporal. Thank you, Father. 😀

Ephesians 5:22-30 ERV

Wives, be willing to serve your husbands the same as the Lord. 
A husband is the head of his wife, just as Christ is the head of the church. Christ is the Savior of the church, which is his body. 
The church serves under Christ, so it is the same with you wives. You should be willing to serve your husbands in everything. 
Husbands, love your wives the same as Christ loved the church and gave his life for it. 
He died to make the church holy. He used the telling of the Good News to make the church clean by washing it with water. 
Christ died so that he could give the church to himself like a bride in all her beauty. He died so that the church could be holy and without fault, with no evil or sin or any other thing wrong in it. 
And husbands should love their wives like that. They should love their wives as they love their own bodies. The man who loves his wife loves himself, 
because no one ever hates his own body, but feeds and takes care of it. And that is what Christ does for the church 
because we are parts of his body. 


Jun 1

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for all the little encouragements you provide, from the weather and being out in it, to my sister’s words and acceptance (and purchase of a weed-whacker!), to the little breakthrough I had yesterday after a day of agonizing weepiness (hormones? missing my peeps??). Thank you for giving me projects to work on, and thank you for helping me to exercise off and on all day, every day — and to eat anti-inflammatory foods, so that my body feels as good as it can right now. Please continue to heal my knee, and teach me how to improve my health — mental and physical, lol.

Proverbs 31:10-31 ERV

How hard it is to find the perfect wife. She is worth far more than jewels. 
Her husband depends on her. He will never be poor. 
She does good for her husband all her life. She never causes him trouble. 
She is always gathering wool and flax and enjoys making things with her hands. 
She is like a ship from a faraway place. She brings home food from everywhere. 
She wakes up early in the morning, cooks food for her family, and gives the servants their share. 
She looks at land and buys it. She uses the money she has earned and plants a vineyard. 
She works very hard. She is strong and able to do all her work. 
She works late into the night to make sure her business earns a profit. 
She makes her own thread and weaves her own cloth. 
She always gives to the poor and helps those who need it. 
She does not worry about her family when it snows. She has given them all good, warm clothes. 
She makes sheets and spreads for the beds, and she wears clothes of fine linen. 
Her husband is a respected member of the city council, where he meets with the other leaders. 
She makes clothes and belts and sells them to the merchants. 
She is a strong person, and people respect her. She looks to the future with confidence. 
She speaks with wisdom and teaches others to be loving and kind. 
She oversees the care of her house. She is never lazy. 
Her children say good things about her. Her husband brags about her and says, 
“There are many good women, but you are the best.” 
Grace and beauty can fool you, but a woman who respects the LORD should be praised. 
Give her the reward she deserves. Praise her in public for what she has done. 

Lord, no one has ever called me lazy (to my knowledge), yet I have so much more wisdom to gain in order to be a “perfect wife” as painted in the word portrait above. I am not even physically present with my husband right now, yet I desire for you to use this time apart to help me grow in ways that make me a better wife for him and a more pleasing bride and servant for you. Teach me how to use all my resources wisely, and bless my efforts to bring in an income that can help my husband and I purchase a camper to live in, and anything else that YOU desire for us to purchase or maintain. Prune away the things in my life that are just useless distractions (even ones I might very much desire to keep!), and help me to find more joy in my work. Please also bless each of my beloved ones — including my Mate, my children, my dear friend in New York, my dear “big brother” here in Iowa, and my surgery-recovering sister-in-law in Michigan — to find work that THEY each love, something to occupy their time in ways that brings them peace and fulfilment. I ask this in Jesus’ awesome Name. Amen, thank you faithful Shepherd!! 😀


May 30

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for the beautiful rain yesterday and already this morning. Thank you for the lovely and productive walk in woods and field between the rains as well, with so many awesome shots of wet foliage — and the dog fetching his ball endlessly, lol. I now have so much footage of my sister’s rottweiler-heeler mix that I will HAVE to create a whole playlist called “Thor’s Woods”! Thank you for this beautiful place, Lord God. Please be with my Mate, keep him safe and bring him here in your perfect timing. Please protect my children as well, their hearts and spirits as well as their bodies. Help me to look to you today for guidance, for timing, for hope and for joy. Let me not get discouraged, but find my strength in YOU, faithful Shepherd. Amen.

Haggai 2:3-9 ERV

‘How many of you people look at this Temple and try to compare it to the beautiful Temple that was destroyed? What do you think? Does this Temple seem like nothing when you compare it with the first Temple? 
But the LORD says, “Zerubbabel, don’t be discouraged!” And the LORD says, “Joshua son of Jehozadak, you are the high priest. Don’t be discouraged! And all you people who live in the land, don’t be discouraged! Continue this work, because I am with you.” This is what the LORD All-Powerful said. 
“‘I made an agreement with you when you left Egypt, and I have kept my promise. My Spirit is with you, so don’t be afraid!‘ 
This is what the LORD All-Powerful said, ‘In just a little while, I will once again shake things up. I will shake heaven and earth, and I will shake the sea and the dry land. 
I will shake up the nations, and they will come to you with wealth from every nation. And then I will fill this Temple with glory.’ That is what the LORD All-Powerful said! 
‘All their silver really belongs to me! And all the gold is mine!’ This is what the LORD All-Powerful said. 
And the LORD All-Powerful said ‘This last Temple will be more beautiful than the first one, and I will bring peace to this place.’ Remember, this is what the LORD All-Powerful said.”


May 29

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for encouraging me, never letting me fall flat on the ground. Thank you for my sister, and thank you for her patience with little me. Please help me to have more patience with myself, Lord. Help me to trust you fully, enough to let my heartaches and disappointments and discouragements GO, allowing you to take them and replace them with your boldness and joy. I miss my Mate, Lord, but I trust you with him, and I trust you with my heart. Please touch each of my children with your care this day, and healing for my body and my Mate’s body as well. Teach us how to serve you better, and bring us back together in your perfect timing. Amen.

2 Samuel 7:28-29 ERV

Lord GOD, you are God, and I can trust what you say. And you said that these good things would happen to me, your servant. 
Now, please, bless my family. Let them stand before you and serve you forever. Lord GOD, you yourself said these things. You yourself blessed my family with a blessing that will continue forever.” 


May 28

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for the fresh cool air this morning, and thank you for allowing me to be somewhere with air conditioning, so that I can continue to work on my Lenny without it overheating. Thank you for good enough contact lenses, even though my vision seems to be getting a bit worse — or at least I am finding myself more often unable to read things on my devices with my contacts in (or else keep my face 4 inches from them when my contacts are out, lol). Lord, you know what I need, and I trust you to take care of me. I put myself, my work, my health, and my future into your capable hands, and I ask you to continue to lead me faithfully every step of every day. It is a delight to belong to you, Lord Jesus!! 😀

Psalm 37:3-24 ISV

Trust in the LORD and do good. Dwell in the land and feed on faithfulness. 
Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. 
Commit your way to the LORD; Trust him, and he will act. 
He will bring forth your righteousness as a light, and your justice as the noonday sun. 
Be silent in the LORD’s presence and wait patiently for him. Don’t be angry because of the one whose way prospers or the one who implements evil schemes. 
Calm your anger and abandon wrath. Don’t be angry—it only leads to evil. 
Those who do evil will perish. But those who wait on the LORD will inherit the land. 
Yet a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more. You will search for his place, but he will not be there. 
The humble will inherit the land; they will take in abundant peace. 
The wicked person plots against the righteous, and grinds his teeth at him. 
But the Lord laughs at him because he sees that his day is coming! 
The wicked take out a sword and bend the bow, to bring down the humble and the poor to slay those who are righteous in conduct. 
But their sword will pierce their own heart, and their bows will be broken! 
Better is the little that the righteous have than the abundance of many wicked people. 
For the arms of the wicked will be broken, but the LORD upholds the righteous. 
The LORD knows the day of the blameless, and their inheritance will last forever. 
They will not experience shame in times of trouble; in times of famine they will have plenty. 
Indeed, the wicked will perish. The LORD’s enemies will be consumed like flowers in the fields. They will vanish like smoke. 
The wicked borrow but never pay back; but the righteous are generous and give. 
For those blessed by God will inherit the land, but those cursed by him will be cut off. 
A man’s steps are established by the LORD, and the LORD delights in his way. 
Though he stumbles, he will not fall down flat, for the LORD will hold up his hand. 

Lord, it grieves my heart that this nation and its people can set aside a Memorial Day to remember and appreciate what certain humans have done and are doing… yet every day that is supposedly set aside to think of YOU (like “Christ-mas” and Easter) has been systematically destroyed by the enemy’s tactics of greed and speed and commercialism. I am jealous for you, Oh Mighty One, but I am giving that to you as well, letting GO of any anger or bitterness I have toward people, so that I can (hopefully) better serve them and you, Lord. It is NOT my battle. I am too little for any of that — I can only do what YOU give me to do, and that is ENOUGH for little me.

Lord, there is so much goodness in the Psalm above, that it seems saturated with wisdom like the Proverbs! I thank you for never letting me fall down flat, instead rescuing me every time I stumble, and helping me to land safely in the next stage of my life. It may hurt a bit, but you always conduct me carefully to my next destination. Father, I thank you for helping me release two videos in one day yesterday — even though one was just for my Mate to see a few campers I saw at a local RV Park yesterday, the latter two being what WE consider ideal for our purposes. And Father, as the Psalm above mentions more than once, I REALLY would like to “inherit” some land upon which to set up a “home base” that we can do with whatever we wish. I would LIKE that to be near this lovely little town in Iowa, Lord. I would LIKE to have it ASAP. Yet I am nearly penniless, and so is my Mate. It seems impossible that we could keep doing whatever YOU give us to do, and yet earn enough money to purchase a camper, let alone some land to put it on. Yet with you ALL things are possible. I rest in that Truth, Oh Lord. I trust you completely. I am truly content with having little, and leaving the abundance and growth and provision to YOU, my faithful Shepherd. Please accept the offering of our willingness, our delight in serving you — and help us to not do anything to mess up your will for us, Lord. Give us humility, teachability, and courage to do your will, no matter how much it hurts or feels impossible. Show us how to order our time, take care of our bodies and minds and spirits, and do our work cheerfully. Give us favor with people and teach us how to serve them. Amen, thank you Lord Jesus. 😀


May 27

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for giving me some communication time with my sons yesterday, and my Mate a day or two before that! Thank you for so much free time spent with my sister this weekend, and thank you for helping me practice my video editing skills while quickly producing a little video to make her laugh, taking footage while she was mowing and having it done and ready for its first viewing by the time she came in… WOOT! I’m getting faster!! Please help me to become more brave as well, finishing up some of my many video production projects and posting the results to YouTube — this week, if you’ll help me, Lord! 😀

John 16:25-33 ERV

“I have told you these things, using words that hide the meaning. But the time will come when I will not use words like that to tell you things. I will speak to you in plain words about the Father. 
Then you will be able to ask the Father for things in my name. I’m not saying that I will have to ask the Father for you. 
The Father himself loves you because you have loved me. And he loves you because you have believed that I came from God. 
I came from the Father into the world. Now I am leaving the world and going back to the Father.” 
Then his followers said, “You are already speaking plainly to us. You are not using words that hide the meaning. 
We can see now that you know all things. You answer our questions even before we ask them. This makes us believe that you came from God.” 
Jesus said, “So now you believe? 
Listen to me. A time is coming when you will be scattered, each to his own home. In fact, that time is already here. You will leave me, and I will be alone. But I am never really alone, because the Father is with me. 
“I have told you these things so that you can have peace in me. In this world you will have troubles. But be brave! I have defeated the world!” 


May 25

Good morning, Father!
Oooooh, I am so very excited! I think you are probably laughing at little me, as I am all worked up, anxious to begin what seems to be a NEW season in my life — a cinematic beginning at last!! Yesterday I finished sorting the most recent 70+ GB (roughly 1 year) of my vids and pics, for ease of creating more animations, videos, and TMIs (topical media interactives – my personal label for iPDFs and EPUBs and the like). Today I get my FIRST drone!!! I also will receive one other little cinematic “toy” — a fifteen-dollar endoscope which I plan to use in nature to get ground shots and underwater pond shots and such (which practically NO ONE seems to be doing!) — and a little ten-dollar portable power source to charge my new little friends (and my phone) out “in the wild” on my little nature hikes! WOOT! I am already thinking differently, more focused on STORY and how best to tell my little stories, and unable to get more than about 5 hours of sleep each night lately, really feeling the CHANGE! Meanwhile, I found out that my Mate is in Texas breaking into his own new little season of PLAY, having gotten two cheap little mini bikes (and having his first wipeout in over a decade, lol)! Lord, you have SUCH a sense of humor!! What we envisioned for this time period (like all other time periods — when will I start expecting this?!) is so different from what WE thought was going to happen!! I still don’t know the basic things — like how we will get the money for a camper of our own to live in, or WHEN my Mate will be joining me in Iowa (although I have a suspected date) — but here we are, barreling forward into the Unknown and unexplored, the New Frontier of the rest of our lives. I am enjoying the stability of our relationship, Lord — the calm assurance that my Mate and I do not have to be physically together to still be building our future together, and that no matter WHAT happens or WHO else is in our daily lives, as long as we both exist on this earth, we are true Mates and will always have a HOME together. I love that. It exists outside of TIME and operates independently of circumstance. Thank you, Lord — all the years of struggling (which still may go on indefinitely!!) were worth the stable platform you have created for this marriage, and for our even more awesome relationships with YOU, faithful Shepherd! 😀

Ecclesiastes 11:1-8 ERV (written by Solomon):

Do good wherever you go. After a while, the good you do will come back to you. 
Invest what you have in several different things. You don’t know what bad things might happen on earth.
There are some things you can be sure of. If clouds are full of rain, they will pour water on the earth. If a tree falls—to the south or to the north—then it will stay where it falls. 
But there are some things that you cannot be sure of. You must take a chance. If you wait for perfect weather, you will never plant your seeds. If you are afraid that every cloud will bring rain, you will never harvest your crops. 
You don’t know where the wind blows. And you don’t know how a baby grows in its mother’s womb. In the same way, you don’t know what God will do—and he makes everything happen. 
So begin planting early in the morning, and don’t stop working until evening. You don’t know what might make you rich. Maybe everything you do will be successful.
It is good to be alive. It is nice to see the light from the sun. 
You should enjoy every day of your life, no matter how long you live. But remember that you will die, and you will be dead much longer than you were alive. And after you are dead, you cannot do anything. 

Ecclesiastes 3:13-14,22…5:19-20,…9:9 ERV (Solomon trying to sum up his wisdom!)

God wants everyone to eat, drink, and enjoy their work. These are gifts from God. 
I learned that anything God does will continue forever. People cannot add anything to the work of God, and they cannot take anything away from it. God did this so that people would respect him.
So I saw that the best thing people can do is to enjoy what they do, because that is all they have. Besides, no one can help another person see what will happen in the future. 
If God gives some people wealth, property, and the power to enjoy those things, they should enjoy them. They should accept the things they have and enjoy their work—that is a gift from God. 
People don’t have many years to live, so they must remember these things all their life. God will keep them busy with the work they love to do. 
Enjoy life with the wife you love. Enjoy every day of your short life. God has given you this short life on earth—and it is all you have. So enjoy the work you have to do in this life.

Lord, I thank you so much for giving to my Mate and to myself a solid measure of the wisdom of Solomon — which (outside the obvious of respecting God) he himself boiled down to something like this: “Enjoy this life and the work you are given to do.” Thank you for our lightheardedness, our childlike awe for your world and dependence upon its Creator. Please help us to do and to enjoy whatever work you give us to do. Help us to be humble and willing and also willing to let GO of our own futile expectations and other distractions, so that we can live more FREE and more wisely. Amen.


May 24

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for all the opportunities to learn and to PLAY! Thank you for helping me balance my seemingly opposing loves for both nature and technology. Thank you for creating me to live in this time period where technology helps me to learn, to play, to work, and also to stay in contact with my children, even when I have to be apart from them. Father, please lead me forward to accomplish whatever YOU wish for me, and help me to let GO of all the excess baggage of things that I would want to do, but that would just waste my time and energy. I put all my heart’s little dreams and ambitions and interests into your mighty, capable Hands. I give you my time and my mind, faithful Shepherd.

James 4 ERV

Do you know where your fights and arguments come from? They come from the selfish desires that make war inside you. 
You want things, but you don’t get them. So you kill and are jealous of others. But you still cannot get what you want. So you argue and fight. You don’t get what you want because you don’t ask God. 
Or when you ask, you don’t receive anything, because the reason you ask is wrong. You only want to use it for your own pleasure. 
You people are not faithful to God! You should know that loving what the world has is the same as hating God. So anyone who wants to be friends with this evil world becomes God’s enemy. 
Do you think the Scriptures mean nothing? The Scriptures say, “The Spirit God made to live in us wants us only for himself.” 
But the kindness God shows is greater. As the Scripture says, “God is against the proud, but he is kind to the humble.” 
So give yourselves to God.
Stand against the devil, and he will run away from you. 
Come near to God and he will come near to you. You are sinners, so clean sin out of your lives. You are trying to follow God and the world at the same time. Make your thinking pure. 
Be sad, be sorry, and cry! Change your laughter into crying. Change your joy into sadness. 
Be humble before the Lord, and he will make you great. 
Brothers and sisters, don’t say anything against each other. If you criticize your brother or sister in Christ or judge them, you are criticizing and judging the law they follow. And when you are judging the law, you are not a follower of the law. You have become a judge. 
God is the one who gave us the law, and he is the Judge. He is the only one who can save and destroy. So it is not right for you to judge anyone. 
Some of you say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to some city. We will stay there a year, do business, and make money.” Listen, think about this: 
You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Your life is like a fog. You can see it for a short time, but then it goes away. 
So you should say, “If the Lord wants, we will live and do this or that.” 
But now you are proud and boast about yourself. All such boasting is wrong. 
If you fail to do what you know is right, you are sinning. 


May 23

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for all the progress these last few days, in so many different categories! Thank you for letting me hear a bit from each of my sons, which makes me feel a whole lot better! Please help my Mate fix his phone, and get his eye measurement to me in time to order him a cheap pair of glasses before his prescription expires. Please help my knee to hold out, the swelling to go down, and my health overall to improve. Keep teaching me more and more about my body, my mind, and my heart, Lord God. Keep teaching me about other people, and how best to help them — and how to hold my tongue and let YOU work in their lives! Keep teaching me how to work more efficiently, and how to relax and play and see the adventure in life. Please keep each of my beloved ones safe and please watch over my sister-in-law during her surgery and recovery. Encourage her, Lord, and show her how to use what you have given her for your glory. Amen.

Psalm 90 ERV

The prayer of Moses, the man of God. My Lord, you have been our home forever and ever. 
You were God before the mountains were born, before the earth and the world were made. You have always been and will always be God! 
You bring people into this world, and you change them into dust again. 
To you, a thousand years is like yesterday, like a few hours in the night. 
Our life is like a dream that ends when morning comes. We are like grass 
that grows and looks so fresh in the morning, but in the evening it is dry and dying. 
Your anger could destroy us. Your anger frightens us! 
You know about all our sins. You see every one of our secret sins. 
Your anger can end our life. Our lives fade away like a whisper. 
We live about 70 years or, if we are strong, 80 years. But most of them are filled with hard work and pain. Then, suddenly, the years are gone, and we fly away. 
No one really knows the full power of your anger, but our fear and respect for you is as great as your anger. 
Teach us how short our lives are so that we can become wise. 
LORD, come back to us. Be kind to your servants. 
Fill us with your love every morning. Let us be happy and enjoy our lives. 
For years you have made life hard for us and have given us many troubles. Now make us happy for just as long. 
Let your servants see the wonderful things you can do for them. And let their children see your glory. 
Lord, our God, be kind to us. Make everything we do successful. Yes, make it all successful. 


May 21

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for your closeness, your intimate guidance, step-by-step through each of my days. Thank you for the mirrors yesterday, helping me see myself through others’ eyes, even though I do feel a little bit embarrased at being so very different, not quite fitting in this world, definitely too spiritually sensitive, or as one of my sisters once remarked, “[I am] too spiritually minded to be any earthly good.” I’m not so sure that is a BAD thing, but it does make me quite awkward and “unsuccessful” here. Father, I put all that into your loving hands. You made me a certain way, and I accept your will and purpose for me. Please help me to just be willing, to bravely make any changes that YOU require for me to be pleasing to YOU — even if it hurts. Prune away the things that make me more myself than you, faithful Shepherd. I am your little Acceptance With Joy! 😀

Hebrews 11:13-16 ERV

All these great people continued living with faith until they died. They did not get the things God promised his people. But they were happy just to see those promises coming far in the future. They accepted the fact that they were like visitors and strangers here on earth. 
When people accept something like that, they show they are waiting for a country that will be their own. 
If they were thinking about the country they had left, they could have gone back. 
But they were waiting for a better country—a heavenly country. So God is not ashamed to be called their God. And he has prepared a city for them. 

Isaiah 65:17-22 ERV

“I am creating a new heaven and a new earth. The troubles of the past will be forgotten. No one will remember them. 
My people will be happy and rejoice forever and ever because of what I will make. I will make a Jerusalem that is full of joy, and I will make her people happy. 
“Then I will rejoice with Jerusalem. I will be happy with my people. There will never again be crying and sadness in that city. 
In that city there will never be a baby who lives only a few days, and every older person will live for a long, long time. A person who lives 100 years will be called young. And whoever doesn’t live that long will be considered cursed. 
“In that city whoever builds a house will live there; whoever plants a vineyard will eat the grapes from that garden. 
Never again will one person build a house and another person live there. Never again will one person plant a garden and another eat the fruit from it. My people will live as long as the trees. My chosen people will get full use of whatever they make. 

Lord, I thank you that, unlike the “Avengers” and all the other “super heroes” and the vast majority of people that live on the earth today, I do not wonder IF I am “on the winning team”. I do not have to question the outcome, only the details of my own tiny path. I don’t even have to trust myself to stay on it, for I trust that YOU are guiding me every step of the way, and I accept your correction when I stray off your path for little me — even when it hurts. You have made it quite clear what WILL happen, through your Word. You have made your way simple, albeit not easy. I thank you for my simple sight, and my simple faith. Please show me how I can possibly use this gift to help others. I have no wisdom or strength or goodness within myself, but am completely dependent upon YOU to be those things for me, Lord — and to give them to others. Still, I am willing, Lord. I am your fool. 😉


May 20

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for your Touch, for the awesomeness of your comfort, your encouragement… and the promise of growth, through your mercy and intervention. Thank you for giving me an awesome Mate and children, even though I am far away from them at this time. Please be with my youngest son who is so bravely facing his struggles, so alone. My heart cries for him — please touch him and heal him and draw him close to you, faithful Shepherd! Comfort him even when he can accept comfort from no one else. Please be with my oldest son who is in the midst of moving, and my middle son who is beginning his very first academic research project! Please continue to intervene in my daughter’s life as well, and bring her swiftly to her next stage of growth. Please help my Mate to fly free again soon, and come Home to me in your perfect timing, Lord. Amen. I give each of our vulnerable hearts and minds and bodies into your merciful hands. I trust you completely.

Matthew 13:3-23 ERV

The Parable of the Sower
Then Jesus used stories to teach them many things. He told them this story: “A farmer went out to sow seed. 
While he was scattering the seed, some of it fell by the road. The birds came and ate all that seed. 
Other seed fell on rocky ground, where there was not enough dirt. It grew very fast there, because the soil was not deep. 
But when the sun rose, it burned the plants. The plants died because they did not have deep roots. 
Some other seed fell among thorny weeds. The weeds grew and stopped the good plants from growing. 
But some of the seed fell on good ground. There it grew and made grain. Some plants made 100 times more grain, some 60 times more, and some 30 times more. 
You people who hear me, listen!” 
The Purpose of the Parables
The followers came to Jesus and asked, “Why do you use these stories to teach the people?” 
Jesus answered, “Only you can know the secret truths about God’s kingdom. Those other people cannot know these secret truths. 
The people who have some understanding will be given more. And they will have even more than they need. But those who do not have much understanding will lose even the little understanding that they have. 
This is why I use these stories to teach the people: They see, but they don’t really see. They hear, but they don’t really hear or understand. 
So they show that what Isaiah said about them is true: ‘You people will listen and listen, but you will not understand. You will look and look, but you will not really see. 
Yes, the minds of these people are now closed. They have ears, but they don’t listen. They have eyes, but they refuse to see. If their minds were not closed, they might see with their eyes; they might hear with their ears; they might understand with their minds. Then they might turn back to me and be healed.’ 
But God has blessed you. You understand what you see with your eyes. And you understand what you hear with your ears. 
I can assure you, many prophets and godly people wanted to see what you now see. But they did not see it. And many prophets and godly people wanted to hear what you now hear. But they did not hear it. 
The Parable of the Sower Explained
“So listen to the meaning of that story about the farmer: 
“What about the seed that fell by the path? That is like the people who hear the teaching about God’s kingdom but do not understand it. The Evil One comes and takes away what was planted in their hearts. 
“And what about the seed that fell on rocky ground? That is like the people who hear the teaching and quickly and gladly accept it. 
But they do not let the teaching go deep into their lives. They keep it only a short time. As soon as trouble or persecution comes because of the teaching they accepted, they give up. 
“And what about the seed that fell among the thorny weeds? That is like the people who hear the teaching but let worries about this life and love for money stop it from growing. So it does not produce a crop in their lives. 
“But what about the seed that fell on the good ground? That is like the people who hear the teaching and understand it. They grow and produce a good crop, sometimes 100 times more, sometimes 60 times more, and sometimes 30 times more.”